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Blessed CBD Gummies Review

Blessed CBD is a UK brand that claims to be ‘creating a transparent and responsible CBD industry’. They offer various products containing organically farmed hemp extract imported from Colorado, USA. I’ve just enjoyed a tub of their tropical flavoured 25mg CBD gummies.

The gummies are cube-shaped and dusted with sugar.  They’ve been cleverly made with a combination of tapioca syrup and pectin to create a soft jelly-like texture that’s gelatin-free and suitable for vegans. Each cube is infused with CBD isolate and natural fruit juice flavours.

In one container you get 30 gummies in several different colours, which provide a total of 750mg of CBD. The recommended serving is one 25mg gummy per day. However, with all CBD products, I aim to get as close as possible to a daily measure of 40mg. This makes it easier to compare their effects. To achieve this, I decided on two gummies per day, one in the morning and one in the evening. This gave me a daily measure of 50mg and meant that one tub lasted for 15 days.

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Who is Blessed CBD?

Based in Edinburgh, Blessed CBD is a family company that have spent the last few years supplying their customers with a select range of premium CBD products. In 2017 they noticed that the UK CBD industry was rife with misleading information, inferior quality products and long delivery times. As a result,  they decided to do something about it and develop their own company that would challenge the existing standards.

The range is pretty small and includes Blessed full-spectrum CBD oil, Blessed broad-spectrum CBD oil, Blessed CBD capsules, Blessed CBD balm and these Blessed CBD gummies, most of which we have reviewed if you would like to find out more.

3rd Party Lab Tests

Third-party certificates for the latest batch of gummies can be found via the ‘Lab Reports’ tab on the main navigation menu. This is useful, but I’d prefer to see the certificates from historic batches kept in the same place, like the certificate database used by Endoca. When I looked, the latest batch was #36, but I couldn’t find any corresponding number on the tub of gummies to indicate if it matched mine.

The lab analyses eight cannabinoids and screens for pesticides and heavy metals. The sample was clear of contamination and the only cannabinoid present was CBD. Disappointingly, the way the CBD is reported makes it tricky to work out if it verifies the expected 25mg per gummy. It’s presented as a percentage of the expected CBD total weight, but because the total weight isn’t shown, the result isn’t useful.

The full cannabinoid analysis showed:

  • CBD = 111.5% of expected amount
  • THC = ND (None detected)
  • THCa = ND
  • THCV = ND
  • CBDa = ND
  • CBN= ND
  • CBDV = 0.002%
  • CBG = ND
  • Other 0.002%

The heavy metal screening found:

  • Arsenic < 1.0ppm
  • Cadmium < 0.4ppm
  • Lead < 0.5ppm
  • Mercury < 0.2ppm

Ease of UseBlessed CBD 25mg Gummies

Most gummies provide an exceptionally convenient and discreet way to take CBD but some, like these, make it slightly more straightforward than others. These were excellent; the tub is wide and shallow, making it easy to reach your fingers in and get one out even if there are only a few left. It also has a child-safe cap, which should be an essential feature on all CBD products, particularly gummies that are very tempting for littluns.

The texture is the perfect consistency to give you something to chew on while the CBD absorbs, without being too much work or rubbery. As with many of the CBD gummies I’ve really enjoyed, the main issue is that I find it almost impossible to eat just one at a time.

Blessed CBD Gummies Taste

In each tub, you get four different flavours; strawberry, raspberry, mango and ‘lemon and lime’. The flavours are some of the best I’ve tried; they’re sweet and fruity with almost no indication that they contain CBD. The lemon and lime have a slightly bitter aftertaste which is typical for any citrus sweet, but on the whole, the flavour is as close as you can get to a standard gummy.

Potency/ Effectiveness

I didn’t notice any immediate effects from these gummies after taking the first few; however, after three or four days, I did experience an increase in focus and sensations of calm. During the 15 days that I was using them, I took one early a couple of times just before a situation when I might normally experience some anxiety. Whether it was the CBD, the sugar or the flavour, it did seem to help me remain calmer than usual.

Interestingly, shortly before I used these gummies, I spent a couple of weeks using Blessed CBD capsules. Even though the products are relatively similar in strength, the capsules seemed to provide a broader range of effects. For example, the capsules seemed to reduce the pain I get from tension headaches while these gummies had minimal impact on them.

Value for Money

One jar of Blessed CBD gummies delivers 750mg of CBD, evenly shared between 30 delicious 25mg jelly cubes for £69.95. This works out at £2.33 per gummy and 9p per mg of CBD.  It makes them more expensive than some other gummies, including the fantastic ZenBears.

However, despite the high price, they’re particularly tasty and have a lot to offer. The CBD isolate produces several mild beneficial effects and the flavour is approaching the best I’ve tasted. Although they don’t provide as much value as some of the other gummies available in the UK, they still may be worth a try if you’ve got a sweet tooth and you prefer your CBD without the hempy aftertaste.

Would I Buy Them Again?

Yes, I would recommend Blessed CBD gummies however, if you visit our best CBD gummies list, here you will find a selection of CBD Gummies I think are just as effective but also represent better value for money.

Blessed CBD Gummies Scores

Blessed CBD Logo
Blessed CBD Gummies Review
These naturally flavoured gummy cubes contain 25mg of CBD isolate. You can access a third-party lab certificate for a recent batch on the website and they’ve been screened for contaminants as well as having their cannabinoids analysed. The hemp is organically farmed in the US and they’re suitable for vegans and vegetarians. I noticed some mild effects and a sense of calm and focus after a few days of use. However they’re priced way too high for an isolate product.
Third-party lab results
Ease of use
Potency/ effectiveness
Value for money
They come in four fruity flavours
The tub is lightweight and recyclable
The tub comes with a child-safe cap
They’re suitable for vegans and vegetarians
They’re made with CBD isolate.
They’re more expensive than other similar strength gummies.
The lab reports don't make it easy to find out how much CBD is in each gummy.
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