Best CBD Oil Amazon UK

Best CBD Oils Amazon UK

Since they became popular in the UK, genuine CBD oils have not been available on Amazon. Now, an invite-only pilot scheme has opened up the platform for a select number of brands.

In the past, Amazon’s strict policy stated, ‘products containing cannabidiol (CBD) are prohibited’. This led to many scams, including several unscrupulous amazon marketplace sellers listing hemp oil products in a way that made them look similar to CBD. This made it hard for inexperienced customers to tell if they were buying CBD or overpriced hempseed oil.

This is probably why you are here, looking for some guidance on what the best oils are.

Brands Invited To Sell CBD On Amazon

Although the invitation of specific brands onto is a significant step, a search for ‘CBD oil’ still brings up a mixture of genuine CBD oils and high-priced CBD-free hemp seed oils. To make sure you only choose authentic products, these are the brands that have currently been invited to sell CBD on Amazon.

  • Four Five CBD
  • Healthspan
  • Vitality CBD
  • Green Stem CBD
  • Natures Aid
  • Naturopathica
  • Weider
  • Bulk
  • Dragonfly CBD

Why Do People Buy CBD Oil On Amazon?

People look for CBD on Amazon for many different reasons. Some want to try it for the first time to see if they can benefit from a general health boost. Others are looking for more specific results and search ‘CBD for pain’, or even ‘CBD for anxiety and depression’.

However, the main reason to turn to Amazon is convenience. There are a broad range of other products available, from homeware to groceries and most of us already make a regular visit to the Amazon site. This way you can buy CBD oil as part of another order, better than visiting another site and paying more shipping costs.

Another benefit is many retailers offer a regular subscription option which saves you money. In addition, if you sign up for Amazon Prime, you can make use of free next day delivery on any eligible products. With the promise of fast delivery and reduced-priced subscriptions, it’s easy to see why Amazon has enormous potential as a UK CBD retailer.

Our Selection Criteria

To make sure that you only buy the best CBD oil available on Amazon, we use a strict selection criteria:

Approved To Sell On Amazon

Only those brands listed above are currently approved to sell CBD on Amazon. Yet many sellers are still attempting to sell unapproved CBD products, or trying to pass off hemp seed oil as CBD. Here, we’ve only included products from brands that have been invited by Amazon.


When we consider a product for inclusion in this list, we balance the benefits and useful features it offers against the price. This helps us to decide if it provides good value and provides a cost-effective way to buy CBD.

Full-spectrum or THC Free

We’ve only chosen full-spectrum oils containing a full range of cannabinoids or those made with a broad-spectrum extract with no detectable THC. We generally find these products to be more effective and offer a broader range of benefits when compared to using an isolate.

Brands That Are Transparent

Brands often make bold claims about their products and the health benefits (CBD helps pain for instance…), so, we only choose oils from those that can provide the evidence to back them up. This can include information about where they source their hemp and how they extract the cannabinoids. We also look for copies of documents like third-party lab certificates or official organic certifications.

Brands selling on Amazon usually have this information on their own website. We’ve investigated each item here thoroughly and included links to any relevant documentation that demonstrates product quality.

Best CBD Oils On Amazon

So without further ado, these are the best genuine CBD oils you can buy on Amazon UK.

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Best Full-spectrum – FourFive CBD Oil

Four Five CBD Logo
FourFive CBD Oil Spray
How good is Four Five CBD oil?
The best full-spectrum CBD oil found on Amazon is FourFive CBD’s 500mg Spray. It’s an effective blend of full-spectrum hemp extract and 30ml of MCT oil. Each pump delivers 2mg of CBD, ready to be held under your tongue. It’s suitable for vegans and FourFive CBD have designed it with athletes and active people in mind.

The third-party lab certificates are easily accessible from the product page on the brand’s main website. The lab results are simple but verify the CBD content and show that the THC is within the UK legal limit of 1mg per container.

When I took 40mg daily, it reduced my mild anxiety, helped me sleep more deeply and relieved my tension headaches. I also found the mild, slightly citrus flavour pleasant and well-suited to those who don’t like strong-tasting bitter oils.

FourFive CBD also offer full-spectrum CBD oil with 1000mg of CBD, an orange flavoured version and peppermint CBD oil fortified with vitamin D3.

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MCT carrier oil
It has a buttery flavour with a pleasant hint of citrus
It is particularly potent compared to similar priced oils
It comes with a spray cap
The third-party lab results are accessible on Four Five CBD site
Lab reports are fairly basic
Best value requires a subscription
Buy Four Five CBD Oil direct with 15% coupon: herb15

Best THC Free – Green Stem CBD Drops

Green Stem CBD Logo
Green Stem CBD Oil
How good is Green Stem CBD oil?
Winner of the Best CBD Oil category at the 2019 Hemp and CBD Expo in Birmingham, Green Stem CBD offer an affordable range of broad-spectrum oils. This 1000mg oil is wild strawberry flavoured and comes in a 30ml bottle with a dropper. It’s made with hemp farmed in Colorado, USA and the extract is suspended in an MCT carrier oil.

