Vitality CBD E-Liquid Reviews

Vitality CBD E-liquid Review

Vitality CBD are a UK brand that offers a broad selection of products, including several e-liquids. You can choose from broad-spectrum e-liquids or those made with CBD isolate. Over the past month, I’ve been using four different 10ml bottles of their 125mg CBD isolate e-liquid; menthol, passionfruit-pear, elderflower-orange-lime and grape-blackcurrant-aniseed.

Each 10ml bottle contains 125mg CBD suspended in a 50/50 blend of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). Natural ingredients are used to give each variety a fruity or menthol flavour. The label and cardboard box provide lots of useful information, including detailed suggestions on how much to use per day. It also shows that it’s made with organically grown hemp, contains 0% THC and is extracted using a blend of CO2 and solvent methods.

Vitality CBD states that one bottle will fill a 2ml tank five times, providing 25mg with each refill. They also suggest that the best way to use it is to use your vape to inhale 1ml across one day. I chose to use as close to 3ml of e-liquid per day as possible, to give 37.5mg daily. I always try to take close to 40mg to provide a fair comparison between brands.

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Who is Vitality CBD?

Vitality CBD is based in Birmingham and is dedicated to providing CBD products that offer an ‘everyday wellness solution’. In 2019, research conducted by CBD Intel found that Vitality CBD products were present in over 4,000 retail stockists, making them the best distributed UK brand. Vitality CBD took the leap and used this information to proclaim itself as ‘the UK’s leading CBD brand’.

They attribute their success to a combination of their knowledge of the industry and their unrelenting commitment to it. They’ve also worked hard to produce products that ‘harness the natural synergy’ of the hemp plant while still being affordable and easy to use.

3rd Party Lab TestsVitality CBD 125mg Menthol E-Liquid Lab Report

Vitality CBD allows you to search through their database of lab reports to find the one that relates directly to your batch. The batch number is included on the label in the same white area as the expiry date. Mine were; menthol WO09472, elderflower-orange-lime WO09466, grape-blackcurrant-aniseed WO09475 and passionfruit-pear WO09478.

The certificates only show a profile of cannabinoids. On all of the certificates, the only cannabinoid detected was CBD. The amounts shown in each product were:

  • Menthol: 129.5mg CBD
  • Elderflower-orange-lime: 127mg CBD
  • Grape-blackcurrant-aniseed: 125.3mg CBD
  • Passionfruit-Pear: 127.2mg CBD

No other cannabinoids, including THC, were detected in any of the e-liquids, which is to be expected with products made with isolate. However, there was no information to state what the limit of detection was or enough information to completely confirm that it conforms with the UK legal limit of 1mg THC per container.

Ease of UseVitality CBD E-Liquid Elderflower Filling a Tank

These are convenient bottles; they’re small with a fine tip that lets you direct the liquid into your vape tank. I use two different vapes and one has a very narrow opening to the tank, but the tip on this bottle fitted it perfectly and there were no leaks. They come with a child-safe cap and are small and secure enough to happily put them in a pocket or bag when you’re on the go. Although filling some vape tanks can be fiddly, once they’re full, vaping CBD is one of the easiest ways to take it.

Vitality CBD Vape Juice Taste

When choosing e-liquids, I tend to go for menthol or natural cannabis flavours because I’m not keen on the synthetic fruit taste you find in so many vape oils. I was pleasantly surprised with these; most of them do taste natural, and I genuinely enjoyed the subtle fruit notes. None of them had any aftertaste of hempy bitterness, so if you’re not keen on the taste of hemp, this is an excellent way to take CBD.

Menthol: Fresh and minty, this was similar to most other menthol flavours I’ve tried.

Elderflower-orange-lime: This is my new favourite flavour. The elderflower adds a hint of fresh sweetness to the familiar citrus taste.

Grape-blackcurrant-aniseed: This was my least favourite. The overwhelming taste is of the grape and it tasted a little chemically.

Passionfruit-pear: Another deliciously subtle flavour, you mainly taste the pear, but the passionfruit gives it a tropical edge.

Potency/ Effectiveness

E-liquids are my go-to product when I want potent CBD because inhaling the vapour into your lungs means that more of the active ingredient reaches your blood. I found these to be relatively potent; they reduced my anxiety levels and completely stopped any tension headaches as soon as I noticed them developing. The only thing I didn’t find it improved was the quantity and quality of my sleep.

Value for Money

A 10ml bottle of naturally flavoured 125mg e-liquid made with CBD isolate is £4.99, which works out at about 4p per mg. This is slightly cheaper than other brands like Harmony, but the price is about standard for an isolate based CBD vape juice. I enjoyed most of these flavours, they were easy to load into my tank and they were all useful in reducing the intensity of my anxiety and tension headaches. They provide good value, but if you’re looking for a more powerful option, you might want to opt for their broad-spectrum option.

Would I Buy Again?

I usually prefer full-spectrum products but overall this is an effective e-liquid that I’d happily buy again. If you are looking for a CBD e-liquid that is produced using isolate, this is currently my first choice. It appears in our best CBD e-liquids review as the best-isolate option and is currently ranked number 3 overall.

Vitality CBD E-liquid Final Scores

Vitality CBD Logo
Vitality CBD Vape Juice Review
These tasty e-liquids offer some of the best fruity flavours I’ve tried so far. They’re made with CBD isolate, so you don’t get the benefit of any additional cannabinoids or terpenes. However, I still found them useful to reduce anxiety and tension headaches. The child-safe cap and narrow nozzle make them safe to carry and easy to use. The third-party lab results are available for each batch and detected no other substances, including THC.
Third-party lab results
Ease of use
Potency/ effectiveness
Value for money
Third-party lab results are available for each product batch
I found them all effective for mild anxiety and reducing the intensity of tension headaches
The analysis detected CBD and verified that they contain approximately 125mg of CBD
The bottle tip is narrow enough to apply the vape juice to even the fiddliest tank
The bottle comes with a child-safe cap
The CBD comes from organically farmed hemp
They’re made with CBD isolate, so don’t provide any other cannabinoids, terpenes or flavonoids.
They’re not certified organic
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