Provacan CBD E-Liquid Bottle

Provacan CBD E-liquid Review

Provacan CBD e-liquid is the first unflavoured vape juice I’ve tried. I usually prefer liquids made with extra terpenes or real fruit flavouring so I was interested to see what it would be like.

One bottle of e-liquid was confirmed with Provacan on the 12th of October 2021, it shipped the next day and arrived in the afternoon of the 14th. Each bottle holds 10ml of e-liquid with 600mg (6%) of CBD. The website says that it contains ‘boosted’ cannabinoids and terpenes. It also claims that this is the ‘UK’s only full-spectrum CBD vape juice’.

Provacan doesn’t use additives or preservatives in their e-liquids and the full-spectrum hemp extract is suspended in an 80/20 blend of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). They also stock two other concentrations of unflavoured e-liquid; 300mg (3%) and 30mg(o.3%).

One 10ml bottle fills a 2ml tank five times to each containing 120mg of CBD. I always use 40mg of CBD per day to give a fair comparison. With this e-liquid, I aimed to use about one-third of a tank per day. At 40mg per day, the bottle lasted about two weeks.

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Provacan CBD e-liquid in Brief

  • The vapour has a mild herbal taste to it.
  • It reduced my anxiety and tension headaches.
  • The bottle has a child-safe cap and a narrow tip.
  • There are third-party lab results available for one batch.
  • The lab results showed an amount close to the advertised level of CBD and found five cannabinoids.
Provacan CBD e-Liquid Specifications
Bottle size: 10ml
Strength: 6%
Total CBD: 600mg
CBD per drop: 3mg
Mg per ml: 60mg
Extract type: Full-spectrum
Carrier oil: 20%PG/80%VG
Extraction method: Not stated
Hemp is grown in: Europe
Organic: The extract comes from certified organic plants
Third-party lab tested: Yes
Dietary: Vegan, gluten-free, kosher

Who are Provacan?

Provacan is the name given to the range of CBD products created by cannabis research firm CiiTECH. CiiTECH is registered in the UK and works in close collaboration with Israel’s Hebrew University of Jerusalem which is known globally for its research into cannabinoids.

The Provacan brand name was first used in 2016, and since then CiiTECH has used the latest scientific innovation to create products with high levels of quality, safety and purity.

The hemp used in their products is grown in small, organically certified, European farms. It’s then harvested in small batches and extracted using the latest technology and techniques.

They say that this process allows them to maintain high levels of other cannabinoids and enhance the quality of the final product. To ensure that they consistently meet their own standards, they state that they test each batch in-house before it’s analysed again by a third-party lab.

Provacan also offers several other products, including CBD oil, gummies, capsules and balms. They have a broad base of happy customers and over 80% excellent ratings on Trustpilot. There are lots of mentions of the great customer service and high-quality products. Among the not so positive reviews are a few people saying they’ve not received their orders.

They can be contacted via:

  • Phone: 08006 446665
  • Email:

3rd Party Lab Tests

Provacan 600mg CBD e-liquid lab results

You can find the third-party lab results for the Provacan e-liquid via a tab on the product page. Provacan also encourages customers to contact them if they want more information or a different set of certificates. Currently, there is only one certificate loaded on the 600mg e-liquid page but it matches the batch number on my bottle (EL06021190A). In this situation, it’s difficult to tell if there’s only been one batch of this product or if they only display the lab results for the current batch.

The analysis was conducted by Pharma Hemp Laboratories are a part of the European PharmaHemp CBD company.  The certificate shows a detailed analysis of cannabinoids but there is no screening for contaminants or terpene profile. This is strange because on the product page it says,

“Have a look at our lab sheets and you’ll see down to the microgram what exactly is in our CBD e-Liquid. And just as importantly, you’ll see what’s not in the e-Liquid, as we also test for the presence of things like heavy metals, pesticides, and other unwanted chemicals.”

The results show 5.79% CBD, 0.820% CBDV, 0.101% CBDa, 0.108% CBG and 0.211% THCV. The presence of five cannabinoids in the analysis means that I can verify that it’s likely to have been made with a full-spectrum extract.

This e-liquid scored 7.5 out of 10 because the lab results verify the claim of ‘full-spectrum’ and show that the e-liquid contains approximately the same as the advertised 6% CBD. I didn’t score any higher because the certificate only included a cannabinoid profile and there was no analysis of terpenes or contaminants.

Ease of UseProvacan E-Liquid Dropper Filling Vape

The bottle has a child-safe cap which makes it easy to close tightly. The tapered tip is ideal for filling most tanks but it’s not the slimmest I’ve used. Cibdol, Vsavi and Harmony are the best choices if you have a particularly narrow vape tank.  The instructions on the label aren’t very informative and if you didn’t already know how to use an e-liquid you’d have to look elsewhere for precise details.

Provacan e-Liquid Taste 

As expected, this unflavoured e-liquid only has a mild taste, however, it’s still enjoyable to vape. It produced more vapour than my small pen vape can usually manage and was smooth to inhale. You can tell that there is a slight herbal grassiness to the vapour but it’s barely noticeable. Despite not being the tastiest e-liquid I’ve tried, the texture and lack of a throat hit make for a pleasant experience.

Potency/ Effectiveness 

I noticed quick effects from this e-liquid after just a few minutes of using it. It gave me a sense of mild relaxation. The relaxed state helped with anxiety and it took the edge off my regular tension headaches. The effects were similar to the Hempura e-liquid although slightly faster to take effect.

Value for Money 

A 10ml bottle of e-liquid containing 600mg CBD costs £39.99. This works out at about 6.6p per mg of CBD, which makes it comparatively cheaper than VSAVI at 9p per mg and similar in price to Harmony at 7p per mg. Both the Vitality CBD e-liquid and the CBD Asylum e-liquid are significantly cheaper at 4p per mg and performed slightly better.

This e-liquid will be particularly useful for people who want to mix CBD into another product. I enjoyed the smooth vapour and the very mild taste but they don’t offer as much value as some of the cheaper oils that were more effective.

Would I Buy Again?

I’d like to see a contaminant screening added to the lab results but overall this is an effective e-liquid that I’d happily buy again. If you are looking for a CBD e-liquid that is unflavoured this is currently my first choice. It appears in our best CBD e-liquids review as the best-unflavoured option and is currently ranked number 4 overall.

Provacan CBD E-Liquid Final Scores

Provacan CBD Review
Provacan CBD e-Liquid Review
Provacan’s flavourless 600mg e-liquid contains a full-spectrum extract and is ideal for mixing into other vape juices. It has an 80:20 VG to PG ratio which gives a smooth texture and slightly thicker vapour. The bottle has a child-proof cap and a tapered tip which is easy to use for most vape tanks. The lab results are currently only available for the current batch and can be accessed via the product page. Within a few minutes of taking several puffs, I noticed a gentle sensation of relaxation. It improved my anxiety symptoms and took the edge off my tension headaches.
Third-party lab results
Ease of use
Potency/ effectiveness
Value for money
I found them effective for mild anxiety and for reducing the intensity of tension headaches.
The vapour is slightly thicker than expected and the texture is smooth in the throat.
The bottle tip is tapered and narrow enough for most tanks.
The bottle has a child-safe cap.
It’s certified as kosher.
The cannabinoids are extracted from organically certified hemp.
The website states that a contaminant screening is conducted but the results aren’t included on the certificate.
Some people might not like the lack of flavour.
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