Best CBD Tea UK

Best CBD Teas UK

CBD tea, also known as hemp tea, is a warm and relaxing way to consume beneficial cannabinoids and plant nutrients. The flowers, leaves and stalks of hemp plants are dried and shredded to create a blend that you can steep in hot water. In just 5 to 10 minutes, you can be enjoying a refreshing, healthy brew.

Ideal for when you need a relaxing time out, CBD teas come in a variety of styles and flavours. With so many to choose from it can be hard to work out which are the best.

With this list, picking the right one for you is simple. By breaking down the key factors of an excellent hemp brew, learning what to look for on the labels, and considering its pros and cons, you will be sure that you’ve found something special.

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Herb Reviews Selection Criteria

To ensure that we only include the very best hemp tea on our list, we use our own selection criteria:

Organic Certification

Hemp teas that have been awarded an organic certification are verified as being grown and manufactured using organic methods and have met required standards. No chemicals or artificial fertilisers have been used in their production, and they are entirely natural.

Brands that don’t follow organic practices and use chemicals during farming, risk chemicals building up in the leaves and flowers of hemp plants. Then as your tea steeps in hot water, the toxins can leach out into the water.

If you were to use a product that had been contaminated with toxins, regular use could cause them to build up in your system. Likely contaminants include heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilisers.

Genuine organic certification is displayed with an official logo or certificate. Only organic authorities can award them and they usually have numbers that allow you to check their authenticity.

Cannabinoid Content

Because most CBD teas are made from parts of the leaves and flowers, they often provide a full range of cannabinoids and terpenes. However, some varieties include more or less of some plant substances than you would expect. We only select products which display how much you can expect clearly on the packaging and supporting materials.

Third-party Lab Testing

Certificates of analysis are records of tests carried out by third-party labs. They offer customers a useful way to find out which products are genuine and what they contain. If you make your purchase from an online store, they are generally available on the individual product’s page.

We use them to verify that tea actually holds the number of cannabinoids shown on the packets. Certificates from some brands include a terpene profile and a contaminant screening. If present, contaminant screenings are a great way to ensure that a product is free from chemical additives.

The industry sees it as good practice to have all CBD products tested by an independent lab. However, some brands don’t arrange for their teas to be tested because most don’t contain CBD.

There are some products in this list that don’t have certificates of analysis. But, because they are made by companies with excellent safety standards, and conduct a detailed third-party analysis of other products, we’ve still included them.


Most consumers use teas, like those in our list, to complement CBD oils with a broader range of cannabinoids. In most cases, they’re not potent, but we’ve selected those that we felt offered numerous active ingredients and delivered a noticeable effect.


Hemp teas are much milder in taste than CBD oils and are rarely bitter. They are often richly flavoured with a herbal, slightly grassy tang which some people enjoy. The teas on this list are those we would happily drink regularly. We’ve included some with additional natural flavours, but most have a pleasant natural hemp taste.

Does Hemp Tea Contain CBD?

No, hemp teas are unlikely to contain any CBD unless the manufacturer adds it to the blend. The main active ingredient is usually cannabidiolic acid (CBDa). CBDa is the precursor of CBD and is found in raw, dried hemp.

CBD is only present in hemp when the plant material is exposed to heat. Then the CBDa decarboxylates into its active CBD form. To decarboxylate CBDa, you need to heat the plant material to 120˚C for at least 60 minutes. Even though you expose the tea to some heat as you brew it, it’s not enough to produce any CBD.

CBDa is beneficial in its own right. Like CBD, it interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system by preventing specific enzymes from working. This action is thought to allow your body’s endocannabinoids to build up and carry out critical health-supporting activities. It has also been found to interact with the production of serotonin and may be able to reduce nausea and vomiting.

Bags vs. Loose-leaf

You can buy CBD tea in two main types; loose-leaf and tea bags.

Loose-leaf Hemp Tea

A loose-leaf tea comes as a bag or packet of medium-ground dried leaves and buds. To make tea with them, you will need a strainer or infuser to remove the grounds from the liquid before you drink it. Because these blends often include larger pieces that can move freely in the water, they can produce a richer flavour.


