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Hempura CBD e-liquid Review

For the last week, I’ve been using a 250mg CBD, citrus e-liquid from Hempura which they kindly provided for free. They agreed to send it on the 24th of August 2021, dispatched it the same day and it reached my doorstep on the 26th. The bottle was secured in a small presentation box which was inside a larger cardboard box and cushioned with recyclable packing material.

I don’t like Hempura’s packaging style; it’s relatively well presented but it’s dated and reminds me of my Nan’s cushions. The label on the bottle includes some key details such as the ingredients and how much CBD it contains per drop. On the box, there are more details including the web address to find the lab certificates and some useful recommendations.

The bottle holds 10ml of e-liquid and the label states that it is a ‘250mg [2.5% strength] broad-spectrum [THC-free] refined vape liquid, manufactured from a whole plant cannabis Sativa hemp extract’. The extract is suspended in a 60%/40% blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. Additional hemp terpenes have been included to provide extra benefits and to give the vapour a natural citrus flavour. As well as the one I’ve got, this e-liquid comes in two other strengths; 100mg (1% CBD) and 500mg (5%).

One 10ml bottle will fill a 2ml tank five times to provide 50mg of CBD with each refill. I usually try to use 40mg of CBD per day to make an even comparison across products and brands. With this liquid, I aimed to use about four-fifths of a tank per day. At this rate, I used 40mg CBD per day for about six days.

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Hempura CBD e-liquid in BriefHempura CBD E-Liquid Dropper

  • It has a mild citrus taste that I enjoyed.
  • It reduced my anxiety and took the edge of my tension headaches.
  • The bottle is secure, easy to use and comes with a clearly marked pipette.
  • There is a database of third-party lab certificates for every batch of every product.
  • The lab results verified the advertised amount of CBD.
  • The claim of ‘broad-spectrum extract’ could not be verified because CBD was the only cannabinoid detected.

Hempura CBD E-Liquid


Bottle size: 10ml
Strength: 2.5%
Total CBD: 250mg
CBD per drop: 1.25mg
Mg per ml: 25mg
Extract type: Broad-spectrum
Carrier oil: 40% VG & 60% PG
Extraction method: Ethanol
Hemp is grown in: Europe
Organic: Organically grown hemp only
Third-party lab tested: Yes
Dietary: Vegan, gluten-free

Who is Hempura?

Founded in 2017, Hempura is a CBD brand that manufactures their products in the UK. Since they started, they have gained a prominent position in the industry and a  reputation for providing high-quality products.

Their winning formula is to make every part of their process transparent. Instead of making claims about their methods and products, they produce the evidence and let you see for yourself. You can find a comprehensive database of lab certificates and detailed information about the hemp they use, including where they import it from and how they process it.

Hempura is a member of several UK industry organisations including the Cannabis Trades Association and the Vegan Society. By focusing on delivering well-made products to UK customers, they have already made a significant contribution to the quality and reputation of the industry. The hemp they use is grown on EU regulation-compliant European farms, carefully tested then imported to the UK.

Hempura has a good reputation with its customers and has a rating of ‘excellent’ on Trustpilot and Google Reviews. There are lots of mentions of friendly staff, fast delivery and effective products.

They also offer several other products, including oils, edibles, creams, capsules and hemp tea. I’ve also reviewed their 10mg CBD capsules, 5% CBD oil, revitalise CBD cream and raspberry hemp tea.

Contacting Hempura is easy enough and can be done in a number of ways:

3rd Party Lab TestsHempura CBD E-Liquid Independent Lab Report

Hempura’s lab result database can be accessed from the product page or via the main menu. You can enter your batch number to view the documents that relate to your specific batch. Your batch number will be on the back of the presentation box on a small white sticker, mine is 1244124.

When I entered the batch number for my e-liquid, I found a simple certificate showing a cannabinoid profile. The results are straightforward but it would be useful to see more detail; some brands, like Endoca, include screening for contaminants and a profile of terpenes.

The analysis found 269mg of CBD and no other cannabinoids. Because CBD was the only cannabinoid detected I’m unable to verify that it was made with a broad-spectrum extract. Broad-spectrum products contain all the cannabinoids present in the hemp plant except for THC. To verify that this was a broad-spectrum product I would need to see that at least one or two more cannabinoids were detected.

