Provacan CBD Balm Jar

Provacan CBD Balm Review

For the past few weeks, I’ve been using Provacan’s 300mg CBD balm. Two 30ml jars were confirmed on the 12th of October 2021, they shipped the next day and arrived on the afternoon of the 14th.

Each jar contains a blend of hemp extract, terpenes, hemp seed oil, beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter and grapeseed oil. The ingredients were selected to hydrate the skin and keep it looking healthy. The hemp extract comes from organically certified hemp plants farmed in the EU. Provacan also stocks this balm in a 900mg version and they have several other topical CBD products, including massage oil, moisturiser, eye cream and blemish control gel.

The directions suggest you ‘apply a small amount of balm and massage into the skin where needed’. I have some dry patches on my hands and some red areas around my eyebrows. I chose to apply it twice daily to my forehead, cheeks and hands. To cover all these places I needed about four pea-sized blobs scooped out with my index finger. I have two jars but one was more than enough to last for more than two weeks.

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Provacan CBD Balm in Brief

  • The balm has a nutty hemp smell.
  • The texture is quite greasy and it doesn’t rub in completely.
  • It effectively soothed the dry patches on my hands and removed the flakes around my eyebrows.
  • There are third-party lab results available for one batch.
  • The lab results presented the CBD amount in an unclear way making it hard to verify the contents.
Provacan CBD Balm Specifications
Jar size: 30ml
Strength: 1%
Total CBD: 300mg
Mg per ml: 10mg
Extract type: Not stated
Extraction method: Not stated
Hemp is grown in: Europe
Organic: The extract comes from certified organic plants
Third-party lab tested: Yes

Who are Provacan?

Provacan is the name given to the range of CBD products created by cannabis research firm CiiTECH. CiiTECH is registered in the UK and works in close collaboration with Israel’s Hebrew University of Jerusalem which is known globally for its research into cannabinoids.

The Provacan brand name was first used in 2016, since then CiiTECH has used the latest scientific innovation to create products with high levels of quality, safety and purity.

The hemp used in their products is grown in small, organically certified, European farms. It’s then harvested in small batches and extracted using the latest technology and techniques.

They say that this process allows them to maintain high levels of other cannabinoids and enhance the quality of the final product. To ensure that they consistently meet their own standards, they state that they test each batch in-house before it’s analysed again by a third-party lab.

Provacan also offers several other products, including e-liquidsoils, gummies, capsules and balms. They have a broad base of happy customers and over 80% excellent ratings on Trustpilot. There are lots of mentions of the great customer service and high-quality products. Among the not-so-positive reviews are a few people saying they’ve not received their orders.

They can be contacted via:

  • Phone: 08006 446665
  • Email:

3rd Party Lab Tests 

The third-party lab results are available via a tab on the product page. At the moment there is only one certificate loaded on the 300mg balm page with the batch number BA01019316B. Disappointingly it doesn’t match the number on my balm which is BA01021193C.

The analysis was conducted by Fera Science which is a UK research centre. The certificate shows an analysis of seven cannabinoids but there is no screening for contaminants or terpene profile.

The results show the presence of CBD, CBDa, CBC, CBG, THC and THCa. Unfortunately, the amount of each cannabinoid is presented in a confusing manner. This makes it hard to work out exactly how much of each cannabinoid is present. For example, the concentration of CBD is listed as 3162 mg/kg or 0.3%.

Whichever method I use to calculate these numbers I can’t get them close to the stated 300mg in 30ml. Either way, I was unable to verify that the balm contains the 300mg of CBD stated on the label.

This balm scored 5 out of 10 for this section. It was good to see that the results showed six out of the seven cannabinoids tested for. However, I couldn’t give it a higher score because the only certificate was for an older batch and the results were tricky to interpret.

Ease of UseProvacan CBD Balm Colour on the back of a hand

The small jar is the ideal size to fit in a pocket all the glass makes it relatively heavy. When you unscrew the lid it reveals an opening wide enough to get the balm out with your finger.

The balm itself has a greasy texture, it smooths onto your skin easily but leaves an oily sheen on the surface. It’s ok on your hands but I didn’t enjoy putting it on my face as it left it looking shiny and feeling uncomfortable.

If you want a topical CBD product that absorbs into your skin quickly and can be applied to your face I recommend you try Hempura Revitalise cream.

Provacan Balm Fragrance 

The fragrance of this balm is slightly sweet but the most noticeable smell is of hemp. It’s quite nutty with a hint of grass. Although it’s not unpleasant, it’s quite strong and isn’t something I enjoyed putting on my skin, particularly my face.

Potency/ Effectiveness 

After each use, the dry patches on my hands were less sore and didn’t look as inflamed. I also noticed fewer flakes around my eyebrows. Once I’d observed these effects they didn’t seem to improve any more than that over the two weeks. The dryness on my hands and eyebrows both seemed to reoccur the next day and didn’t show any longer-term or permanent improvements.

Value for Money 

A 30ml jar of balm containing 300mg CBD costs £34.99. This works out at about 11.6p per mg of CBD, which makes it one of the most expensive topicals I’ve tried so far. It’s about the same as Healthspan’s CBD Balm (11p per mg CBD) and a little more than Hempura Revitalise cream (9.6p per mg),  Blessed CBD Balm (9p per mg) and Love CBD Cannabis-infused Balm (8p per mg).

As it stands, I don’t think this balm offers great value for money. It’s more expensive per mg of CBD than other similar products and I couldn’t verify that it contains 300mg of CBD. I also found it too greasy and the smell was too strong. It quickly got to the point when I didn’t want to continue using it.

Would I Buy Again?

No, I wouldn’t buy this balm. Although it had some useful effects they weren’t noticeable enough to make me want to put up with the greasy texture and hempy smell. Head over and read our best CBD balm reviews article, here you will find the CBD Balms and creams we are happy to recommend to our readers.

Provacan CBD Balm Final Scores

Provacan CBD Review
Provacan CBD Balm Review
Provacan CBD Balm has a noticeable smell of hemp and a greasy texture. It hydrated the dry areas on my hands and reduced the dry skin flakes on my face. The small glass jar is easy to carry but the label is a bit too vague when it comes to how best to use the balm. The third-party lab results detected six cannabinoids, but how much was found was presented confusingly.
Third-party lab results
Ease of use
Value for money
The jar is small, sturdy and recyclable.
It contains a blend of natural ingredients including hemp seed oil, cocoa butter and beeswax.
Six cannabinoids were detected by the third-party lab.
Extra terpenes have been added to the balm.
The cannabinoids are extracted from organically certified hemp.
I didn’t enjoy the hemp smell.
The texture is too greasy and leaves your skin feeling slippery.
The third-party lab results are confusing to read.
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