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The UK’s Best CBD Chewing Gum

Are you looking for an effective and convenient way to take cannabidiol? Then CBD chewing gum is the product for you. Hemp products are being improved every day and gum provides a range of unique features that make it worthy of your consideration. To get you started, we’ve looked at three great brands and explored everything you need to know about taking CBD in gum form.

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Benefits of CBD Gum

Chewing gum offers a convenient, discreet and great tasting method of CBD delivery. This particular confection gives several unique benefits that other edibles and even tinctures don’t provide. These gums are designed for prolonged and sustained release of the active ingredient into your mouth as you chew.

This is a unique CBD delivery system; others involve being swallowed or absorbed shortly after they are administered. The gum user also has an unprecedented amount of control over absorption.

Not only does chewing gum deliver CBD effectively, but the act of chewing gum itself carries its benefits. Studies show that chewing gum can increase blood flow to the brain by as much as 40%. It can also make you feel more awake and combat stress and anxiety.

How to Use CBD Gum

When early producers began to develop CBD gum, they found that it was difficult to get it to separate from the cannabidiol so it could mix with the saliva. Now that this problem has been addressed, the active ingredient will give you a sustained release of between 20 and 40 minutes. If you chew the gum for this period, you will benefit from the full amount of CBD.


The amount of CBD that can be absorbed by your body is called bioavailability. This informs you how much of the active ingredient is absorbed from your chosen method of ingestion.

With gum, it is released into your saliva as you chew. You can then swallow the saliva and absorb it through your gut, in about two hours, or hold it under your tongue to allow it to pass through the membranes in your mouth in around 4 minutes.

The quicker the cannabidiol reaches your bloodstream, the more your body can use. When it is absorbed under your tongue 12% to 35% of the cannabinoids will enter your bloodstream compared with about 4% when swallowed.

This means that any absorbed into your mouth will be used quickly and efficiently resulting in a stronger effect. With a CBD gum, you are able to choose how it enters your bloodstream; you have more control over the experience.

The Best CBD Gum in the UK

1) Nordic Oil CBD Gum

Nordic Oil Logo
Nordic Oil
How Good Is It?
Nordic Oil CBD chewing gum is a convenient, tasty treat that I genuinely enjoyed. The texture and flavour are excellent and provide a similar experience to chewing non-CBD pieces. The taste disappears quickly but lasts long enough for them to be effective.

It comes in a box of 24 sugar-free, vegan pieces, each made with full-spectrum European hemp extract. You can’t taste any hemp-like bitterness and the mint and eucalyptus flavour is sweet and refreshing. The effect isn’t as strong as a good CBD oil, but they were enough to briefly relieve my mild anxiety.

An example third-party lab certificate is available on the product page and the results found no THC. Disappointingly, it only shows 4.3mg of CBD per piece and not the advertised 5mg. Also, the claims of ‘full-spectrum’ hemp extract aren’t verified because only CBD and CBC were detected. However, for me, this gum’s flavour, texture, and calming effect more than make up for it which is why it is my number one choice.

Each pack contains 24 pieces of gum in blister packs containing 5mg of cannabidiol each. Each piece costs approximately 34 pence.

Full Review: Nordic Oil CBD gum review

Made with a full-spectrum extract
They have an excellent mint and eucalyptus flavour with no hint of hemp
For me
they produced a calming effect
They're suitable for vegans and vegetarians
The flavour only lasts around 3 minutes
Effects are not as strong as if using an oil
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2) Endoca

Endoca Chewing Gum
1- Endoca CBD Chewing Gum
How Good Is It?
Endoca CBD Chewing Gum used to be in the number one position but still sits deservedly in second place. Each piece of gum is flavoured with peppermint and sweetened with sugar-free xylitol. It is an ideal product for those new to CBD and the small packet can be taken anywhere with ease and discretion.

Made from 100% natural products, Endoca gum is entirely biodegradable and will dissolve after use. The chewy structure comes from a sustainable tree sap called chicle. This gives it a slightly softer texture than other gums. However, once you’ve chewed for a little while it can become quite sticky.

The entire production process from hemp seed to CBD gum has received Good Manufacturing Practice certification. The lab certificates for each batch of CBD used in Endoca products is also available on their site. They are comprehensive and detailed including cannabinoid profile, terpene profile, microbial analysis and screening for heavy metals. A broad range of cannabinoids and terpenes show up in the results. The also shows it is within the allowable safety standards for contaminants.

Each pack contains ten individually wrapped pieces, each with 15mg of CBD. Each piece of gum works out as roughly £1.20.

Full Review: Endoca CBD gum review

Peppermint flavour
Natural sugar-free sweetener
Completely biodegradable
Detailed lab reports are present on the Endoca site
A broad range of cannabinoids and terpenes
15mg of CBD per piece of gum
Soft sticky texture
The lab reports could be labelled to match each product
Buy Endoca CBD Gum

3) Bhang

Bhang CBD Gum
2- Bhang Chewing Gum
How Good Is It?
Bhang gum gives you a slightly larger dose than Endoca at 25mg of CBD per piece. Like the previous gum, it contains xylitol, which can neutralise plaque acidity and even repair tooth enamel. This gum comes mixed with lemongrass and mango, using xylitol mixed with Stevia to sweeten it naturally.

Bhang makes the gum with CBD that has been C02 extracted and analysed by a third-party lab. The results found no detectable levels of THC and just under 100mg of CBD per pack. While I did discover the certificates of analysis; they were tricky to find. Companies can demonstrate their transparency by making them readily available at the point of sale.

In a pack, there are four pieces, each with 25mg of CBD. The price of a piece of gum works out at around £1.88.

Potent - 25mg per piece of gum
Sweetened with natural flavouring
Good value based on the amount of CBD
Small discreet design
Lab results hard to find
Only four pieces of gum per pack
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Blockhead Logo
How Good Is It?
BLOCKHEAD CBD gum is less potent than the other entrants on this list, but it also priced more accessibly. It is well-priced at 71p per piece which contains 3mg of CBD. This makes it ideally suited for someone new to CBD infused gums. Naturally flavoured with peppermint, it is a tasty treat that can be carried easily in a pocket or bag.

Suitable for vegans, sugar-free and containing no calories,BLOCKHEAD gum in infused with hemp extract in a hemp seed oil. This adds other nutritional benefits as well as the CBD. Fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 are present in the oil are essential to our health and wellbeing.

BLOCKHEAD specialises in gums that provide a healthy boost and these are their only CBD product. I wasn’t able to find the lab tests on their site, but they may be available on request.

Accessible price
Natural sugar-free sweetener
Suitable for vegans
No lab tests present on the site
3mg of CBD per piece of gum

CBD chewing gum is, without a doubt, an excellent and versatile product. It is an effective and user-friendly cannabidiol delivery system while at the same time, being discrete and convenient. These three gums are a great start but make sure that you keep a lookout for new developments soon.

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