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Hempura Revitalise CBD Cream Review

Hempura provided this CBD Cream for free so that I could give my honest opinion; they agreed to send it on the 24th of August 2021, dispatched it the same day and it was delivered on the 26th. When it arrived it was securely packaged in a cardboard box and cushioned with recyclable packing material.

Hempura Revitalise CBD cream contains 250mg of CBD in a 50ml jar. It’s well presented and looks considerably more attractive than Hempura’s other packaging. The jar is glass with an attractive bamboo lid which makes it ideal for recycling.

The label is relatively small but Hempura has taken the time to make sure that it’s packed with lots of useful information. There’s a list of ingredients, suggestions for use along with other important details.

The main ingredients in both products are CBD, hemp seed oil, theobrama cacao (cacao tree), Cetearyl olivate and a blend of terpenes. These add texture, provide moisturising qualities and bind the oils together.

The type of extract used in this cream wasn’t clear from the packaging or the website, so I contacted Hempura and they told me that it was CBD isolate:

“The cream you have is manufactured from using hemp-extracted CBD isolate and has had terpenes and other hemp constituents reintroduced that provide benefit, as hemp contains other compounds (particularly the terpenes) that are particularly beneficial.”

The directions suggest you apply the cream to ‘the targeted area and massage well’. I have some red patches and flaky, dry areas on my face, so I decided to apply it twice daily to my forehead and cheeks. The entire area used about two generous scoops with one finger and the jar lasted for seven days.

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Hempura CBD Cream in BriefHempura Revitalise CBD Cream Bamboo Lid

  • It immediately soothed my skin, reduced redness and removed all flakiness.
  • The jar is sturdy and easy to use.
  • It has a sweet eucalyptus fragrance that I found slightly too strong.
  • The lab results confirm the claims on the label and you can search the database to find the results specific to your batch.
Hempura CBD Cream Specifications
Size: 50ml
Total CBD: 250mg
Extract type: Isolate
Extraction method: Ethanol
Hemp is grown in: Europe
Organic: Organically grown hemp only
Third-party lab tested: Yes

The full ingredient list for the balm is:

Water, hemp seed oil, CBD extract, theobroma cacao, Cetearyl olivate, ylang-ylang oil, eucalyptol, limonene, alpha-pinene, beta-caryophyllene, beta-pinene, myrcene, linalool, terpinolene, benzyl alcohol, benzoic acid, sorbic acid. (This is the list supplied on the product label, the list on the website was slightly different and didn’t show the items highlighted in bold.)

Who is Hempura?

Founded in 2017, Hempura is a CBD brand that manufactures their products in the UK. Since they started, they have gained a prominent position in the industry and a  reputation for providing high-quality products.

Their winning formula is to make every part of their process transparent. Instead of making claims about their methods and products, they produce the evidence and let you see for yourself. You can find a comprehensive database of lab certificates and detailed information about the hemp they use, including where they import it from and how they process it.

Hempura is a member of several UK industry organisations including the Cannabis Trades Association and the Vegan Society. By focusing on delivering well-made products to UK customers, they have already made a significant contribution to the quality and reputation of the industry. The hemp they use is grown on EU regulation-compliant European farms, carefully tested then imported to the UK.

Hempura has a good reputation with its customers and has a rating of ‘excellent’ on Trustpilot and Google Reviews. There are lots of mentions of friendly staff, fast delivery and effective products.

They also offer several other products, including oils, edibles, e-liquids, capsules and hemp tea. I’ve previously tried their 250mg e-liquid, 10mg capsules, 5% CBD oil, and the hemp tea with raspberry.

Contacting Hempura is easy enough and can be done in a number of ways:

3rd Party Lab TestsHempura CBD Cream Lab Report

Hempura provides a comprehensive lab certificate database that can be accessed from the product page or via the main menu. You can enter your batch number and it will let you view the documents that relate to your specific batch. You can find your batch number on the base of the jar on a small white sticker, mine is 5044386.

