750mg Blessed CBD Balm

Blessed CBD Balm Review

Blessed CBD describes its CBD balm as ‘silky-smooth, topical pain-relief’. It is the only balm they produce and delivers a powerful 750mg of full-spectrum CBD in 50mls.

Made exclusively for the UK, their small range of premium products also includes three strengths of CBD oil. At the heart of each of their products is an organically farmed, whole-plant full-spectrum extract.

The Blessed CBD 750mg cream is well presented in a sturdy, glass jar and wrapped in a smart blue and white label. Its clean lines show an attention to detail that would make it equally as at home in an upmarket boutique as it would be in a high-street, health shop.

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Who is Blessed CBD?

Blessed CBD is a relative newcomer to the UK CBD scene. Despite starting small, they have already made a lasting impression.

Based in Edinburgh, they founded their company to combat the disappointing state of the existing UK CBD industry. They believe that the quality of their products along with clear and accurate information will shake up the market and give UK customers what they deserve.

The Blessed CBD balm contains CBD extracted from hemp grown on pesticide-free farms in Colorado, USA. They use every part of the plant, which is milled to a coarse powder, and then a full range of cannabinoids is extracted with supercritical CO2. This is combined with natural ingredients to produce their delicately fragranced balm.

Their range is pretty small and includes Blessed full-spectrum CBD oil, Blessed broad-spectrum CBD oil, Blessed CBD gummies, Blessed CBD capsules and this Blessed CBD balm, most of which we have reviewed if you would like to find out more.

Third-Party Lab Tests

The lab certificates are available for this balm via the product page. Although currently, there is only one, it has a batch number, so it’s likely that in the future Blessed CBD will publish the results from every batch.

It’s a simple certificate that only shows a cannabinoid profile and has no information about terpenes or contaminants. It shows that CBD is present and that no THC was detected. Unfortunately, they report the amounts in %w/w and mg/g, which doesn’t translate easily to show how many mg are in 50mls. This means that it’s difficult to tell if the analysis verifies that the cream contains 750mg.

Blessed CBD says that this is a full-spectrum extract, but no other cannabinoids show up in the lab results. This could just mean that they are present in tiny undetectable amounts. But most of the full-spectrum products I’ve used previously have shown at least three or four other cannabinoids when analysed.

Organic Certification

There is no organic certification, but the information included in the packaging, and online, says that the CBD extract comes from organically grown non-GMO, pesticide-free hemp plants. 

Although it’s useful to know about the organic status of the hemp, it would also be helpful to have some more information about the other ingredients too, such as where they are sourced and how they are farmed. 

Blessed CBD Balm: Ease of Use

This is a straightforward product that can be easily applied to your skin. The jar seals easily and it can be carried with you in a bag or pocket without fear of leaks. Instructions are provided on the label and advise applying generously to the area of discomfort.

I found it easy to smooth on evenly. It absorbs quickly and leaves a slight waxy feeling on your skin. A small amount covers a large area even when you apply it generously. It can be applied anywhere, but the texture feels more suited to the body rather than your face. When I used it on a dry patch on my forehead, it soothed it but felt slightly greasy. From then on, I kept it just for areas of muscle ache and fatigue in my joints.

Blessed CBD Balm Fragrance

When the cream is still in the jar, the scent isn’t very strong, but when you apply it to your skin, it warms up and becomes more intense. It is mild and pleasant with sweet notes like that of candy. There is also a slight citrus aroma which makes it smell fresh and clean.

Despite the 750mg of CBD extract, there is no smell of hemp or anything reminiscent of CBD oil. Judging by the cream’s white colour and clean appearance, it seems likely that the extract is filtered to reduce any strong-smelling plant compounds.

Potency/ Effectiveness

This is one of the strongest balms I’ve tried, and I found it to work quickly. I used it to soothe rough, sore skin and to treat chronic joint pain. My skin felt better rapidly, but the effect was like that of any other moisturising or nourishing cream.

However, for the pain, I found it rapidly soothed the ache and lasted for a couple of hours. In one situation, both my shoulders were aching, and I applied it only to one. The difference was easily noticeable; it felt like the effect went deep and had a positive impact on the whole joint.

Value for Money

For £69.95 you get 50ml of balm containing 750mg of CBD. This makes it one of the more expensive balms available. Love CBD has a 1000mg balm for just less than £60, and Pharmahemp provides 300mg in a nourishing ointment for about £20.

Despite this, the relief it provided meant that for me, it was well worth it. I would consider buying more, but first I would like to see more details about the extract and the other ingredients. I’d particularly like to find out if the other ingredients are organically grown and see a more informative set of lab tests.

Would I Buy Again?

Yes, I would buy Blessed CBD balm again. It was strong and worked quickly. Currently, this balm is number three in our best CBD balm & cream reviews article, to appear higher, I would expect the price to come down a little and for Blessed CBD to provide more comprehensive lab reports.

Blessed CBD Balm Final Scores

Blessed CBD Logo
Blessed CBD Balm
This is a delicately fragranced, easy to apply balm with 750mg of full-spectrum CBD extract. It contains a range of natural ingredients known for their moisturising and skin-nourishing properties. It is high-quality and effective balm but the lack of detail in the lab results feels as if it is in contrast to Blessed CBD’s claims of transparency.
Third-party lab tests
Ease of use
Potency/ effectiveness
Value for money
Contains full-spectrum extract
750mg in 50mls
Easy to seal jar
Pleasant, mild fragrance
Made with organically farmed hemp
The lab tests are not currently available to the public
It is one of the more expensive balms available
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