  • They produce a richly flavoured tea
  • Most contain some larger pieces
  • They are usually a higher-quality product


  • They can be more expensive
  • You need extra equipment like a strainer or infuser

Hemp Tea Bags

These often contain hemp milled into finer pieces and packed into a mesh or paper bag. They are the ultimate convenience because you can quickly add them to hot water with no need for a filter. But, because they are contained in a bag, the water can’t move around the grounds as freely. In some cases, this causes a less intensely flavoured cuppa.


  • Easy to prepare
  • Convenient if you’re on the go
  • Slightly cheaper than loose-leaf teas.


  • Some produce a weaker brew.

Best Hemp CBD Teas in the UK

These are the best CBD teas that we have found for sale in the UK. Each one meets our strict quality standards and also scored highly for its taste and aroma.

1. Best CBD Tea Bags: Body and Mind Botanicals

Body and Mind Botanicals Logo
Body and Mind Botanicals Hemp Tea Bags
How Good is Body and Mind Hemp Tea?
These pyramid teabags from Body and Mind Botanicals are made with biodegradable fine-mesh fabric and each contains 1.5g of Cannabis Sativa L. plant and seeds. They provide a range of cannabinoids, including CBD and CBDa and received two stars in the 2020 Great Taste Awards.

The teabags come in a resealable pouch, making it easy to keep them fresh. When brewed for about ten minutes, they create a savoury drink which I found tasted similar to a mild green tea. I didn’t notice any long-term effects during the five days I used them, but I did experience a sense of deep relaxation during and directly after every cup.

Body and Mind Botanicals publish a detailed set of lab results created by third-party lab JHG Analytical Services Ltd. The certificate shows profiles for terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids. Unfortunately, the way the results are presented makes it hard to see how the analysis values match the 400mg advertised on the packet.

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The bags are pyramid-shaped for thorough infusion.
A steep of between 10 and 20 minutes produces a delicious savoury brew.
Certified organic by the UK Soil Association.
The third-party lab results detected a broad range of cannabinoids
flavonoids and terpenes.
I experienced a sensation of relaxation as I drank the tea.
The third-party lab results aren’t clear enough to verify the amount of CBD claimed on the packet.
Buy Body and Mind Botanicals Hemp Tea

2. Best Loose-leaf Hemp Tea Tea: BioBloom

BioBloom Logo
BioBloom Loose-leaf Hemp Flower Tea
How Good is BioBloom Hemp Tea?
Produced by Austrian, family-run company BioBloom, this is a high-quality, finely ground hemp tea. It’s certified organic with certification from both Austrian and Hungarian organic authorities. The certificates of analysis are readily available and show numerous terpenes and a broad range of cannabinoids, including 1.14% CBDa.

Made only from hemp flowers, you will notice the quality of the blend the moment you open the packet. It’s ground into uniform medium-sized pieces for quick and easy infusion. The hemp has an evenly milled flaky appearance that allows for excellent infusion and a full-flavoured rich brew.

As with most herbal teas, the fragrance is more inviting than the flavour, but as hemp teas go, this is by far my favourite. At £26.50 for 50g, it’s priced as a premium tea, but it’s clear that they’ve produced it using state of the art processes and I consider it to be excellent value.

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Medium milled pieces for efficient infusion
Made with hemp flower only
Intense fruity aroma
Certified organic
Third-party certificates of analysis available
One of the more expensive teas available
Buy BioBloom Hemp Tea at for the Ageless

3. Best Strong Tea: Biopurus 4% CBDa Hemp Tea

Biopurus Logo
Biopurus CBDa Tea
How Good is Bioprus CBDa Tea?
Biopurus’ loose tea contains the leaves, flowers, stems and seeds from hand-harvested hemp plants. It’s not got the quality feel of the BioBloom tea, but it has its own rustic charm and an incredible 4% of CBDa.

Biopurus is a European company, based in the Czech Republic, and known for its range of high-quality, boutique oils. Their CBD range is one of the best in the UK and their tea is of similar quality.