When I entered the batch number for my cream, I found a simple certificate showing a cannabinoid profile. Because CBD was the only cannabinoid detected I can verify that it was made with CBD isolate. 251mg was present which is close to the 250mg amount advertised.

It would be useful to see more detail in the results. Some companies, like Endoca, include screening for contaminants and a profile of terpenes. Because terpenes have been added it would be good to see them verified by the third-party lab.

The certificates are labelled as coming from British Cannabis. They are a UK company that offers third-party lab analysis and produce a range of white labelled goods.

I scored this an 8 out of 10 because you can access lab results for every batch and they verify the correct amount of CBD. I didn’t score it higher because the certificate lacked a few details I would like to see.

Ease of UseHempura CBD Cream

The cream is quite thick but when you smooth it onto your skin it feels light and absorbs quickly. This makes it ideal for any area of your body, including your face.

The jar has a wide lid that makes it easy to get as much out as you need. Although you could fit it in a bag or pocket, the weight of the glass makes it better suited to be left on a bedside table or in a bathroom cabinet.

If you like the way Hempura has presented this cream, you may also like Healthspan’s 180mg balm. It also comes in a glass jar with a bamboo lid.

Hempura Revitalise CBD Cream Fragrance 

There is a strong fragrance that’s a mixture of eucalyptus, hemp with a hint of something sweet. The overall effect is quite medical or similar to something you might smell in a spa. It’s quite pleasant but not ideal, particularly if you’re putting it on your face. However, after a few uses, I found that I got used to it and it faded quite quickly.

If you prefer a CBD balm with a milder, sweeter fragrance you might like Blessed CBD balm.

Potency/ EffectivenessHempura Cream on Hand

I noticed improvements in my skin from the first use. I often get red inflamed patches on my face and dry, scaly areas near my eyebrows and across my forehead. Usually, whatever creams or moisturisers I use only work for a short time before the problem returns. This immediately moistened the dry patches and soothed the redness. Before I reapplied the cream I could see that some of the redness returned but the dry skin appears to be gone for good. Once I’d used the cream for a week the redness was nearly completely gone even about 12 hours after the last application.

I’ve tried hemp creams and balms on my face before but none were as fast-acting or as effective.

Value for Money

One jar of Hempura Revitalise cream contains 250mg of CBD and costs £23.99. That works out at 9.6p per mg of CBD which makes it one of the more expensive topical CBD products I’ve tried. It’s priced similarly to Blessed CBD Balm (9p per mg CBD), slightly more than Love CBD Cannabis-infused Balm (8p per mg CBD) and less than Healthspan CBD Balm (11p per mg CBD).

Because it’s made with CBD isolate I would expect it to be slightly cheaper, however, the extra expense is balanced out by how effective it is.

Would I Buy Again?

Yes, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this cream. It’s well presented, effective on dry skin and you can view lab results for every batch. The only thing I wasn’t too keen on was the fragrance, I’d have preferred something milder and with less eucalyptus, but that wouldn’t stop me from getting a second jar. Currently Hempura CBD cream is number one in our best CBD balm & cream reviews article.

Hempura CBD Cream Final Scores

Hempura Logo
Hempura CBD Cream Review
Hempura Revitalise CBD Cream has a sweet eucalyptus fragrance that was slightly too strong for me. However, it absorbed into my skin easily, soothed red patches of skin on my face and immediately removed any flakiness. The glass jar is attractive and the label is packed with lots of useful information. There is a comprehensive database of third-party lab results but the certificates could be improved if they included a screening for contaminants and a terpene profile.
Third-party lab results
Ease of use
Potency/ effectiveness
Value for money
The jar is sturdy, attractive and recyclable.
It quickly soothed my skin and moistened dry patches.
There are third-party lab results available for every batch.
Extra terpenes are added to the cream.
I found the eucalyptus scent too strong.
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