Simply CBD E-Liquid Review

Simply CBD E-Liquid (CBD/CBG) Review

For the last week, I’ve been using a 2% CBD/CBG, tutti frutti flavour e-liquid from Simply CBD. Simply CBD is a UK CBD brand that also supports a run-free dog shelter called K9 Rescue. The CBD company and dog shelter were founded by the same people and their philosophy is “We do not believe that sick people and sick animals should be ripped off”.

The e-liquid arrived in a standard jiffy bag with a couple of other products the day after Herb confirmed the order. Most e-liquids I’ve used recently had a small box or sleeve to protect the bottle and to provide extra information. This one was just the bottle, but it still looked well-presented and there were no scuffs or marks on it.

Surprisingly, there was minimal information on the label and only a brief mention of how to use it. There was no list of ingredients, just a note to say that it’s made with 50/50 vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol. However, if you visit the product page on the Simply CBD website, there are a lot more details available.

The CBD/CBG e-liquid comes in three flavours; Tutti Frutti, Minty Menthol and Cherry Licious. The 10ml bottle contained an 80/20 blend of CBD and CBG isolates (160mg CBD/40mg CBG). CBG is another beneficial cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. Simply CBD claims that the combination of both cannabinoids makes this vape juice more effective.

One 10ml bottle will fill a 2ml tank five times to provide 32mg of CBD and 8mg of CBG with each refill. I usually try to use 40mg of CBD per day to make an even comparison across products and brands. With this liquid, it was easiest to use one 2ml tank per day. At this rate, I used 40mg CBD/CBG per day for five days.

Simply CBD E-Liquid in Brief

  • The flavour is pleasant but too mild for my taste.
  • I didn’t experience any useful effects during the time I used this e-liquid.
  • The bottle tip was slightly too wide to make it easy to fill my narrow vape tank.
  • It’s not as good as the other CBD e-liquids I’ve tried recently.

Simply CBD E-Liquid


Bottle size:




Total CBD:

160mg + 40mg CBG

CBD per drop:

0.4mg + 0.1mg CBG

Mg per ml:

16mg + 4mg of CBG

Extract type:


Carrier oil:

50% VG & 50% PG

Extraction method:

CO2 Supercritical

Hemp is grown in:



Organically-grown hemp only

Third-party lab tested:



Vegan, gluten-free and Halal

Who are Simply CBD?

Shortly after moving to Bulgaria in 2005, Michelle Jones and her husband Brian began finding new homes for sick and injured dogs. When they returned to the Forest of Dean in the UK, they continued and in 2012 founded the registered charity K9 Rescue.

Simply CBD was formed later when they wanted to provide their dogs with safe hemp products. It began as a way to provide it for their own dogs and for those in the care of other charities. Soon, word about the quality of their oils got around and they began taking orders from the public.

Now, they import a selection of high-grade oils and products from the Netherlands. All their varieties are extracted from organic Dutch hemp strains. By refusing to use extras like elaborate packaging or by staffing large offices, they’ve managed to keep costs down and offer all their products at exceptionally low prices.

Simply CBD is well regarded by its customers and has a rating of ‘excellent’ on both Trustpilot and There are lots of mentions of the fast delivery and the effective products.

They also offer several other products, including oils, edibles, balms and capsules. I’ve previously tried their 5% Blue CBD oil, but you can choose from twelve different types with strengths ranging from 2% to 8%, isolate or full-spectrum and they even have one that’s blended with turmeric and black pepper.

Contacting Simply CBD is easy enough and can be done in a number of ways, however, there is no publicly available phone number that I could find:

3rd Party Lab Tests 

Simply CBD E-Liquid Tutti Frutti Lab Report

The third-party lab tests for all three e-liquid flavours are displayed as images on the product page. There was no batch number on my bottle, so I couldn’t verify that the copy on the website related directly to my product.  It’s always preferable to allow customers to look through certificates for each batch so they can be sure that the information is directly relevant to the product purchased.

Simply CBD’s lab analysis is conducted by PhytoVista which is a prominent UK lab known for its work in the industry. The certificate shows an easy-to-read cannabinoid profile, but there is no terpene profile or contaminant screening. The amounts are shown as a percentage of the total weight; 0.4602% CBG, 1.6622% CBD and 0.0057% CBDV. This verifies the values claimed on the label and is the equivalent of 46mg CBG, 166mg CBD and 0.57mg CBDV.

