Endoca 15mg CBD Gum Review

Endoca CBD Chewing Gum Review

CBD chewing gum is a genuinely unique method of CBD delivery. It’s versatile and discreet, but there are very few brands who supply it. I was keen to give Endoca’s gum a try.

The gum comes in a box of ten pieces, each holding 15mg of CBD. Endoca have done an excellent job with the packaging design; it’s simple and effective. Inside, each piece of gum is individually wrapped in wax paper, giving the impression that you get your gum from a boutique confectioner.

Endoca’s 15mg CBD gum contains only natural, organically certified ingredients and is entirely biodegradable. The gum base is provided by chicle and sweetness is added from xylitol harvested from birch trees. They contain natural mint flavours and have a soft texture that is different from standard gums.

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Who are Endoca?

Founded by Henry Vincenty, Endoca is a Danish brand who send their products all over the world. When travelling around Africa, supporting a mobile AIDs clinic, Henry realised the benefit of natural remedies. He was fascinated by the potential of CBD and returned home to Denmark to start his own company.

Now, Endoca grows over 2,000 acres of hemp and manufactures its products in a factory that complies with pharmaceutical standards. They aim to create hemp products of the highest safety and quality standards.

To do this, they have put a large amount of their money to develop their analysis and quality assurance procedures. Endoca use third-party lab testing and conduct detailed screening of over 200 pesticides, heavy metals and mycotoxins. Consequently, they have an excellent reputation with their customers and are known globally as a leading CBD brand.

Third-Party Lab Tests

The Endoca lab certificates were tricky to find because they are kept in the ‘support’ drop-down menu under ‘Endoca Quality Report’. Once I’d located them, I was impressed; they have a database where you can search through all their backdated certificates for any product. Unfortunately, they didn’t display the certificate that related to the specific batch that I had, but I was able to view several for previous batches of gum.

The certificates themselves are among the most detailed I’ve seen. They include a full cannabinoid and terpene profile alongside the results of screening for toxins. The only drawback is that it is hard to tell if the results verify the amount of CBD advertised on the packet. The certificates show:

  • CBD=1.25%
  • CBDA= ND (Not detected)
  • CBDV= ND
  • CBG= 0.04%
  • THCV= ND
  • CBN= ND
  • D9THC= ND
  • THCA= ND

The terpene profile showed that several terpenes, including caryophyllene, myrcene and pinene, are present in amounts less than 0.01%. The results of the toxin screening showed that there were no residues of heavy metals, flammable compounds or chemicals.

These are an excellent set of labs and with lots of details. However, I felt that they need a little more explanation and interpretation to be as useful as intended. It would also be helpful to know what the lower limit of detection is. This would help to verify that the packet met the UK’s legal requirement for less than 1mg of THC per container.

Ease of Use

Chewing gum is fairly self-explanatory, so it is understandable that there are no directions for use on the box. When I used the gum, I felt like I would’ve liked a bit more guidance on how to get the most out of each piece.

As I was chewing, I felt like I wanted to make sure I got all the CBD from each piece so a note saying how long it takes for a piece to release all of the CBD would be useful. Despite these concerns, I found them perfect for carrying in a pocket ready for use at any time.

Endoca CBD Gum TasteEndoca CBD Gum Unwrapped

Endoca’s gum smell nicely minty with no scent of hemp. When I started chewing, I found that the texture felt similar to other classic gums like Wrigley’s, but in just a few chews, it lost its bounce and became softer and stickier.

The flavour was odd, there was a definite mint taste, but it didn’t appear to be coming out of the gum; it just felt like there was a mild flavour in my mouth. Usually, when chewing gum, the incentive to chew comes from the flavour released with each bite down. With this gum, chewing didn’t appear to release any more flavour, and the mintiness disappeared quickly.

On a positive note, there was no hemp taste at all so if you’re not keen on the bitter taste of some CBD oils, this is a great product to try. After about 2 minutes of chewing, I was left with an almost tasteless gum that quickly lost its structure. It began to stick to my teeth and became hard work to chew.

I had intended to keep going to get the most from the CBD gum, but the glue-like texture was so unpleasant I quickly spat it out. I persevered and finished the packet over a few days, but each time I only managed to get about 2 minutes of use out of each piece.

CBD Gum Potency/ Effectiveness

Despite having a potent 15mg of CBD per piece, I didn’t feel any effect. Because I only chewed them for a short time, I was unsure if I was getting the full dose. With this amount of CBD, usually, I would expect to notice a small sensation or calming effect, but none came.

Once I’d used a few, I began to chew them after drinking a cup of hemp tea to create a combined effect. This worked well and indicated to me that the best use for CBD gum is when alongside other products.

Endoca Gum Value for Money

At £12 for a pack of ten, each piece of gum costs £1.20, and 1mg of CBD costs 8p. In terms of the amount of CBD you get for your money, this is great value, but its minimal effect meant that I was less impressed.

I expected to like this product, but because they don’t work well as a gum, they are just a complicated way to take CBD. In the future I will stick to oil or capsules, with them you have a clearer idea of how much CBD you have taken. With the gum, I was never sure whether I’d given enough time to use the full amount. If a CBD gum is still your preferred choice, Endoca is still the number one pick for the best CBD gums available in the UK.

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Endoca 15mg CBD Gum Final Scores

Endoca Logo
Endoca 15mg CBD Gum
Endoca's CBD gum provides a novel way to take CBD, but they are best as a one-off rather than as a regular consumption method. There is no taste of hemp but the mild peppermint flavour disappears quickly. If you are a fan of chewing gum, this one isn't going to satisfy. Better to get a pack of spearmint gum and some CBD oil.
Ease of use
Potency/ effectiveness
Value for money
Third-party lab tests
A discreet way to take CBD
Detailed lab results
No bitter hemp flavour
Easy to use on the go or in a hurry
15mg of CBD per piece
1mg CBD costs 8p
The gum loses consistency after 2 minutes
The mint flavour is too mild
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