CBDistillery CBD Capsules Review

CBDistillery CBD Capsules Review

CBDistillery refers to its online storefront as ‘a one-stop-shop for all your CBD needs’. They offer a range of products; some made with CBD isolate, others with a broad-spectrum hemp extract. I’ve just finished a bottle of their 25mg Isolate CBD Softgels.

In one bottle you get 30 capsules, which provide a total of 750mg of CBD. The capsules contain CBD isolate suspended in a fractionated coconut oil carrier. The soft gel shell is gelatin-free, suitable for vegans and made from glycerin, carrageenan (seaweed extract) and modified food starch. Caramel has also been added to give them a dark colour.

The recommended use is one 25mg capsule per day. With all CBD products, I aim to get as close as possible to a daily measure of 40mg, so it’s easier to compare their effects. The closest I could get with these was to take two per day, one in the morning and one just before bed, to give me a total of 50mg.

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Who is CBDistillery?

CBDistillery is a US brand based in Colorado. The company was founded in 2016 by a small group of Colorado natives with an enthusiasm for CBD. Their hemp is grown using natural methods on US farms and then taken to their facility in Sheridan for extraction.

The CBDistillery manufacturing premises were recently added to the Good Manufacturing Practice register, which means that it’s achieved rigorous safety and cleanliness standards. CBDistillery is certified by the US Hemp Authority and has been audited to ensure that its records and practices meet stringent standards.

Impressively, they’ve also achieved accreditation from Generally Recognised As Safe (GRA). To reach this standard, they have to submit detailed information about their ingredients and extraction methods. They’re so confident in the quality of their capsules that they offer a 60-day moneyback guarantee.

As well as these CBD capsules you can also find a number of other products available including CBDistillery gummies and CBDistillery CBD oil, most of which we have reviewed if you would like to find out more.

3rd Party Lab Tests

Initially, the third-party lab results were tricky to find. However, after a while, I spotted a link labelled ‘Lab Testing’ in the website footer. This takes you to a page where you can search for the relevant certificates using your product’s batch number (mine was 4202890).

Alternatively, you can scan the QR code on the packaging and it should take you straight to the right certificate. Once I’d found them, I was impressed by the comprehensive detail. They include a profile of eleven cannabinoids and screening for heavy metals, mycotoxins, pesticides, solvents, pathogens and microbes.

The only cannabinoids detected in the analysis were 54mg/g of CBD and 0.176mg/g of CBDV. Because a percentage and a measurement unit of mg/g were used, it was tricky to tell if the data verified the claim of 25mg per capsule. Although I could possibly use information from elsewhere on the page to calculate this, it would be helpful if it was presented in a way that could be immediately understood.

The full results showed:

  • CBC < 001%
  • CBD = 5.4%
  • CBDa < 0.001%
  • CBDV = 0.018%
  • CBG < 0.001%
  • CBGa < 0.001%
  • CBN < 0.001%
  • THCa < 0.001%
  • Δ8-THC < 0.001%
  • Δ9-THC < 0.001%
  • THCV < 0.001%

The contaminant screening showed that all possible substances were either not detected or below the quantifiable level. This means that everything falls within safe levels and there were no concerns.

Ease of UseCBDistillery Capsules

The soft gels are easy to use and come in a small plastic bottle.  The bottle is ideally sized to take with you in a pocket or small bag. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a child-safe lid, but it still closes relatively securely. The capsules are about 1.3cm long and can be swallowed with a small amount of water, or you can chew them open to let the oil sit under your tongue.


On the few times I swallowed the capsules with a sip of water, they were almost entirely tasteless. However, if you bite them open, they have a sweet buttery taste with only a very mild hint of any hempy bitterness. Taken this way the caramel in the soft gel shell pairs perfectly with the fractionated coconut oil inside and makes them particularly pleasant.

CBDistillery CBD Capsules Potency/ Effectiveness

During the two weeks that I was taking these capsules, I noticed very few effects. They didn’t reduce my tension headaches or have any impact on the quality of my sleep. The only result was that I experienced a slight reduction in my anxiety symptoms after a few days. While this could be attributed to something else, it felt as if the improvement coincided with my use of the capsules.

Value for Money

One bottle of 30 capsules holds a total of 750mg of CBD and costs £55. However, CBDistillery regularly offers discounts and they’re often available at a reduced price of £45. That works out as £1.83 per capsule and 7p per mg of CBD when they’re at full price. On sale, they cost £1.50 for each capsule and 6p per mg of CBD. This makes them slightly cheaper than Blessed CBD capsules and CannabiGold 10mg CBD capsules.

CBD products made with isolate are generally more affordable, and while these aren’t the cheapest capsules you can get, I think they’re priced about right. They’ve been made to a high standard, have a detailed set of lab tests, taste pleasant and are particularly convenient to take with you on the go. The only disappointment is that I didn’t find them to be as effective as I’d hoped. With that in mind, I would choose Medterra CBD capsules if you are looking for an isolate-based CBD capsule.

Would I Buy Again?

No, I wouldn’t buy CBDistillery capsules again. Whilst the capsules were pretty effective I think the price is a little high for those made using an isolate and Medterra capsules performed much better. If you want to know which capsules we recommend, check out our best CBD capsules review article and see which have performed best in our testing.

CBDistillery CBD Capsules Final Scores

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CBDistillery 25mg CBD Capsules Review
These softgel capsules are suitable for vegans and contain CBD isolate suspended in fractionated coconut oil. Each one provides 25mg CBD and can be swallowed with water or chewed and absorbed under your tongue. I found them convenient to use, but I only experienced mild anxiety relief and no other results. The third-party lab results show that they’re free of contaminants and the only detectable cannabinoid is CBD and a trace of CBDV.
Third-party lab results
Ease of use
Potency/ effectiveness
Value for money
Fractionated coconut carrier oil for better absorption
They’re suitable for vegetarians and vegans
The capsules have a mild sweet flavour
The third-party lab results are available for every batch
They’re made with CBD isolate
The bottle doesn’t have a child-safe cap
Similar priced products were more effective
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