Independent lab results can be found via the Green Stem CBD main site. You can use a product batch number to view the certificate that applies to your product or view an example. The results show that the only cannabinoid detected was CBD and the analysis found no THC.

The flavour is impressively fresh and fruity with no bitter aftertaste. The recommended serving is one 1mg dropper daily. This makes measuring it out particularly easy and each bottle provides 30 servings of 10mg CBD.

On Amazon, Green Stem CBD also list oils in other strengths and flavours. These include 300mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 3000mg and 6000mg. The flavours are strawberry, peppermint, Seville orange and black cherry.

Award-winning brand
THC free
Affordably low price
The third-party lab results are accessible from the main website
MCT oil carrier
Lab reports only show CBD so cannot confirm if this is broad-spectrum
No new lab reports since 2019
Buy Green Stem CBD Oil

Healthspan CBD Oil

Healthspan Logo
Healthspan CBD Oil
How good is Healthspan CBD oil?
Healthspan are a brand that have been providing the UK with supplements since 1996 and now their CBD oils are available on Amazon. This mint flavoured CBD oil contains a broad-spectrum (THC free) extract in 30ml of MCT oil.

It’s made with EU hemp that they extract with CO2; the oil has been filtered to give it a milder flavour and clear appearance. The peppermint taste is pleasant, with none of the bitter aftertaste that some CBD products have. I took 30mg daily for two weeks and noticed a few small positive results, including slightly better sleep and mildly reduced anxiety symptoms.

The oil is third-party lab tested, but Healthspan only publishes a brief summary of the results. This shows that CBD and THC levels are as advertised, but it’s always preferable that brands make the full certificates available to their customers.

Healthspan also sell other products on Amazon, including 10ml bottles with 250mg, 790mg and 1000mg of CBD. They also offer CBD capsules and a night time oil.

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Pleasant peppermint flavour
Made with an MCT carrier oil
CO2 extracted
Leak-proof bottle
Easy to use dropper
Made from EU hemp
The original third-party lab results aren’t publicly available
Slightly misleading names such as “high strength” and “super strength”
Not as effective as Four Five CBD
Buy Healthspan CBD Oil

Vitality CBD Oil

Vitality CBD Logo
Vitality 4% CBD Oil
How good is Vitality CBD oil?
Relatively new in the UK CBD industry, Vitality CBD offer a small but varied range of CBD products on Amazon. This is their berry-flavoured drops; they contain 1200mg of CBD (4%) and are made with a broad-spectrum extract and hemp seed oil. The hemp is imported and the final products are manufactured in the UK.

Vitality CBD publish third-party lab certificates on their website for every batch. They include lots of useful details such as a cannabinoid profile, a terpene profile and a screening for contaminants. The analysis verifies that the oil contains slightly more than 1200mg and no THC was detected.

The berry flavouring was relatively mild, they’re not the best drops I’ve tasted, but there was no strong hemp aftertaste. The flavour is oilier than others, but it would still suit most people, even if they don’t generally like CBD oil.

Vitality CBD also has oils in natural and lemon flavours and you can opt for a 2400mg option. Additionally, they stock a range of CBD topical products like balms and creams.

Nice tasting flavours
Detailed third-party lab results
The flavour could be a little stronger
Hemp seed carrier rather than MCT
Buy Vitality CBD Oil

More CBD Products On Amazon

Dragonfly CBD

From Dragonfly CBD’s Amazon store, you can get their hydrating body moisturiser. You can choose from 300mg, 500mg or 1000mg of CBD all in 100ml of cream. It also has other beneficial ingredients, including argan oil, shea butter and coconut oil.

As far as broad-spectrum THC free CBD oils go they also make one of the best available. If these were listed on Amazon we would recommend them above Green Stem CBD. Here is the full Dragonfly CBD oil review if you would like to find out more.

Visit Dragonfly CBD on Amazon 

Bulk CBD Oil

Budget sports supplement brand Bulk has branched out into CBD and now do a small range of oils and capsules. Their 500mg unflavoured oil is made with a broad-spectrum hemp extract in MCT oil. It’s well filtered, has a mild flavour and is reasonably priced. It didn’t make our list because, currently, their third-party lab certificates have not been made available to the public.

Visit Bulk CBD on Amazon 

Natures Aid

Natures Aid also offer a few peppermint flavoured oils and a topical gel. The oils come with a spray cap and contain a broad-spectrum extract in MCT oil. Although it was easy to use, I didn’t enjoy the flavour as much as those that made it to our main list. Also, I couldn’t find any copies of the third-party lab certificates.

Visit Natures Aid CBD on Amazon 


Naturopathica offer capsules that hold a blend of CBD, turmeric and vitamin C. Each capsule contains 5mg of CBD, 250mg of curcumin and 12mg of vitamin C. They’re suitable for vegans and come in packs of 30.

Visit Naturopathica CBD on Amazon 


Weider supply a CBD Plus massage cream made with CBD, calendula, arnica, eucalyptus and uccuba butter. Disappointingly they don’t make it clear how much CBD the cream holds.

Visit Weider CBD on Amazon 

If I have missed any or you want to have your say, leave a comment below.