Eir Health CBD Oil No 30 Review

Eir Health CBD Oil Review

CBD brands often struggle to stand out. Newcomers seem to just repeat claims that have been made hundreds of times before. However, every now and then one takes things in a new and refreshing direction. The premium range from Eir Health does just that.

The Eir Health No. 30 CBD oil is their strongest oil containing 3000mg of cannabidiol in 30ml. It took me a little while to realise that it is a 10% oil not 30% because of the use of ‘30’ in the product name. However, the bottle contains just as much CBD as 10ml of a 30% oil, so it made no difference in the long run.

The packaging and bottles are finished in matt black and muted shades of brown and green. They almost effortlessly reach the point between comfortingly classic and refreshingly modern. While they have a minimalist appearance the label still manages to fit in all the information you need.

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Who is Eir Health?

Named for the Norse goddess of healing, Eir Health was founded in 2018 with the aim to compassionately deliver holistic health products. Their oils contain cannabinoids that have been extracted from European hemp, using supercritical CO2.

When I had a good look around the website, I found lots of accessible information about every aspect of the oil. This is a company that values their customers and puts all the information into the public domain and make it accessible too.

My only concern was that there were several very specific health claims. Here in the UK market, CBD can only be sold as a food supplement. It also clashed with their own disclaimer which states ‘This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.’

Third-Party Lab Tests

While there are still a few things to iron out, Eir Health will change the landscape of the UK CBD market. They have set new standards and shown what can be done when it comes to making a top-quality oil.

What particularly stood out was the clarity of the lab results. The certificates of analysis are easily accessible on their website, are comprehensive and user friendly. Every bit of information you could possibly want is available for you to look at. The only downside is that there are only two examples available for each product, although those do include the current batch and one previous.

The lab results provide a detailed cannabinoid profile and check for any contamination of heavy metals, pesticides, solvents and microbes. This comprehensive analysis shows that the oil is full-spectrum and contains an impressive range of cannabinoids including THC, CBD, CBDV, CBG, CBC and CBN. It showed that any minute traces of contaminants were also within safe levels.

However, they also highlighted a couple of areas for improvement. While the THC levels are within the 0.2% permitted in the EU, the bottle itself contains nearly 27mg. In the UK, there is an upper limit of 1mg per container.

The second area that stood out was the total amount of CBD. The analysis shows that it contains 2750mg total CBD, slightly less than the 3000mg shown on the label. Because this is a difference of 250mg, it would be responsible to direct customers to these certificates before making a purchase.

Ease of Use

Both the bottle and box are clearly labelled with essential information. The ingredients are listed and there are clear instructions to help you choose the amount you want to take.

The dropper has a tapered tip, so you need to get it from the bottle to your mouth quickly to prevent leaks. The easy to read scale on the side of the dropper makes measuring out how much you need even easier.

Eir Health CBD Taste

This is a dark green oil that looks like it contains lots of natural plant substances. The flavour is intensely bitter, so this is one to place under your tongue and then wash it down with something tasty. It tastes mildly grassy but the overriding feature is the bitterness that is so strong it’s almost sharp.

While it is incredibly unpleasant it’s one of those flavours that tells you it’s probably doing you good. I also found that when you hold it under your tongue, as long as you tilt your head gently back, you get very little of the taste. The hemp extract is in an MCT carrier oil, but this does nothing the calm the flavour.

Potency/ Effectiveness

I took 1ml of Eir Health’s No. 30 oil containing 100mg of CBD every day for two weeks and felt the benefit. There is no high or odd sensation, but I slept well and felt relaxed. My regular tension headaches were completely absent throughout the time that I took it. It definitely had the impact of a potent oil that I expected it to.

Eir Health CBD Oil Value for Money

Eir Health CBD Oil Range

The price of a 30ml bottle containing 3000mg of CBD is 145 Euros which (as of publication) works out at about £130. This is great value, many oils which contain 3000mg can easily cost £200 and some even more.

Everything about this oil says ‘premium’, from the packaging and the flavour to the supporting lab tests. At this price, it is an absolute bargain and worth trying straight away. This is an excellent oil with quality ingredients and a flavour that shouts potency. It is significantly cheaper than its competitors yet in most cases beats them in overall quality.

You get a lot for your money too. A full 1ml dropper delivers a 100mg serving of CBD and the bottle contains 30 servings. That is a months’ worth of 100mg per day. If you want to use smaller daily amounts it could last for several months.

Would I Buy Again?

This is an excellent oil; I would have no hesitation in describing it as a premium product yet it has the best price I’ve seen so far. There are some areas that need sorting out regarding the amounts of CBD and THC shown on the lab tests, but this is shown publicly which gives me confidence that it will be dealt with.

It’s clear to see that this is a genuine, high-quality full-spectrum oil with lots going for it. With a few tweaks, I think it could well become a brand recognised throughout the UK as a benchmark for quality and retailer transparency.

As a result, it scores highly enough to be included in our best UK CBD oils article where the bar is set very high. As Eir Health only uses organic hemp, it cannot be included in our best organic CBD oil reviews.

If what you seek is a high-strength oil, at 10% it is a long way off the threshold of 25% to be included in our list of the strongest CBD oils available in the UK.

Eir Health CBD Oil Final Scores

Eir Health CBD Oil No 30 Review
Eir Health CBD No 30
A potent 3000mg premium oil with an intense flavour, at an excellent price. It’s a full-spectrum oil with extensive third-party lab tests available. Currently the CBD levels don’t quite match the label but the lab results make this clear.
Third-party lab tests
Ease of use
Potency/ effectiveness
Value for money
Comprehensive easy to understand lab certificates
Price represents excellent value
Stylish Packaging
MCT Carrier Oil
Organically farmed
Supercritical CO2 extraction
Lab certificate shows less than 3000mg of CBD
High levels of THC compared to UK regulations
15% Eir Health Coupon: HERBREVIEWS