Hempura Hemp Tea Review

Hempura Hemp Tea Bags with Raspberry Review

These tea bags from Hempura are the first I’ve seen to blend hemp with another classic herbal tea flavour. It’s a great concept and works well for those who don’t enjoy the taste of hemp.

The box comes with 20 paper teabags and looks like any other herbal tea, but with a Hempura twist. All their hemp and CBD range boasts of an attractive design of green and gold which would perfectly suit the wallpaper of a stately home.

Labelled as containing vitamin B1 because it ‘helps support a healthy heart’, each tea bag is packed full of beneficial ingredients. Those listed include hemp, dried raspberry, natural raspberry flavouring, vitamin B1 and added terpenes.

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Who is Hempura?

Founded in 2017, Hempura is a CBD brand that manufactures their products in the UK. Since they started, they have gained a prominent position in the industry and a  reputation for providing high-quality products.

Their winning formula is to make every part of their process transparent. Instead of making claims about their methods and products, they produce the evidence and let you see for yourself. You can find a comprehensive database of lab certificates and detailed information about the hemp they use, including where they import it from and how they process it.

Hempura is a member of several UK industry organisations including the Cannabis Trades Association and the Vegan Society. By focusing on delivering well-made products to UK customers, they have already made a significant contribution to the quality and reputation of the industry. The hemp they use is grown on EU regulation-compliant European farms, carefully tested then imported to the UK.

Hempura has a good reputation with its customers and has a rating of ‘excellent’ on Trustpilot and Google Reviews. There are lots of mentions of friendly staff, fast delivery and effective products.

They also offer several other products, including oils, edibles, creams, capsules and e-liquid. I’ve also reviewed their 10mg CBD capsules, 5% CBD oil, revitalise CBD cream and 250mg CBD e-liquid.

Contacting Hempura is easy enough and can be done in a number of ways:

Third-Party Lab Tests

Hempura has a genuinely impressive approach to lab tests. Instead of just posting a couple of example pdf’s on their website, they have created a database where you can access the certificate that directly relates to your batch. Every product comes with an easy to spot white sticker, which displays a batch number and use-by date.

If you are browsing and haven’t yet bought something, they give you an example batch number that accesses one of their certificates. This is a great system, but they would benefit from making the database searchable by-product as well as the batch number. That way, customers could look at a range of certificates for each product and get a detailed view of the standards achieved.

Unfortunately, despite this approach, when I searched for the certificate for this tea, nothing came up. Because the database only searches for batch numbers, I was also unable to see if other batches of the tea had been tested.

However, I could look at the example set of lab results which referred to a 500mg oil to get an idea of the format. They showed a detailed cannabinoid profile and nothing else. It’s always preferable to see more information than this, such as terpene profiles and screening for contaminants.

Later, I heard from Hempura and they told me that they don’t believe that it’s necessary to produce certificates of analysis for their hemp tea:

“Hempura tea is manufactured from hemp and is designed to be enjoyed as a herbal tea.  Lab reports are unnecessary for Hempura tea as they contain only trace levels of CBD, and are not designed for the delivery of CBD into the body.”

Ease of Use

Easy and quick to use, these teabags deliver a tasty cuppa in record time. On the side of the box is a pictorial description of how to make the best brew. It suggests that you brew it for 1 to 2 minutes. This is less time than I would typically brew a herbal tea, but it worked and produced a well-coloured liquid in that time.

Hempura also suggests that you add some honey if you prefer a sweeter cup. I tried both ways, and while, usually, I’m not particularly eager to sweeten herbal tea; it worked well for this one.

Hempura Hemp Tea Taste

Hempura Raspberry Hemp Tea Bag

Herbal teas are always odd when it comes to flavour. You get an incredible fragrance as you steep the tea bag in hot water, but when you taste it, it’s nearly always a letdown. These are no different, the tea gives off a beautiful raspberry scent, but the flavour is much more muted.

Having said that, I did enjoy it, the raspberry flavour worked well with the hemp, and I think it will be more palatable to those who aren’t keen on standard hemp teas. Regarding the flavour; think halfway between the savoury grassy flavour of hemp and the sweet, tangy taste of raspberry tea.

The raspberry doesn’t disguise the hemp it just adds another note to it. I thoroughly enjoy the taste of hemp tea, but if given a choice now, I would probably choose this natural raspberry flavour.

Potency/ Effectiveness

Hemp tea is most beneficial when used alongside a healthy routine that includes other CBD products. It doesn’t often provide enough CBD power to be used on its own. Having said that, I do get a sense of relaxation when drinking hemp tea, and it is now my go-to drink first thing in the morning. I find it delivers the perfect balance of invigoration and calming that eases me gently into the new day.

This raspberry and hemp blend wasn’t quite as powerful, but it still worked well as my morning drink. I also used it a couple of times when I felt a tension headache coming on, and it did give me some relief. If you want a powerful CBD product to use on its own, this isn’t the one you’re looking for. But, if you want something tasty to take alongside some CBD drops then it’s ideal.

Value for Money

For £9.99 you get 20 teabags containing hemp, raspberry and extra terpenes. When it comes to value for money, Hempura is a little vague on some of the details. With hemp products, I like to know exactly what I’m getting for my money. I could find no details as to which part of the hemp plant is used to make this tea or how much each bag contains.

Despite that, the price compares well to other hemp teas. They are slightly cheaper than the tea bags by BioBloom and Biopurus at £11.90 and £12.99 respectively. But, so far Jacob Hooy’s box of 20 for £5.99 is hard to beat.

Would I Buy Again?

Despite the problem with the lack of lab reports, I found the CBD tea bags to be both fairly effective and flavoursome so I’d happily buy them again. They are currently rated as our number five choice for hemp tea bags in our best CBD tea review and if they sort the issues with the lack of lab reports it will begin to climb this list further.

Hempura Tea Final Scores

Hempura Logo
Hempura Hemp Tea Bags
This is a great way to add an extra hempy boost to your morning. The addition of the raspberry and vitamin B1 provides some extra potential benefits to heart health and gently enhances the taste. If you're unimpressed with the flavour of hemp tea, then this is worth a try. I'd like to see the lab certificates and some more details about the hemp, but this is still one of my favourite hemp teas so far.
Third-party lab tests
Ease of use
Potency/ effectiveness
Value for money
Moderately priced 
Natural raspberry flavour
Added terpenes
No bitterness
Extra vitamin B1 to support heart health
No 3rd party lab certificates
No indication if it is made with hemp flower or leaf
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