SMOKO CBD 25mg Gummies Review

I’ve just finished two packets of SMOKO CBD’s Fruit Flavour 25mg CBD Gummies. Previously known for their e-cigarettes, SMOKO has branched out to develop SMOKO CBD and offer a small selection of flavoured oral drops and gummies.

SMOKO CBD’s 25mg gummies come in packs of ten and deliver a total of 250mg CBD per pack. They’re made with a cryogenically extracted, broad-spectrum (THC-free) hemp extract. The hemp is organically grown in Oregon, USA and the gummies are then manufactured in the UK. Made with a range of natural flavours and colours, SMOKO CBD gummies are also vegan-friendly, gluten-free and fat-free.

To give all the products I review a fair comparison, I always try to use close to 40mg of CBD per day. Rather than attempt to cut the gummies into pieces to achieve this, I’ve chosen to take two gummies per day and aim for a daily total of 50mg CBD. I ate the first gummy first thing in the morning and the second at about 6pm in the evening. I had two packs, so this daily routine lasted me for ten days.

SMOKO CBD 25mg Gummies in Brief

  • The gummies have a delicious fruit flavour with no hempy bitterness.
  • It improved my focus, relaxation and mental focus.
  • The packets must be cut or torn open but have a resealable plastic strip to keep them fresh.
  • You can access a set of example lab results from a link on the product page.
  • There is one lab certificate for each product type and no batch numbers on the bottle or box.
  • The lab results detected three cannabinoids.
SMOKO 25mg CBD Gummies Specifications
Pack size: 10 Gummies
Total CBD: 250mg
CBD per gummy: 25mg
Extract type: Broad-spectrum
Extraction method: Cryogenic Extraction
Hemp is grown in: Oregon, USA
Organic: The hemp is grown organically
Third-party lab tested: Yes
Dietary: Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free & Fat Free


SMOKO CBD is a UK CBD and vape company based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Founded by Daisy Hicks and Mike Cameron, SMOKO was formed initially as an e-liquid and vape company named after an Aussie slang term for taking a cigarette break. With a determination to support smokers to transition to safer substances, SMOKO quickly became trusted for their EU-sourced products and strict quality standards.

Now, Mike and Daisy have branched out to form SMOKO CBD and add a range of high-quality UK-manufactured CBD products to their repertoire. In their online store, you’ll find a select range of gummies and oral drops all made with a broad-spectrum extract.

They use hemp grown organically and sustainably managed on farms in central Oregon. It’s then cryogenically extracted to create a cannabinoid-rich, THC-free extract. Once the extract is made, it’s shipped to the UK, where it’s combined with other natural ingredients to manufacture the final product. Samples from each product are tested by third-party lab Adact Medical.

Because they’re a relatively new player in the CBD industry, SMOKO CBD doesn’t have many customer reviews; however, its parent company SMOKO already has an impressive array of five-star Google reviews and lots of positive mentions on Among the positive responses are mentions of fast delivery, great customer service and quality products.

SMOKO CBD can be contacted via:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 0800 772 0234 or +44(0)1892 512 529
  • Post: SMOKO CBD, 18 Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 2PT, KENT, UK

3rd Party Lab Tests SMOKO CBD Gummies Lab Report

Disappointingly, SMOKO CBD only has one lab certificate available for each of its products. They’re all presented on a single document that can be accessed via a link on each product page. These results are also dated 28/07/2021 and there is no batch number on the gummy packet, so I think it’s unlikely that they relate to the specific batch I’m reviewing.

The certificate for the 25mg gummies only displays a cannabinoid profile and doesn’t include a terpene profile or a screening for contaminants. In my experience, it’s preferable to have a full analysis of cannabinoids, terpenes and contaminants (like those found at Eir Health). The profile showed 25.3461g of CBD in one gummy alongside traces of CBG and CBDa. Fourteen cannabinoids were tested for, but all the others, including THC, were not detectable above 0.0005mg/ml.

Herb Reviews Terminology:

  • Full-spectrum – A product that contains a complete range of cannabinoids, including THC.
  • Broad-spectrum – A product that contains a complete range of cannabinoids except for THC.
  • Isolate – A product that only contains CBD.

Because the analysis detected CBD, CBG and CBDa but no THC, I can verify that this is likely a broad-spectrum extract. However, in most cases, broad-spectrum extracts contain more cannabinoids. While it’s good to see that these gummies contain the amount of CBD advertised on the label, on the whole, I’d like to see a more detailed set of labs available for each batch.

Ease of UseSMOKO CBD Gummies in Hand

SMOKO CBD’s gummies come in a small, resealable packet, ideal for carrying around in a pocket or bag. My personal preference is for a tub with a child-safe cap, but I can see the convenience of these simple packets.

Gummies are one of the simplest ways to take a precise amount of CBD and I enjoyed not having to count out drops. When I took them, I chewed and swallowed, but if you wanted to enhance their potency, they’re soft enough to chew and then hold under your tongue to allow the CBD to pass into your sublingual blood vessels.

SMOKO CBD Gummies Taste

With their sweet fruity taste, these gummies were utterly delicious. When I took the first one, I thought I could detect a faint hint of something hempy, but I didn’t notice it with any others. There’s no bitterness, making them perfect for anyone who struggles with strong-flavoured CBD oils.

Potency/ Effectiveness

During the ten days of taking these gummies, I generally felt relaxed and slept well. It can be hard to notice the specific effects of gummies as they can be milder and develop over a longer period. They didn’t feel particularly potent, but I experienced a general feeling of well-being and could achieve more significant focus on work than is usual for me.

Value for Money

A packet of ten 25mg SMOKO CBD gummies will set you back £14.99. This works out at about £1.50 per gummy and approximately 6p per mg of CBD. This makes them cheaper than the gummies from CBDistillery (8p per mg) and Blessed CBD (9p per mg) but almost identical in price to the equally tasty ZenBears (6p per mg).

All in all, these gummies offer great value, I’d like to see more detail on the lab results, but they were exceptionally tasty and produced a range of low-key yet useful results.

Would I Buy them Again?

Yes, I would buy these gummies again. It’s a shame that there weren’t lab results available for each batch and that the example certificate didn’t provide more detail. However, the delicious fruit flavours, lack of a bitter aftertaste and gentle effects made these rank among some of the best gummies I’ve tried.

SMOKO CBD Gummies Final Scores

SMOKO CBD Gummies Review
These excellent gummy bears come in a range of mouthwatering fruity flavours. They’re suitable for vegans, are gluten-free and each contains 25mg of CBD. The broad-spectrum extract was sourced from organically grown hemp farmed in Oregon, USA and then manufactured into the final product in the UK. The effects were mild but built over time to make me feel relaxed and focused. They come with an example lab certificate that verifies the amount of CBD and that they’re THC-free.
Third-party lab results
Ease of use
Value for money
I experienced various slow-building effects, including relaxation, improved sleep, and increased focus.
The lab results are easily accessible from the product page.
The lab results include a profile of 14 cannabinoids.
No THC was detected.
The fruit flavours are delicious with no lingering bitterness.
There was only a single set of lab results available, dated 2021.
The lab analysis only detected 3 cannabinoids, including CBD.
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