No THC or other cannabinoids were detected, which confirms that they’re made with CBD and CBG isolate. Traces of CBDV are commonly found alongside CBD in isolate-based products; this could be because it has a similar structure and is hard to remove during extraction.

I scored this a 6 out of 10 because whilst the labs are available and show the advertised amount of cannabinoids, they do not include a batch number. Also, there is no publicly available contaminant screening to show the product is safe.

Ease of UseSimply CBD Tutti Frutti E-Liquid being added to a vape pen

The vape juice comes in a standard e-liquid bottle with a child-safe cap. When I tried to open it the first time it was almost impossible to get the top off. I nearly got to the point of giving up but managed in the end. After the first use, it was much easier to remove and reseal.

The bottle has a pointed tip to direct the liquid into your vape tank. It was narrow enough for a larger tank, but mine has a relatively thin opening, so I had to balance it on the rim. If you have a slim tank or hands that shake at inconvenient moments, you might prefer an e-liquid bottle with a sharper tip like those from Harmony CBD.

There were some details provided on the label, but it was so small I found it hard to read. I would like to see more information about the ingredients and directions on how to use them.

Simply CBD E-liquid Taste

The flavour is sweet but very mild and the vapour was smooth with no catch in the throat. It was genuinely pleasant but don’t expect any strong fruity flavours like those of the e-liquids from Vitality CBD. There was no aftertaste of hemp, just a hint of something sweetly floral.

Potency/ Effectiveness

I noticed little to no effect from this e-liquid. It didn’t reduce my anxiety and there were no improvements in my tension headaches or sleep. I did notice a mildly calming sensation almost immediately after inhaling the vapour but no lasting results.

I found the OG Kush vape juice from Harmony to be considerably more effective and is the only e-liquid I’ve tried so far to improve my sleep quality.

Value for Money

A 10ml bottle of e-liquid containing 160mg CBD isolate and 40mg CBG isolate costs £12.99. This works out at about 8p per mg of CBD, which is slightly cheaper than VSAVI costing 9p per mg and slightly more expensive than Harmony at 7p per mg. However, if you want a real bargain, Vitality CBD and the CBD Asylum range of e-liquids are priced at 4p per mg.

This is an isolate product, so I would expect it to be cheaper than this; however, it does contain the additional CBG which balances this out somewhat. The flavour was pleasant, but I prefer something that’s not as mild. The main problem here was that there were no noticeable effects.

All in all, for me, this e-liquid doesn’t offer good value. I found this surprising because I was impressed with Simply CBD’s blue oil and graded it as one of the best value oils I’ve ever tried.

Would I Buy it Again?

No. This product was actually sent as a freebie, which is good because, having tried it, I know I wouldn’t want to use it again. I like something with a more robust flavour and a wider variety of helpful effects. Instead, I’d look for a CBD e-liquid that is superior, those that I think are better can be found in our best CBD e-liquids review.

Simply CBD E-Liquid Final Scores

Simply CBD Review
Simply CBD E-Liquid Review
Simply CBD’s flavoured e-liquid contains 160mg CBD and 40mg CBG in a 50/50 blend of VG/PG. The flavour is pleasant but very mild and I didn’t notice any effects during the five days I used it. The child-safe cap keeps the liquid secure, but the tip of the bottle was slightly too wide to make it easy to fill my vape. Unfortunately, compared to the other excellent CBD e-liquids available in the UK, Simply CBD’s offering just doesn’t quite cut it.
Third-party lab results
Ease of use
Potency/ effectiveness
Value for money
Third-party lab results are available on each product page
The e-liquid contains an 80/20 mix of CBD/CBG
The bottle comes with a child-safe cap
The tutti frutti flavour is pleasant and there’s no hempy aftertaste
The flavoured e-liquids are made with CBD and CBG isolate, so don’t provide additional cannabinoids, terpenes or flavonoids.
I didn’t experience any useful effects
The flavour was too mild for my taste
It was difficult to break the seal on the cap
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