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About Us

Here at Herb Reviews we will provide you with the best and latest information on all things green.

Currently the UK is in the midst of an ever expanding market for CBD, seeds and dry herb vaporizers. This has been driven by the decision in 2018 to make some elements of cannabis available medically through the NHS. Also, by the World Health Organization recommending that CBD is re-classified as a safe and non toxic substance.

With this knowledge, people in the UK are curious as to how this plant can help them. As a result, there has been a massive surge in sales and new businesses. However, a lack of regulation, standardisation, knowledge and in some cases greed, has created an industry that is not operating to the needs of the consumer.

Some of these new businesses are good and some not so good. People new to CBD and cannabis are finding it difficult to find out which are which. The prices can vary massively, the quality even more so. Worst of all, some are being sold products based on claims that are incorrect or do not include the active ingredients listed.

Our Mission

This is why we started Herb Reviews. Our mission is to create a hub of information that is clear and easy to understand. We will try out products and give our opinions as to the quality, value for money and efficacy.

Along the way we will find out if they have been produced using quality ingredients, check testing / lab reports and keep up to date on the latest regulations the UK is putting in place.

We will review the following using people who understand the industry:

  • CBD oils, topicals, gums and isolates
  • Dry herb and concentrate vapes
  • Seed Banks operating in and shipping to the UK

The Team

The team is made up of freelance writers, people who work within the UK cannabis scene and most importantly you the consumer. We encourage everyone who uses this site to leave your own reviews, share the latest information and to tell us when companies let their standards slip.

Every product and company page will have an option for you to review them and leave your own comments. With that information we can build up a resource that is trusted and always includes the very latest information.

Do you have a review suggestion? Send us a message.

The Herb Reviews Team.