To follow up on this I contacted Hempura and they assured me that this e-liquid is made with a broad-spectrum extract:

“As the levels of cannabinoids other than CBD can be very low in the raw hemp itself, once this is refined […] then diluted […] to produce the final formulations, the concentrations of the smaller levels of cannabinoids then become even smaller – and often register as undetectable at these levels of <0.01%, but are still there at trace levels.”

They then went on to say that moving forward their e-liquids will be made with CBD isolate to ensure that they always comply with new UK regulations and guidance.

The lab results are labelled as coming from British Cannabis. They are a UK company that offers third-party lab analysis and produce a range of white labelled goods.

This e-liquid scored 7 out of 10 because you can access lab results for every batch and the certificate for my bottle verifies the amount of CBD. However, there is no immediately visible evidence that it is a broad-spectrum extract or that it has been tested for heavy metals and pesticide residue. I do accept Hempura’s explanation as to why this is but I think this reasoning should be made clearer to customers at the point of sale.

Ease of UseFilling Vape Tank Hempura CBD Vape Juice

The e-liquid comes in a standard bottle but with no child-safe cap. It’s easy to open, closes firmly and has a precisely measured dropper.

The scale on the side of the dropper is a nice touch that lets you know exactly how much you’re adding to your vape. The tip is tapered and I found it easy to fill a wider vape tank; it’s trickier with a narrow tank but not impossible. If you like a bottle with a narrow tip, you might prefer Harmony CBD vape juice.

Hempura e-Liquid Taste 

I loved the citrus flavour of this e-liquid. However, it’s not a strong citrus-fruit flavour, it’s a hint of citrus made with natural hemp terpenes. You don’t get the intense fruitiness you get from Vitality CBD e-liquids, but it’s still strong enough to enjoy.

The 60:40 ratio of PG to VG results in a gentle catch in the throat which is enough to let you know you’ve inhaled the vapour but not enough to be uncomfortable.

I genuinely enjoyed it but some people may prefer a taste more in line with other fruit-flavoured vape liquids. If you prefer strong fruity flavours, this one’s not for you, if you like herbal tastes created with terpenes, then you’re going to love it.


I occasionally get symptoms of anxiety linked to upcoming events and appointments, particularly if I have to go to a new place with new people. I also experience regular tension headaches two to three times a week. I used this e-liquid throughout the day and reached for it if I noticed any of these symptoms. It was excellent at helping me manage my anxiety and made the tension headaches slightly more bearable but it wasn’t quite potent enough to completely remove my tension headaches.

Value for Money

A 10ml bottle of e-liquid containing 250mg CBD costs £19.99. This works out at about 8p per mg of CBD, which is slightly cheaper than VSAVI which costs 9p per mg and slightly more expensive than Harmony at 7p per mg. However, if you want a real bargain, Vitality CBD and the CBD Asylum e-liquids are priced at 4p per mg.

For me, this e-liquid does offer good value. It provides several useful effects, there is a comprehensive database of third-party lab results and the flavour is enjoyable.

Would I Buy Again?

Yes, I would buy this e-liquid again. I enjoyed the flavour and was pleased with the effects. If you are looking for a CBD e-liquid that is broad-spectrum (THC-free) this is currently my first choice. It appears in our best CBD e-liquids review as the best broad-spectrum option and is currently ranked number 2 overall.

Hempura CBD Vape Juice Final Scores

Hempura Logo
Hempura CBD e-liquid Review
Hempura 250mg CBD e-liquid has a pleasant citrus flavour created from a blend of natural terpenes. The bottle is leakproof and comes with a clearly marked dropper. The liquid is made from a 60:40 blend of PG:VG. It produces smooth vapour with a slight catch to your throat. There is a comprehensive database of third-party lab results that verified the expected amount of CBD. I found it to be effective in reducing my anxiety and making my tension headaches more bearable.
Third-party lab results
Ease of use
Potency/ effectiveness
Value for money
The dropper is clearly marked so it’s easy to measure out a precise amount of e-liquid.
It reduced my anxiety and decreased the intensity of my tension headaches.
There are third-party lab results available for every batch.
Extra terpenes are added to the e-liquid to provide additional benefits and a natural citrus taste.
Hempura states that their e-liquids are made with broad-spectrum extract but the lab results only show CBD.
At 8p per mg it is at the higher end of the price I am willing to pay for an e-liquid.
5% Hempura Coupon: HERBREVIEWS5