Are you looking for an effective and convenient way to take cannabidiol? Then CBD chewing gum is what you have been looking for. Hemp products are being improved every day and gum provides a range of unique features that make it worthy of your consideration. To get you started, we’ve looked at three great brands and explored everything you need to know about taking CBD in gum form.

Benefits of CBD gum

Chewing gum offers a convenient, discrete and great tasting method of delivery. This particular confection gives several unique benefits that other edibles and even tinctures don’t provide. These gums are designed for prolonged and sustained release of the active ingredient into your mouth as you chew.

This is entirely unique, other delivery systems will usually involve being swallowed or absorbed shortly after they’ve been administered. The gum user also has an unprecedented amount of control over absorption.

Not only is chewing gum a great CBD delivery system but the act of chewing gum itself carries its own benefits.  Studies have shown that chewing gum can increase blood flow to the brain by as much as 40%. It can also make you feel more awake and combat stress and anxiety.

How to use CBD gum

When CBD gum was being developed, early producers found that it was difficult to get the cannabidiol to separate from the gum so it could be absorbed into the saliva. Now that this problem has been addressed, the active ingredient will give you a sustained release of between 20 and 40 minutes. If you chew the gum for this period of time you will benefit from the full amount of CBD.


The amount of CBD that can be absorbed by your body is called bioavailability. This informs you how much of the active ingredient is absorbed from your chosen method of ingestion.

With gum, it is released into your saliva as you chew. It can either be swallowed, allowing it to be absorbed through your gut in about two hours. Or it can be held under your tongue and passed through the membranes in your mouth in around 4 minutes.

The quicker the cannabidiol reaches your bloodstream the more can be used by your body. When it is absorbed under your tongue 12% to 35% of the cannabinoids will reach your blood stream compared with about 4% when swallowed.

This means that any absorbed into your mouth will be used quickly and efficiently resulting in a stronger effect. With a CBD gum you are able to choose how it enters your bloodstream you have more control over the experience.

Top 3 CBD Gums in the UK

1) Endoca

Endoca Chewing Gum
1- Endoca CBD Chewing Gum
How Good Is It?
Endoca CBD Chewing Gum takes a well-deserved first place. This is a front runner in the relatively new world of gum-based products. Each piece of gum is flavoured with peppermint and contains 15mg of CBD. Endoca makes its gum from 100% natural products. This has resulted in it having a slightly different texture from the gums we are used to but isn’t unpleasant.
Gum Information
CBD content per piece: 15mg
Price per piece: £1.50
Pack Size: 10 pieces

2) Bhang

Bhang CBD Gum
2- Bhang Chewing Gum
How Good Is It?
Bhang gum gives you a slightly larger dose than Endoca at 25mg of CBD per piece. Like the previous gum it contains Xylitol which can neutralise plaque acidity and even repair tooth enamel. This gum comes mixed with lemongrass and mango and uses Stevia to sweeten it naturally.
CBD content per piece: 25mg
Price per piece: £1.88
Pack Size: 4 pieces
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3) Euphoria

Euphoria CBD Chewing Gum
3- Euphoria Chewing Gum
How Good Is It?
Euphoria’s gum seems good value at £5.99 for a pack of 12. However, each piece only contains 1mg of CBD so you get very little CBD for the price. The flavour choice has made this gum a slightly less popular option too. Euphoria comes in cannabis flavour, so for those of you who prefer your CBD not to taste like hemp then this one is not for you.
Gum Information
CBD Content per piece: 1mg
Price per piece: 50p
Pack Size: 12 pieces

CBD chewing gum is without a doubt an excellent and versatile product. It is an effective and user friendly cannabidiol delivery system while at the same time being discrete and convenient. These three gums are definitely a great start but make sure that you keep a look out for new developments in the near future.

What’s your favourite? Comment and ask questions below.