The medium to large hemp pieces produces a tea that is surprisingly dark and tastes like a mild black tea with a hint of citrus in the aroma. Its robust flavour makes it better suited to those who enjoy the taste of hemp.

The lab certificates are readily available and show that they do contain 4% CBDa and even a trace of CBD and other cannabinoids. It’s also been awarded EU organic certification, and the EU leaf is visible on the packaging. For £19.99 you get a 40g bag, which puts it at a similar price to the BioBloom tea, weight for weight. Considering that it has one of the highest amounts of CBDa that I’ve seen in hemp tea, it’s a good buy.

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4% CBDa content
Certified organic
Good value strong tea
Traces of CBD
Certificates of analysis
An acquired taste
not suitable for all palates
Includes stems and seeds which don’t contain beneficial cannabinoids
Buy Biopurus CBDa Tea at for the Ageless


4. Buddha Teas Turmeric and Ginger

Buddha Teas Logo
Buddha Teas, CBD, Turmeric and Ginger Tea Bags
How Good is Buddha CBD Tea?
Buddha Teas’ CBD bags are among the few hemp teas that do contain CBD. Instead of holding dried hemp flower or leaves, these tea bags contain a turmeric and ginger tea with an added 5mg of water-soluble CBD. Not only do you benefit from the CBD in this brew, but it’s combined with two other superfoods, each with their own useful properties.

Turmeric contains an active component called curcumin which has studies have shown to provide some incredible effects, including reducing inflammation and oxidative damage. Ginger is also known to have anti-inflammatory effects, can soothe an upset stomach and reduce feelings of nausea.

These are by far my favourite CBD tea bags because in just a few minutes you can prepare a delicious, beneficial brew. While I do like the taste of hemp teas, the earthy, spice of the ginger and turmeric produce a peppery flavour with a real zing to it. I would happily drink it at any time, and it’s particularly useful in the morning.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any third-party certificates available with these, which is often the case with the flavoured hemp teas. However, it is an organic product, and it has an official certification from USDA Organic. For £16.99 you get 18 tea bags.

5mg of water-soluble CBD per cup
Easy to brew
Additional benefits of turmeric and ginger
Great flavour
Certified organic
No certificates of analysis
Buy Buddha CBD Tea

5. Hempura Hemp Tea Bags with Natural Raspberry

Hempura Logo
Hempura Hemp Tea Bags
How Good are Hempura Tea Bags?
Naturally flavoured with raspberry, these tea bags from Hempura make a delicious and surprisingly savoury brew. The raspberry flavour adds a pleasant tart hint to the hemp which really works. As well as the hemp and flavour they also have additional terpenes and vitamin B1 to support heart health.

Hempura CBD tea is ideal if you’re not keen on the flavour of hemp, but don’t expect something too fresh and fruity. It has that familiar muted flavour that so many herbal teas have. The scent is that of sweet fresh fruits, yet the taste is far more subtle and herbal.

Hempura is a UK brand with a commitment to transparency and quality. They make all their products from organically grown hemp produced in Europe following rigorous EU regulations. Online, you can access a detailed database of lab certificates for their products but they aren’t available for the teas. When I contacted them to ask why, they said, “Lab reports are unnecessary for Hempura tea as they contain only trace levels of CBD, and are not designed for the delivery of CBD into the body.” At £6.99 for 20 tea bags, they are great value and well worth adding to your morning routine.

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Made with organically grown hemp
Excellent value
Natural raspberry flavour
Additional vitamin B1
Easy to use
No certificates of analysis
Grown organic but not certified
Buy Hempura CBD Tea


CBD tea is an excellent accompaniment to a high-quality CBD oil, CBD capsules or CBD Gummies and can boost the number of other cannabinoids in your diet. For us, BioBloom’s hemp flower tea is the clear winner, but we’ve enjoyed every cup from all the products on this page. If you’re looking to add a refreshing, beneficial beverage to your day, any of these are a great place to start.

What’s your favourite? Comment and ask questions below.