Biopurus Hemp Tea

Biopurus Hemp Tea Review

When I ordered my first packet of Biopurus hemp tea, I am not sure what I was expecting, but I was taken aback when a neatly packed bundle of cannabis (hemp) flowers arrived in the mail.

My image of tea is small regular flakes of leaves, but this was a rough mixture of fully formed flowers, leaves, stems and seeds. Looking like it did, I expected it to have a strong cannabis smell, but the aroma was very mild and reminded me more of green tea than green.

Hemp tea is not going to suit everyone, it can be an acquired taste. Not everyone will want to persevere with it but I would recommend giving it a taste. Let me take you through the highs and lows, the pros and the cons of Biopurus organic hemp tea.

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Who is Biopurus?

Biopurus are producers of healthy oils which they sell alongside products such as teas, superfoods and seeds. Their identity is mainly built on oil of which they sell a wide range. They have oils for cooking, essential oils, fish oils, cosmetic oils and even oils for your pets.

Their ethos is to “provide our customers with the widest range of finest quality products at a competitive price and improve people’s health and sense of well being.” They focus on cold-pressed oils and other organically produced high quality and boutique items.

What a casual visitor to their website might not realise is that they also produce a variety of CBD products. Biopurus do not sell Hemp CBD on their site and I could only find this on one UK website. Each item in this range is organically certified and made from whole-plant extract.  It includes oils, loose teas and teabags.

Third-Party Lab Tests

Biopurus CBD products are not available directly through their UK website but through a selected retailer, for the Ageless. There were no third-party certificates accessible on either website.

However, I was happy with the efforts that had been gone to, to present the product cleanly, professionally and carefully labelled. The tea is certified organic, is grown from organic Czech crops and is packaged in Ashford, United Kingdom. It is 100% natural flowers, seeds and leaves of Cannabis Sativa L.

Ease of Use

For my first cup of tea, I followed the instructions, eagerly plucked a teaspoon or two of bud from the bag and let it infuse in boiling water for five minutes. Then I removed the debris by straining it with a small sieve.

Both my wife and I tried it and after her first sip I ended up with two cups to drink. She normally likes herbal teas, but this was not to her taste.

As I began to regularly drink the tea, I found that either grinding or tearing apart the buds makes for a stronger brew and allows you to use a little less.

In my naivety when I initially received my purchase I hadn’t realised the full versatility of the product. It can be eaten, infused, vaporized or even used in cooking. I kept using it as tea but once I was aware of its full potential, I immediately began to think of it as a better value product.

Biopurus Hemp Tea Taste

While my wife didn’t like the taste, I found it to have a pleasantly mild grassy flavour which was gently soothing. To be honest I’ve never found a herbal or mint tea whose taste lives up to the smell or the promise of the packet but this was definitely drinkable.

Once I had made a cup of hemp tea part of my routine, as a response to a stressful situation or just for when I needed to chill, I began to regard it as smooth and refreshing. I would compare it to a mild green tea but with less bitterness.

The mild flavour adds to its versatility allowing you to either drink the tea or add it to recipes or other hot or cold drinks. It works well with a hint of lemon but doesn’t respond as well to sweeter companions like honey or sugar.

Potency/ Effectiveness

This all depends on how you use it. If you do choose to brew it as tea, break up the plant material first. Brew for the full five minutes and press gently with a teaspoon to get the most from each cup.

Each cup gave me a relaxed and grounded feeling that kept me coming back for a couple of cups a day. I also found that it at least equalled a cup of caffeinated tea in its stress-relieving properties.

I’m going to be honest with you and tell you that once I made a cup, I saved the dregs and dried them out. Once dried, two to three teaspoons still made a decent cuppa.

Having tried a wide range of CBD products, this felt like one that is most effective when taken in conjunction with others. I paired it with a BioBloom 4% Oil which I recently reviewed. Vapes, drops or capsules would pair well with this tea in your daily routine.

Value for Money

I really love this product, I enjoy how it is presented as full cannabis buds, I appreciate the relaxing moments clutching a warm cup of tea, however, I am totally conflicted over the price.

In my heart of hearts, the thought of paying over ten pounds for a bag of tea, no matter how special, does not sit well. However, when you consider its versatility, the many different uses you can get from it and the current price of CBD oils it seems like amazing value.

For me, this tea needs to be enjoyed both as a regular drink, for both the potential benefits and enjoyment and as a quick soother when you just need to sip something and feel your troubles drift away. Unfortunately, at this price I would only feel like I could get it out on my birthday and when the queen pops over for her usual cup o’ hemp.

Would I Buy Again?

Yes, I’d happily buy Biopurus hemp tea bags again. They are currently rated as our number three choice in our best CBD teas review and being certified organic gives me confidence that what I am drinking is safe. If the price came down a little further this tea would challenge the top spots.

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Biopurus Hemp Tea
This is a mild and soothing tea with a range of other uses. It’s relaxing and great when you need to put your feet up and unwind in the evening. To get the full benefit use it at the same time as other CBD products.
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