Nordic Oil CBD Chewing Gum Review

Nordic Oil 5mg CBD Gum Review

CBD chewing gum is notoriously difficult to get right. In fact, there are very few brands who still offer a CBD gum. This is likely because the idea of a gum that slowly releases CBD into your mouth is excellent, but the reality is often a tasteless, sticky mess. Consequently, I didn’t have high hopes when I tried Nordic Oil CBD Chewing Gum. However, I was in for a treat; this is a brand that’s actually got it right.

The gum comes in a box of 24 pieces, presented in two foil blister packs. Each piece is made with full-spectrum hemp extract and is suitable for vegans. They’re sugar-free and look remarkably like any other white, tab gum. Nordic Oil has used mint and eucalyptus for flavour and xylitol to add sweetness. The chewy texture is provided by a blend of chicle rubber and arabic gum. They also include glycerol and magnesium stearate to hold in the taste and retain moisture.

To get a fair comparison to other products, I always take a daily amount of 40mg of CBD divided into two daily amounts. For the gum, this meant that I chewed four pieces during the morning and four throughout the evening. Unfortunately, this only gave me a supply of three days, but it still gave me a clear idea of how their effects stack up against other CBD items.

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Who are Nordic Oil?

Started by brothers Dannie and Christian, Nordic Oil began as a small company in Denmark. It’s now gone multinational with offices in Germany, the Netherlands and New York. They send their products to customers worldwide, but mainly to Europe and the US.

They started out offering a small number of oils, but now have an impressive range that really gets the best from the hemp plant. Nordic Oil only uses fair-trade hemp from European farms. To extract the cannabinoids, they use CO2 to separate the active ingredients.

To take their products a step further, they’ve used the latest research to look for substances that pair well with CBD to create an extra range of benefits suitable for different situations.

3rd Party Lab Tests

If you scroll down the product page, you’ll find the lab results under the ‘certified excellence’ section. When you get there, you’ll see that there’s one example certificate available.

It shows an analysis of seven cannabinoids, one terpene and a screening for contaminants. It’s not as detailed as those provided by Endoca, but it’s good to find more than just a cannabinoid profile.

The analysis found 4.3mg of CBD per piece of gum, which is less than the advertised 5mg. There was also a trace of cannabichromene (CBC) but no THC was found.

Usually, I would expect to see traces of at least three or four cannabinoids in a full-spectrum product like this. These lab results don’t confirm that it is full-spectrum, but sometimes the amount of the other cannabinoids is so small that they’re not picked up in the analysis.

The full results were:

  • CBD = 4.3mg (per unit)
  • CBDa < 0.01%
  • THC < 0.05%
  • CBDV < 0.01%
  • CBG < 0.01%
  • CBN < 0.01%
  • CBC = 01%

It also showed:

  • Beta-caryophyllene = 0.03%

The screening for contaminants demonstrated that it complied with the necessary safety requirements.

Ease of UseNordic Oil CBD Gum

Chewing gum has got to be the most discreet and simple way to take CBD. You just pop a piece in your mouth and people will assume it’s only standard gum. The blister packs can be taken out of the box and fit easily into a pocket.

Once you start chewing, CBD is released into your mouth and mixes with your saliva. From there it is absorbed and passes across the membrane in the bottom of your mouth into your sublingual blood vessels. This means that it should be faster acting than CBD that is immediately swallowed.

Nordic Oil CBD Gum Taste

The taste is similar to any other mint gum I’ve tried. The blend of eucalyptus with the mint makes it pleasantly menthol and it’s just the right level of sweetness. I couldn’t detect any hemp taste at all, which is incredible as it’s often hard to mask in products like this.

I also enjoyed the texture which has been a significant issue with previous CBD gums I’ve tried. In the past, they’ve been soft and gluey with not enough ‘chew’ to them. But this one has enough resistance on your teeth and the texture remains as you use it.

The only issue I had was that the flavour lasts for less than three minutes. That’s a lot faster than standard gums and it left me unsure as to whether I had used up all the CBD or if I should keep chewing. In the end, I settled for aiming to chew for about five minutes to make sure I’d got all of the active ingredient before spitting it out.

Potency/ Effectiveness

I chewed eight pieces of gum per day and found them to be incredibly calming. I never noticed the effect starting, but I soon realised that I was significantly more relaxed after having taken a piece. I didn’t see any improvements in sleep or a reduction in pain from my regular tension headaches, but I found them just the thing to help me remain chilled and even to relieve anxiety. This is what makes them particularly useful because if you’re in a situation that might make you anxious, you can quickly put some gum in your mouth.

Value for Money

For £8 you get 24 pieces of gum in a packet each holding 5mg of CBD, which gives you a total of 120mg. That works out as 33p per piece and about 7p per mg of CBD. This is excellent value when you consider how easy they are to use, the superb flavour and their potent anxiety-relieving effect. Although I’d prefer it if the flavour lasted longer, they’re miles better than any other CBD gum I’ve tried.

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Nordic Oil CBD Gum Scores

Nordic Oil Logo
Nordic Oil 5mg CBD Gum
Finally, a CBD gum that’s worth the money! Nordic Oil chewing gum contains 5mg of CBD which it releases gradually as you chew. The texture and mint/eucalyptus flavour is similar to that of standard gum and makes it a delightful way to take CBD. I found it to produce a strong relaxing effect and they’re well suited to chewing when you feel the need a moment. They’re made with European hemp, are sugar-free and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
Third-party lab results
Ease of use
Value for money
Made with a full-spectrum extract
They have an excellent mint and eucalyptus flavour with no hint of hemp
They’re designed to release the CBD into your mouth as you chew.
For me, they produced a calming effect
Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
The flavour goes within 3 minutes.
Effects are not as strong as if using an oil
10% Nordic Oil Coupon: HERB10