CBD One Water Soluble CBD

CBD One Water Soluble CBD Review

CBD One are one of a small number of UK CBD brands to offer water-soluble CBD. They report that their Absorb Pure+ drinkable CBD is in an “active state” and that it can be “easily absorbed into the bloodstream”.

Currently, there is some research to indicate that water-soluble CBD can be more effectively absorbed into the bloodstream; however, there’s still a lot we don’t understand and I’ve yet to see anything that can completely convince me that it’s as good as the claims.

The presentation of Absorb Pure+ is definitely show-stopping; it comes in a pen-style syringe and can dispense one measure with a simple push and click. In one 10ml syringe, you get approximately 800mg of CBD, which provides 45 to 50 pumps of 16-18mg CBD. Strangely some of these values were different on the packaging to on the CBD One website. For example, the label said 18mg per pump and the product page said 16mg. A few areas also noted that the CBD content was 600mg to 800mg and in others ‘800mg bioavailable CBD’.

As well as hemp paste, this liquid also includes curcumin, vegetable glycerin, triglycerides, myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene, limonene and linalool.

I decided to believe the 18mg on the label and chose to take two pumps each day, one in the morning and one about half an hour before bed. That gave me a daily total of 36mg. Normally I take 40mg of CBD per day when I test a product to give a fair comparison.

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Who is CBD One?

CBD One is based in the UK and refers to itself as the “UK’s finest and most trusted producer of CBD oils.” They import products from the Netherlands from companies that can trace the production line from seed to bottle. Although their products aren’t individually certified as organic, the hemp is grown to organic standards. CBD One is run by a registered health professional and they are members of the Cannabis Trades Association.

While CBD One are clearly committed to standing out in the CBD industry, the information they provide on their website feels a little sparse. Ideally, I’d like to know more about the extraction of the hemp and more specific information about their expertise and what sets them apart from other brands.

3rd Party Lab TestsCBD One Absorb Plus Lab Report

CBD One hasn’t published any certificates from analysis by a third-party lab. Instead, they’ve created a ‘product data sheet’. It includes measurements taken of product samples and shows a profile of cannabinoids, but there’s no indication of who collected this information.

The reason third-party labs are used is to provide external verification of the claims made by the company. As a result, it’s best if the lab’s original certificates are shared with the public to back up the amounts published on the brand’s website and labels. There’s no information with this document to indicate who created the data, so I wasn’t able to confirm that third-party analysis has taken place.

Also included on the datasheet was the claim ‘100% organic’. But, there were no logos anywhere on the syringe, box or product page to indicate if this is an officially certified claim. I also checked the UK Soil Association list and could find no mention of CBD One.

Ease of UseCBD One Absorb Pure+ Syringe and Oil Colour

As well as looking stylish, the Absorb Pure+ pump makes taking CBD exceptionally easy too. The pump has a plastic cap, a rubber stop and a clickable lock to prevent leaks. This means that it can safely be placed in a bag or pocket without any concern of it accidentally dispensing CBD.

When you’re ready to use it, you remove the cap and the stop, click the lock and aim the nozzle under your tongue. Because I was using one pump each time, it was much simpler than counting out drops. Because it’s water-soluble, you can also add it to drinks, but I chose to place it directly under my tongue.

CBD One Absorb Pure+ Taste

Absorb Pure+ has an intensely sharp flavour that’s unlike any other CBD product I’ve tried before. Personally, I don’t like it, but I think that’s a matter of preference more than anything. There’s no bitterness, but it’s an odd blend of citrus and spices. The curcumin has a very strong flavour that makes it overpowering. Even when I placed it directly under my tongue and tried not to taste it, I still had to wash my mouth out with water immediately afterwards.

Potency/ Effectiveness

When I first took the liquid I noticed some odd sensations a few minutes later. I felt spaced out and unfocused. After about half an hour, those feelings went away. The next time I took it, I felt the same, but once I’d taken it a few times, those sensations stopped happening.

One of the reasons I take CBD is because some oils have proved to be excellent at getting rid of my tension headaches. Unfortunately, shortly after I tried this liquid for the first time, I got a particularly bad headache that didn’t go away until I fell asleep in the evening. I took the liquid regularly for three weeks and during that time I continued to have relatively regular headaches.

Disappointingly I didn’t see any improvements in other areas either. In general, I’m in good health, so I can’t say whether I would have seen any improvements if I had other specific ailments, but after the three weeks, I couldn’t verify any of the claims made by CBD One about the enhanced effects of water-soluble CBD and actually found it performed much worse than traditional oils.

Value for Money

One 10ml syringe will cost you £69.99 and contains about 45 measures of 18mg CBD. That works out at about £1.55 per pump and approximately 9p per mg of CBD. Compared to most CBD oils this is very expensive. You should expect to pay somewhere between 4-6p per mg.

If water-soluble proves to be as effective as the claims suggest, I can understand why it’s priced so high. However, following this trial, I was unable to verify any beneficial results. If I was to buy this in the future, I’d want to see a more affordable price, more evidence of its effects and a detailed set of third-party lab results.

Would I Buy Again?

No, I would avoid CBD One oils at all costs. The price is ludicrously high, they do not include lab reports, claim it is 100% organic without providing any proof and somewhat concerningly claim their water-soluble CBD is 100% bioavailable (this isn’t possible without injecting it). Worst of all, this oil gave me a week of headaches rather than helping as many other oils have.

As I’m sure you can see there is no way we can include CBD One water-soluble CBD in our best UK CBD oils article. As CBD One cannot back up its organic claims, it cannot be included in our best organic CBD oil reviews either.

If what you seek is a high-strength oil, at 5% it is a long way off the threshold of 25% to be included in our list of the strongest CBD oils available in the UK.

CBD One Water Soluble CBD Final Scores

CBD One Logo
CBD One Absorb Pure+ Review
Absorb Pure+ is a water-soluble CBD liquid that contains a blend of hemp paste, terpenes and curcumin. The flavour is intensely aromatic with a cinnamon-like taste. It comes in a lightweight syringe that secures well and can be safely carried in a bag or pocket. I didn’t experience any noticeable positive effects during the three weeks I used it. CBD One provide a ‘Product Data Sheet’ but haven’t published any copies of third-party certificates of analysis. I also couldn’t find any certifications to back up their claims of ‘100% organic’. With all of this in mind I cannot recommend this product.
Third-party lab results
Ease of use
Potency/ effectiveness
Value for money
The syringe makes it easy to apply under the tongue
It can be mixed into drinks
The syringe is lightweight and leakproof
It also contains curcumin
There are no third-party lab certificates publicly available.
Some people may not like the intense flavour
I didn’t notice any beneficial effects
Labelling is inconsistent
Claims 99% bioavailability without any evidence
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