The Good Level Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

The Good Level CBD Oil Review

For the last two weeks, I’ve been trying a 2.5% full-spectrum CBD oil from The Good Level. The Good Level founders Joe and Jonny have turned their interest in CBD and organic products into their own CBD brand.

They cold press their oils, using only hemp and olive oil with no need for solvents. The Good Level website states that because this is a traditional method all their products are exempt from the FSA’s novel food ruling and don’t need to be licensed.

A single 30ml bottle contains 750mg of CBD in a full-spectrum extract with an extra virgin olive oil carrier. It delivers thirty 1ml servings, each providing about 25mg of CBD. To give a fair comparison between products I always use 40mg of CBD per day. With this oil, I chose to take about 0.8ml (20mg CBD) under my tongue as soon as I got up in the morning and another 0.8ml (20mg CBD) at approximately 7 pm in the evening.

The Good Level 2.5% CBD Oil in Brief

  • The oil has a mild buttery flavour with a sharp, bitter aftertaste.
  • After a few days, I experienced a feeling of well-being and reduced anxiety.
  • The bottle has a bulb-tipped dropper and a scale for easy measurements.
  • You can access the lab results via the ‘about’ tab on the nav menu.
  • Lab results can be found by batch number.
  • The lab results detected 11 cannabinoids, including traces of THC.
The Good Level 2.5% Specifications
Bottle size: 30ml
Strength: 2.5%
Total CBD: 750mg
CBD per drop: 0.6mg (based on 40 drops per ml)
Mg per ml: 25mg
Extract type: Full-spectrum
Extraction method: Cold-pressed
Hemp is grown in: UK, Ireland & Europe
Organic: Organic grown (No official certification available)
Third-party lab tested: Yes
Dietary: Vegan

Who is The Good Level?

The company name ‘The Good Level’ refers to CBD’s ability to activate the endocannabinoid system and help the body return to a state of homeostasis (the good level). They’ve taken that concept one step further by dividing their products up into a 3-level system based on strength; level one contains 2.5% CBD, level 2 is 4% CBD and level 3 is 5% CBD.

The Good Level products are made with hemp sourced in the UK, Ireland and Europe. All their items are then manufactured in the UK. They use a cold-pressed full-spectrum hemp extract packed with cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes and chlorophyll.

The Good Level prides itself on working with traditional principles, including organic farming and avoiding the use of solvents for extraction. To meet these principles, instead of using an MCT carrier oil, which they view as too processed, they’ve opted for cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. Disappointingly, while The Good Level make several mentions of their oil’s organic status, I couldn’t find any documentation to demonstrate that it’s certified organic.

With a broad customer base in the UK and EU, The Good Level already has over a hundred reviews on Trustpilot. With an overwhelmingly positive response, they have an overall grade of ‘excellent’ (as of 23/01/2023). So far, the vast majority are five-star ratings. There are mentions of effective products, good packaging and fast delivery.

The Good Level can be contacted via:

3rd Party Lab Tests

The Good Level Lab Report

The Good Level third-party lab results and their oils are labelled with corresponding batch numbers. The number on my oil is TGL-O-050000AB (lab results accessed on 20th January 2023). So far, they only have one certificate and batch number per product, but the inclusion of batch numbers makes it likely that they will publish certificates for each new batch. The certificates can be quickly found via the ‘about’ tab on the website’s nav menu.

The certificates themselves are relatively basic and only include an analysis of cannabinoids. While this is enough to verify the amount of CBD, legality and claims such as ‘full-spectrum’, the best certificates, like those published by Eir Health also include a terpene profile and screening for contaminants.

The results showed 2.6290% CBD and 0.0175% total THC. This indicates that my bottle falls within legal levels for THC and contains slightly more than the 750mg CBD advertised on the label. Of the 16 cannabinoids tested for, 11 were found in detectable amounts (CBC, CBCa, CBD, CBDa, CBDV, CBDVa, CBG, CBGa, THCA, THCV and D9-THC).

Herb Reviews Terminology:

  • Full-spectrum – A product that contains a complete range of cannabinoids including THC.
  • Broad-spectrum – A product that contains a complete range of cannabinoids except for THC.
  • Isolate – A product that only contains CBD.

With 11 cannabinoids present, including a trace of THC, the lab results demonstrate that, as labelled, this is a full-spectrum CBD oil.

The lab results demonstrate that this extract falls within legal limits and contains a range of beneficial cannabinoids. I haven’t been able to score it any higher because they haven’t included a terpene profile or contaminant screening.

Ease of Use

The Good Level CBD Oil - Colour

The Good Level CBD oil comes with some simple directions for use on the bottle and more details in an accompanying booklet. The cap of the bottle isn’t child-safe, but the bulb-tipped dropper is easy to use and has a scale on the side to simplify measuring out the right amount of oil. The scale is a much better method than having to count out each drop and will significantly improve the accuracy of each measure.


The Good Level has a mild, buttery initial flavour that slowly gives way to a sharp bitterness the longer you hold it under your tongue. It’s not unpleasant, or as bitter as some CBD oils, but if you’re hoping for something that’s easy on the tastebuds, then it might not be for you.

The Good Level Potency/ Effectiveness

I didn’t notice any immediate effects with this oil but after a few days of use, I experience a general feeling of well-being and a slight reduction in anxiety. I occasionally get tension headaches when working in the evening and by the end of two weeks of using The Good Level oil, they’d significantly improved.

Value for Money

A 30ml bottle of oil containing 750mg CBD costs £34.99. This works out at about 4.6p per mg of CBD, putting it close to Hemp Point (4p per mg) and the excellent CBD Brothers Blue Edition (4p per mg). This is an excellent price and although the effects weren’t the strongest I’ve experienced It’s still a well-made, effective product.

Would I Buy it Again?

Yes, I would buy this oil again. The Good Level CBD oil was relatively easy to use and had a range of effects that increased in potency over the course of two weeks. The slightly bitter aftertaste might put some people off but it’s something you generally need to accept if you want a good, naturally flavoured full-spectrum oil.

Currently, it just misses out on being included as one of our best UK CBD oils where the bar is set very high.

The Good Level CBD Oil Final Scores

The Good Level Logo
The Good Level CBD Oil Review
The Good Level CBD oil is a good all-rounder with an affordable price, a broad range of effects, mild flavour and a full spectrum of cannabinoids. The lab results are easy to find and relate to the latest batch of products. This cold-pressed CBD oil has been made without the need for solvents or complicated extraction methods and contains an olive oil carrier. It’s made from organically grown hemp but it’s a shame that the claims that the final product is organic haven’t been backed up with an official certification.
Third-party lab results
Ease of use
Value for money
The lab results show a profile of cannabinoids.
16 cannabinoids were tested for and 11 were detected.
It’s made with organically grown hemp.
The oil is cold-pressed and made with only hemp and olive oil.
The bulb-tipped dropper features a scale for easy measuring.
There is a slightly bitter aftertaste even when you let it absorb under your tongue.
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