Hemp Point CBD Oil Bottle

Hemp Point CBD Oil Review

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been using Hemp Point full-spectrum CBD oil. It’s the first product I’ve seen that was created using a water extraction method so I was intrigued to see how I got on. One bottle of their 20% oil was confirmed first thing on the 15th November and it arrived with me the very next day.

Each bottle holds 10ml with 2000mg (20%) of cannabidiol (CBD). The product page on the website says that the full-spectrum extract comes from organically grown hemp and is suspended in an organic hemp seed carrier oil. It’s suitable for vegans and the terpene profile has been boosted with extra beta-Myrcene, Limonene, alpha-Pinene,  beta-Caryophyllene and alpha-Humulene. Hemp Point also stock this oil in three other strengths 500mg (5%), 1000mg (10%) and 1500mg (15%).

One 10ml bottle contains 2000mg of CBD and delivers 250 drops, each one containing 8mg. I always use 40mg of CBD per day to give a fair comparison between products. With this oil, I chose to take three drops (24mg) under my tongue as soon as I got up in the morning and another two drops (16mg) before I went to bed in the evening for two weeks. I didn’t use the whole bottle, but at this rate, it will last an impressive 50 days.

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Hemp Point CBD Oil in Brief

  • The oil has a strong herbal flavour with an intensely bitter aftertaste.
  • It reduced my anxiety and improved my sleep.
  • The bottle has a bulb-tipped dropper but no child-safe cap.
  • The lab results can be accessed via a QR code.
  • The lab results showed slightly more than the amount advertised on the bottle.
Hemp Point CBD Oil Specifications
Bottle size: 10ml
Strength: 20%
Total CBD: 2000mg
CBD per drop: 8mg
Mg per ml: 200mg
Extract type: Full-spectrum
Extraction method: Water
Hemp grown in: Europe
Organic: Extracted from organically grown hemp
Third-party lab tested: Yes
Dietary: Vegan

Who is Hemp Point?

Hemp Point began as a German brand and has now opened a new office in Cumbria to bring their full-spectrum, organically grown CBD products to the UK. Their products are made in Germany from the best European hemp available in each season.

On their website, you’ll find lots of in-depth details about all of their products, including ingredients, suggested uses and a handy dosage calculator. If that doesn’t give you everything you need to know they also send an excellent handbook out with every product that explains more about the endocannabinoid system and the entourage effect.

What makes Hemp Point products stand out is their water extraction method. This is a gentle process that preserves the cannabinoids, nutrients and antioxidants without the need for solvents. The resulting product then undergoes several rounds of in-house testing before a sample from every batch is sent to the Institute for Hemp Analysis in Vienna for third-party testing.

Hemp Point also offers several other products, including water-soluble CBD, CBG oils, capsules, topicals and hemp superfoods. They’ve not yet built up many UK customer reviews but you can see a few on Google and Trustpilot. So far, there are several five-star ratings and lots of mentions of the great service and fast delivery.

They can be contacted via:

  • Phone: 01539 456535
  • Email: support@hemppointcbd.co.uk

3rd Party Lab TestsHemp Point 2,000mg CBD oil lab results

Third-party lab results for this oil are available via the main navigation menu on the Hemp Point website or by scanning the QR code on the box. On the main lab result page, there is currently only one set of lab results per product but it’s clear that when new batches are produced the new labs will also be accessible by QR code.

The batch number for my bottle is HS2021. The certificate is straightforward and shows it was tested for 12 cannabinoids. There is also a terpene profile available on a separate certificate. This is a useful touch and verifies the presence of at least five terpenes.

Results show the presence of seven cannabinoids means that I can verify that it’s been made with a full-spectrum extract.

Hemp Point CBD oil scored 9 out of 10 because the lab results verify the claim of ‘full-spectrum and show that the oil contains slightly more than the advertised 20% CBD. I  was also impressed to see the addition of the detailed terpene profile. The only reason I didn’t award the full 10 was that at the moment there is no certificate showing a screening of contaminants.

Note, when we spoke to Hemp Point we were told that contaminant screening is carried out but they are not yet able to display the results until they have been translated. 

Ease of UseHemp Point CBD Oil Bottle and Dropper Showing Oil Colour

The brown glass bottle comes with a bulb-tipped dropper but has no child-safe cap. It’s relatively easy to use but could be made simpler with a scale on the dropper to assist with measuring out each serving. There are lots of useful instructions and guidance but I’d recommend locating them on the website rather than the bottle as the lettering on the label is pretty small and difficult to read. Some of this information can also be found in the booklet provided with the bottle. Vitality CBD oil is a great example of an oil with a child-safe lid and a dropper with a handy scale.

Hemp Point CBD Oil Taste 

This is a strong-tasting oil with a fresh hemp-like taste with a hint of fruitiness. Unfortunately, it quickly takes on a sharp bitterness which some people may find off-putting.

Potency/ Effectiveness 

The effects of this oil were slow to arrive but relatively potent. After about half an hour I experienced a mild sensation of relaxation. Once I’d been using it for three days I also noticed that I was falling asleep faster in the evening and feeling more refreshed in the morning. It didn’t seem to have any effect on my regular tension headaches but for an hour or two after my morning serving, I noticed decreased symptoms of anxiety.

Value for Money 

A 10ml bottle of oil containing 2000mg CBD costs £79.90. This works out at about 4p per mg of CBD, which makes it considerably cheaper than premium brands like Bud & Tender (7p per mg) and CannaWell (7.5p per mg) but still more expensive than budget options like Access CBD (1.4p per mg) and Vitality CBD (1.7p per mg) which are both broad-spectrum products.

Would I Buy Again?

Yes, I would buy this oil again. The lab results showed an impressive range of cannabinoids and I noticed some useful effects. Ideally, I’d like to see a child-safe cap and an easy-to-read scale on the dropper, but these are points I’d happily overlook at such a reasonable price.

Note, we spoke to Hemp Point CBD and they informed us the next batch has child-safe lids and these will be introduced to the public soon.

Whilst this oil was certainly good, it didn’t quite score high enough to be included in our best UK CBD oils article. As Hemp Point CBD oil only uses organic hemp, it cannot be included in our best organic CBD oil reviews.

If what you seek is a high-strength oil, at 20% it doesn’t quite meet our threshold of 25% to be included in our list of the strongest CBD oils available in the UK.

Hemp Point CBD Oil Final Scores

Hemp Point CBD Logo
Hemp Point 20% CBD Oil Review
Hemp Point full-spectrum CBD oil contains seven detectable cannabinoids, additional terpenes and organic hemp seed oil. It’s got a pleasant flavour that’s slightly let down by a sharply bitter aftertaste. The third-party lab results can be accessed via a QR code and verify the CBD content. After just a few days of taking it, I experienced better sleep, improved anxiety symptoms and sensations of relaxation.
Third-party lab results
Ease of use
Value for money
I found it improved my sleep and reduced my anxiety.
The water extraction method has been designed to maintain more cannabinoids and nutrients in the oil.
There are lab results available for each batch.
The lab results can be accessed via the QR code on the box.
The cannabinoids are extracted from organically grown hemp.
A terpene profile is included with the lab results.
The bottle doesn’t have a child-safe cap
The third-party lab results don’t include a contaminant screening.
Some people might not like the bitter aftertaste.
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