BioBloom Hemp Tea Review

BioBloom Hemp Tea Bags vs Loose Leaf

My previous experience with Biopurus hemp tea prepared me to expect a cardboard packet filled with whole flowers, stalks and seeds. However, what I received when I ordered BioBloom loose hemp flower tea and their hemp flower teabags couldn’t have been further from my expectation.

Instead, I received a neat large glass jar filled with finely milled flower and a box of teabags that could just as easily have contained Twinings’ finest as they could quality hemp flower.

The milling of tea immediately makes it look and smell more inviting. My first impression was of a well-presented boutique product that couldn’t have been further from usual associations with the cannabis plant.

Unfortunately, the glass jar didn’t live up to its potential, it’s better than a cardboard box, but as a gift item, it could have been so much more. If it was embossed with the BioBloom logo or a little hemp leaf it would have stood out from a standard jam jar and become something special.

Hemp tea may not be your go-to beverage when settling down for the evening so let me help you decide if it’s worth your consideration.

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Who is BioBloom?

BioBloom is an Austrian, family-run company with generations of experience working with hemp. They have organic certification and use a combination of traditional and modern methods to create products for balance, vitality and quality of life.

I’ve used their CBD oil before. So, I already had an idea of what to expect. The oil was top quality but thick with plant matter and very bitter. Their priority appears to be organic whole plant products, which is great. However, it is not so great if it is at the expense of flavour, especially as I was about to try the BioBloom tea.

Third-Party Lab Tests

The third-party lab results were easy to find on the product page at for the Ageless. There was only one available, but it matched the batch number on the packets I’d received.

A single certificate included the analysis of the bags and the loose tea. It showed a detailed cannabinoid profile that only registered the presence of CBDa and traces of THC. There was no screening for contaminants, but I was impressed with the large number of terpenes that had been detected.

As shown on the certificate, the water infusion produced by the hemp tea contains CBDa and no CBD. It would’ve been useful for the packaging to state how much CBDa a cup of hemp tea might contain, but because it’s called ‘hemp’ tea and BioBloom make no claims about CBD I didn’t feel it was masquerading as a CBD product.

The amount of THC registered as 0.06% of the sample, but it wasn’t clear if this fell below the UK limit of 1mg per container.

Both the teabags and the loose flower are clearly labelled with full product details and the BioBloom site itself presents evidence of their compliance with safety and organic standards. I’d like to have seen certificates available for each batch, and a contaminant screening but the information that was there provided lots of detail.

Ease of Use

I have found with other teas that the best way to brew hemp is to either break it up between your fingers or use a grinder. Because BioBloom loose flower comes pre-shredded it immediately makes the process easier.

The instructions highlight how to use the tea for different situations and suggest that for a revitalising morning cup, brew it for 5 minutes. For evening relaxation let it sit for 15 minutes. I liked the concept of this but after 15 minutes it had got cooler than I find enjoyable.

As time went on, having bad-mouthed the jar, I found that taking loose tea from a jar is so much easier than scraping it out of a foil bag.

BioBloom Tea – Taste 

When I first opened the jar, the smell was a lot stronger than with previous hemp teas. I’ve always found the smell of dried hemp very muted and without the pungent strength that you would expect from cannabis. The BioBloom hemp tea was much more as I expected with a smell like a fruity combination of freshly cut grass and cannabis.

While the smell was inviting, as with any herbal tea, the taste was less dynamic. I really enjoy a cup of hemp tea but think that it is probably an acquired taste. It’s a flavour that is more suited to relaxation in the evening rather than a brew to kick start your morning, but you quickly adjust to it.

When you brew the herbs for the full 15 minutes it is a heavier tasting tea with a dark bitter edge to it. Drinkable, but not something you would drink unless you knew it would do you good.

Comparison- Teabags vs Loose FlowerBioBloom Tea - Loose leaf hemp tea

The teabags come in a neatly packed box with 20 individually wrapped bags. The flower inside is milled to a finer grade than the loose flower and has very little smell. The serving suggestion with the bags is a 15-minute brew and there is no mention of a 5-minute option.

The convenience of a tea bag will always outweigh that of loose flower tea, but you get a more sedate tea experience. There is something about spooning hemp flowers into a tea strainer that is satisfying in a way that bags will never match.

There is also a sweetness and depth of flavor that comes with the loose flower that isn’t present for the teabag. For me, I prefer the loose flower when at home, but the teabag’s extra convenience is great to take with you on the go or on holiday.

Price/ Value for Money

The loose flower is £27.50 for 50g which makes 40 cups. You can save yourself £1 by buying the tea in a paper bag for £26.50 but you’ll need to provide your own jam jar.

The teabags are £11.90 for 25gs of hemp flower divided into 20 tea bags.

These are without a doubt top-quality purchases and you just have to smell them to know the quality of the hemp, however, tea that tops a tenner a pack makes my palms sweat. Having said that I once spent £12 on 10 teabags of Icelandic lichen tea, so I do have previous!

For all my moaning about the jar, it does make using the tea more convenient and it is an attractive product. Compared to other hemp teas this is slightly more expensive but if I’m honest when I finish my jar, I’ll definitely buy another one.

BioBloom Tea Potency/ Effectiveness

This is a great tea and I have found it relaxing in the evening. Over the weeks that I’ve been drinking it, I have felt more chilled but not to a huge extent. While these are quality teas they really come into their own when used in combination with other quality CBD products. If you regularly take CBD drops a cup of tea really adds to that relaxation and increases the potency and effectiveness of both.

Don’t buy the tea expecting that it will give you the same benefit as drops and e-liquids but use it as part of a routine that includes both and you will really feel the difference.

Would I Buy Again?

Yes, I’d happily buy BioBloom hemp tea again. They are currently rated as our number one choice for loose leaf hemp tea in our best CBD teas review and being certified organic gives me confidence that what I am drinking is safe.

BioBloom CBD Tea Scores

BioBloom Hemp Tea Review
BioBloom Organic Hemp Tea
Once you’ve acquired the taste, this is a mild and fruity tea that becomes bitter when you brew it for 15 minutes. It is relaxing but best used alongside other CBD products. Don’t bother with the teabags unless you want a convenient option for your travels.
Third-party lab tests
Ease of Use
Value for Money
Potency/ Effectiveness
Whole plant product
Pre milled
Inviting smell
Easy to dispense from jar
Certified organic
Mild fruity taste
Bitter when brewed too long
Buy BioBloom tea at for the Ageless