Best CBD Paste in the UK

The Best CBD Paste UK

CBD pastes are often the most potent CBD products available, they’re highly concentrated and have a thicker consistency than oil. To make them easier to use, they usually come preloaded into syringes. Most people use them by placing a small amount under their tongue for quick absorption.

They can be harder to find than oils, but as more people have become aware of their strength and versatility, the number of available products has increased. To help you find the best pastes in the UK, we’ve chosen four from trusted brands that deliver both potency and quality.

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Pros and Cons of a CBD paste

Paste is a great way to buy CBD, but it’s not for everybody. These pros and cons will help you decide if it’s the best CBD type for you:


  • It’s versatile – Paste has as many uses as oil and can be taken in numerous different ways, including under your tongue, mixed into drinks, added to edibles or even inserted rectally.
  • More cannabinoids – Most pastes are made with broad-spectrum, full-spectrum or whole-plant extract and contain traces of many useful plant nutrients.
  • High potency – Pastes are often high-strength and usually range from 15% to 50% in concentration.
  • Save money – Buying a high-concentration paste means that you’re likely to get more CBD for your money than if you buy several weaker products.
  • Accurate measures – Most paste syringes have small measurements that allow you to dispense a precise amount each time. 


  • High initial cost – Although they offer great value and you’re likely to get more for your money; pastes are some of the most expensive CBD products available.
  • Strong flavour – Because pastes are usually highly concentrated and contain lots of natural plant substances, the flavour can be intensely bitter. However, most brands use pleasant-tasting oils as mixers to make them more palatable.

What’s in a CBD paste?

CBD pastes usually contain hemp extract blended with a carrier oil and beeswax. The oil is most often coconut oil which gives a smooth buttery flavour. The wax gives the paste its thicker consistency and putty-like texture. The result is a pleasant oily paste that can be dispensed quickly and accurately.

Herb Reviews Selection Criteria 

To make sure that we only recommend the best pastes, we’ve chosen the items on this list using our strict selection criteria:

Third-Party Lab Testing

Third-party lab tests are conducted by an independent lab and measure the exact amount of each cannabinoid in the paste. Some brands also test for terpenes, chemicals and toxins to ensure quality and safety.

We choose pastes from companies that commission these tests and make the results easily accessible to their customers. This is a great way to ensure that the product you receive matches the specifications on its label.

Certified Organic

Where possible, we opt for products that have been certified organic. This is because they’ve undergone rigorous tests and inspection to ensure they meet the standards of their local organic authority. However, if certification isn’t available, we also look for products that have been produced with organically grown hemp or from brands that have committed not to use artificial pesticides or fertilisers. In the case of pastes we were unable to find any that are certified. To date we have only found 3 certified organic CBD oils


A full-spectrum paste contains CBD and a range of other cannabinoids that are found naturally in the hemp plant. The ‘entourage effect theory’ states that the presence of traces of other cannabinoids may increase the potency of the CBD and may even extend the benefits it provides. In our experience these products are the most effective and offer the best value for money.


To ensure that we only recommend high-quality products, we only select items from brands we know and trust. We look for excellent reputations, transparency about the production and manufacturing processes and evidence of detailed checks. On top of that, we only list items that we would be happy to use regularly ourselves.

 Best CBD Pastes in the UK

1. PharmaHemp Golden Amber Paste 50%

PharmaHemp Logo
PharmaHemp 50% CBD Paste
How good is it?
This is an exceptional paste that delivers 2500mg of CBD in a 5ml syringe. It’s made from organically grown hemp that’s been extracted with supercritical CO2 to yield a full-spectrum of cannabinoids. The third-party lab results verify that it’s full-spectrum and show several additional cannabinoids including CBG, CBDV and CBDa.

The extract is combined with coconut oil and purified beeswax to create a beautifully golden paste with a relatively mild flavour. PharmaHemp is a well-known European company with years of experience making high-quality CBD products to meticulous EU standards. This is an all-natural product, with no additives or preservatives. For £239.99 you get two 5ml syringes and a total of 5000mg of CBD. At this price, 1mg of CBD costs approximately 4.8p.

Natural ingredients
Third-party lab results are easily accessible
Syringe for easy use
4.8p per mg of CBD
High initial cost
Not suitable for vegans
Buy PharmaHemp CBD paste at for the Ageless

2. Provacan 50% CBD Paste

Provacan Logo
Provcan 50% CBD Paste
How good is it?
Provacan’s 50% paste comes in one 5ml syringe and delivers an impressive 2,500mg of CBD. It’s made with organically grown, EU hemp and is tested by a third-party lab to verify quality and potency. More than 14 cannabinoids were detected and they’re likely to add to the overall effect and potency of the paste.

This is a simple, natural product with no artificial extras; it just contains hemp extract, coconut oil and beeswax. The syringe allows you to measure out small amounts quickly and apply them under your tongue or add them to food. It’s suitable for vegetarians, but vegans may not want to use it due to the beeswax.

Provacan are a European company who make several high-quality products specifically for the UK market. As well as conducting detailed quality control checks, their CBD is also officially certified as kosher. For £129.99 you get one 5ml syringe, which works out as about 5.2p per 1mg of CBD.

5.2p per mg of CBD
Natural ingredients
Syringe for easy use
Third-party lab results are easy to find
Kosher certified
High initial cost
Not suitable for vegans
Buy Provacan CBD Paste

3. CBD Brothers Purple Edition 16.4% CBD/CBDa

CBD Brothers Logo
CBD Brothers Purple CBD Paste
How good is it?
If you want something that’s lower strength and a little more affordable, then the Purple Edition CBD paste from CBD Brothers is ideal for you. It’s made with whole-plant extract and contains 16.4% of CBD and CBDa. The extract comes from hybrid strains of hemp that blend the beneficial characteristics of indica and sativa varieties.

The third-party lab results are easily accessible and show CBD and CBDa alongside traces of other cannabinoids including CBDV and CBC. Original Alternative use supercritical CO2 extraction to get the best range of cannabinoids and plant substances from the buds and flowers of one of Holland’s best hybrid hemp strains.

Each 5ml syringe holds 800mg of CBD/CBDa and is free from GMO and pesticides. It’s suitable for vegans, is completely kosher and is free from lactose and gluten. One syringe costs £43.80 and 1mg of CBD is approximately 5.5p.

Mix of CBD & CBDa
Whole-plant extract
Third-party lab results are easy to find
Suitable for vegans
free from lactose
gluten and GMO
Most affordable on this list
Least potent paste on this list
Buy CBD Brothers Purple Paste

4. Endoca 30% Hemp Oil Extract Paste

Endoca Logo
Endoca 30% CBD Paste
How good is it?
Endoca 30% CBD paste is the most expensive option, but it delivers a host of beneficial substances including cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, fatty acids and plant waxes. In a single 10ml syringe you get 3,000mg of CBD that can be easily dispensed using the clear measurements on the side.

It’s made with organically grown hemp, is third-party lab tested and is suitable for vegans. A database of lab tests for every batch of the product can be seen on the Endoca website and they verify the CBD content and show traces of several other cannabinoids.

Each syringe will set you back £263, which is the equivalent of 8.8p per 1mg of CBD. However, if you choose to buy several at a time, you may qualify for an additional discount.

Organically grown hemp
Third-party lab results are available for every batch
Suitable for vegans
8.8p per mg
An expensive CBD paste
Buy Endoca 30% CBD Paste

Have you tried these or have another recommendation? Let us know in the comments.