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Brexit’s Impact on UK Seed Banks

The effects of Brexit have been felt throughout the UK and have triggered significant changes in various sectors. This is particularly true for UK seed banks and anyone looking to purchase cannabis seeds in the UK.

Without the EU customs union, importing cannabis seeds into the UK has become considerably more challenging with increased paperwork and the introduction of new stricter regulations.

These changes have resulted in many seed banks moving their operations offshore, particularly to EU member states like Spain. Unfortunately, while these moves give seed banks more freedom to cut down on paperwork, they have introduced longer lead times and reduced options for their customers.

However, CannaEx Trades, a pioneering cannabis trading company, is now offering hope for the revitalisation and reshoring of the UK industry. By providing their services to facilitate import and export pathways, they promise to address the issues faced by seed banks allowing them to bring their operations back to UK shores.

Challenges Faced by UK Seed Banks Post-Brexit

Brexit presented several formidable challenges for seed banks, resulting in them having to adapt their business and procedures to survive in the new climate. These challenges have significantly affected the quality of service they provide and their ability to remain competitive in a global market.

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Increased Paperwork and Customs Regulations

As part of the customs union, UK seed banks could transport seeds between EU countries without the need to complete any additional documentation. Post-Brexit, importing seeds into the UK is a complicated process with several stages and the need to provide multiple documents. UK customs require all importers to pre-register, provide pre-notification of all shipments, and pack the shipment to its required standard.

The paperwork required to import cannabis seeds includes the following:

  • Phytosanitary certificate
  • Certificate of origin
  • Good Manufacturing Practices certification
  • Letter of intent for cannabis seeds
  • Intended use letter for hemp seeds
  • Certificate of analysis
  • Non-GMO Statement
  • Seed purity statement
  • Security declaration letter
  • Strain information document

The need to apply for and present these documents and comply with strict customs regulations has added considerably to the administrative burden on UK seed banks.

Relocation to Spain and its Consequences for UK Customers

To address these challenges and attempt to reduce the administrative load, several UK seed banks took the strategic decision to move their operations to Spain. While, in some ways, this move has succeeded in reducing some of the pressure, it also harmed the service provided to customers.

Because shipments from a seed bank in Spain to its UK customers must now cross international borders, it’s likely to take significantly longer. In addition, the number of strains available to customers is much more limited, with some seed banks now offering a reduced catalogue compared to recent years.

While moving operations offshore may have seemed like the obvious solution at the time, the challenges still faced by these seed banks highlight the need for a way to bring them back into the UK to provide faster and more efficient service for their customers.

CannaEx Trades: Enabling Onshore Operations for UK Seed Banks

This is where CannaEx Trades comes to the fore, they are a well-established global cannabis trading company based in the UK. Thanks to their worldwide partners, government authorisations and extensive experience in importing and exporting cannabis seeds, they offer a promising solution for any seed bank hoping to re-establish onshore operations.

In the years since Brexit, the experienced staff at CannaEx Trades have been working with the new systems to optimise their cannabis seed import and export processes. They’ve established partnerships with scientific testing facilities and logistics companies, been accepted for all relevant licenses and have all the necessary permits for international cannabis seed transportation.

CannaEx Trades is also the only company to hold a Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) license to import cannabis/hemp seeds. As a result, their cannabis seed shipments into the UK are always efficient and successful and they can support any business to overcome teh obstacles they face in doing the same.

Consequently, CannaEx Trades’ industry connections, knowledge and existing import infrastructure make it the ideal partner for seed banks looking to reshore in the UK.

Partnering With CannaEx Trades

Choosing CannaEx Trades as a partner brings various benefits to seed banks looking to thrive in the post-Brexit landscape. These benefits encompass overcoming shipping challenges and fostering collaborative relationships between seed banks and wholesalers for streamlined operations.

Overcoming Shipping Issues

CannaEx Trades specialises in providing seed banks with the necessary expertise and streamlined processes to ensure efficient and compliant shipments of cannabis seeds.

These services include customs documentation, regulatory compliance, and logistics assistance. By leveraging CannaEx Trades’ expertise, seed banks can ensure a smooth and efficient process for getting seeds to UK customers, circumventing the complex hurdles imposed by Brexit.

Collaborating with Seed Banks and Wholesalers for Seamless Operations

CannaEx Trades’ unique position in the industry allows them to support UK seed banks directly while also connecting them with UK and EU-based wholesalers. This collaborative approach addresses shipping issues and creates a more seamless supply chain, ultimately benefiting the entire industry.

As a result of this partnership, seed banks can enjoy expanded product options and faster lead times for UK customers. Several seed banks have already experienced the advantages of collaborating with CannaEx Trades, leading them to overcome many of the issues that forced so many companies to move offshore.


The impact of Brexit on UK seed banks has been substantial. It has led to increased administrative burdens and a shift in operations offshore. However, CannaEx Trades offers a promising solution for UK seed banks looking to re-establish their onshore presence.

By partnering with CannaEx Trades, seed banks can overcome shipping challenges, collaborate with wholesalers for seamless operations, and ultimately provide better service to their customers.

As the UK cannabis seed industry moves forward in the post-Brexit landscape, CannaEx Trades presents a valuable opportunity to revitalise the sector and create a thriving, competitive market that benefits seed banks, customers, and the broader UK economy.