CBD One Hatcha Tea

CBD One Hatcha Tea Review

CBD One is an innovative brand that imports Dutch CBD for sale in the UK. Although the industry is famous for offering CBD in almost any form, recently, many companies have limited their range to drops, capsules, topicals and occasionally gummies and tea. Refreshingly, CBD One have pushed their selection beyond their oils to include some products I’ve not tried before, including CBD patches and this matcha-style hemp powder called ‘Hatcha’.

In one 50g jar, you get 50 x 1g servings (half a teaspoon) or 100 x 0.5g servings (a quarter of a teaspoon. The label states that a 1g serving contains 15mg of CBD and CBDa combined, giving a total of 750mg per jar.

It’s a finely milled hemp powder that looks almost identical to ground green tea leaves known as matcha. At first, the name ‘Hatcha’ seemed to be gimmicky, but once the product was in front of me, it appeared to be well made and offers an excellent caffeine-free alternative to matcha.

As with matcha, this powder can be added to food and drink or made into a hot beverage. It’s different from standard hemp tea because the Hatcha powder stays mixed with the liquid and is swallowed instead of being strained out. This means that you consume more of the beneficial substances from the hemp plant and not just those that infuse into the brew.

I’m not keen on the ‘ceremonial grade’ title;

We picked the term “Ceremonial grade” to reflect the quality of the product; it’s a term used in Matcha green teas, ‘Ceremonial’ being the highest of the grades. Hatcha is pure quality.

While I’ve no doubt that this is a quality product, the ‘ceremonial grade’ classification for matcha means much more than just high-quality; it refers to powder that’s been milled from the youngest leaves picked in the first harvest. This could be the case for Hatcha, but if so, those details should be made clear on the product page.

To get close to my usual daily amount of 40mg of CBD, I decided to drink three cups of Hatcha each day. I used 1g per cup, which, according to the label, should give me a daily total of 45mg of CBDa/CBD.

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Who is CBD One?

CBD One is based in the UK and refers to itself as the “UK’s finest and most trusted producer of CBD oils.” They import products from the Netherlands from companies that can trace the production line from seed to bottle. Although their products aren’t individually certified as organic, the hemp is grown to organic standards. CBD One is a member of the Cannabis Trades Association.

While CBD One are clearly committed to standing out in the CBD industry, the information they provide on their website feels a little sparse. Ideally, I’d like to know more about the extraction of the hemp and more specific information about their expertise and what sets them apart from other brands.

3rd Party Lab Tests

Currently, there are no lab results published on the CBD One website for this product. On the product page it states ‘lab verified’, but there is no evidence of this as yet.

The lack of lab results is particularly disappointing because it would be useful to verify the ‘750mg of CBD/CBDa’ mentioned on the label. It’s rare to find a hemp tea that contains any CBD unless it’s been purposefully added. This is because most cannabinoids in hemp are only present in their precursor acidic form. To activate the acidic CBDa into its CBD form the hemp must be heated to about 120˚C for at least an hour; this is known as decarboxylation.

Although adding the powder to boiling water may activate a minimal number of cannabinoids, the exposure won’t be long enough to produce a significant amount of CBD. If this tea does contain a large amount of CBD as suggested on the label, it may have been decarboxylated. Details like this should be made clear on the label.

Ease of UseCBD One Hatcha Hemp Tea Powder

The squat glass jar makes this product particularly easy to use. The wide opening means you can quickly get a spoon in and take the desired amount of powder out. The instructions on the label aren’t very detailed, but there is a better version on the CBD One website. They suggest using a small amount of liquid to mix the powder into a paste before adding more hot water. This works well and quickly makes a hot, aromatic beverage.

If you’ve ever made matcha before, this works in exactly the same way. When making my first few cups, I mixed the powder into hot water with a teaspoon, but the result was still quite powdery. Then I switched to a matcha whisk; this blended the powder into the liquid successfully. An extra stir with a spoon now and then was enough to prevent the powder from settling.

I stuck to mixing the Hatcha with boiling water, but you could add it to smoothies or baking if you prefer. CBD One also provide several alternative serving suggestions, including three recipes which can be found on the product page.

CBD One Hatcha Tea Taste

When I took my first few mouthfuls, I was surprised at how similar Hatcha tastes to matcha. It’s slightly hempy, but the flavour is very similar to the nutty bitterness of a hot cup of matcha. The main difference is that as you keep drinking the intensity of flavour mellows and becomes more reminiscent of a standard cup of hemp tea.

I genuinely enjoy both matcha and hemp tea, so for me, this was ideal. If you like matcha, you will love this. If you don’t, you’ll want to give it a miss. Although there are lots of ways you can mix the powder into smoothies or food, it’s unlikely to completely hide the flavour.

Potency/ Effectiveness

This tea’s effect isn’t comparable to the beneficial effects I’ve experienced from a potent CBD oil, but it stood out as the most effective hemp tea I’ve tried to date. Not only is it relaxing to drink, but I noticed a genuine sensation of calm for about twenty minutes after drinking it.

When taking a good CBD oil I’ve experienced improved sleep, reduced anxiety, enhanced focus and less intense tension headaches. With Hatcha, the results were more short-lived and felt more like the chilled sensation you experience after a massage.

Value for Money

One 50g jar of Hatcha will cost you £24.99 and holds 750mg of CBD/CBDa. It provides 50 strong cups or 100 less intense brews. That’s more expensive than Jacob Hooy’s hemp tea bags (£5.99 for 20 cups), about the same as Hempura tea bags (£9.99 for 20 cups) and cheaper than BioBloom loose flower tea (£27.50 for 40 cups).

However, for me, Hatcha offers more value than any of these products. It’s versatile, can be added to food or drink and has an exceptional matcha-like flavour. If you’re looking for an excellent hemp tea or a caffeine-free matcha alternative, this is a great option. However there are drawbacks, I am still unclear on what the CBD content is and there are no lab results available.

Would I Buy Again?

I’d like to see lab results and get a better understanding of how the product is made before I recommended buying CBD One Hatcha tea. Overall, I found it to be effective and if all information was in place I’d happily buy it again. Because of these gaps in information, it does not appear in our best CBD teas review as there are other hemp teas I would buy instead.

CBD One Hatcha Tea Final Scores

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CBD One Hatcha Tea Review
Hatcha hemp powder is an excellent way to ingest a variety of cannabinoids, terpenes and plant nutrients. It’s imported from the Netherlands and contains only finely milled hemp. It can be added to hot water to make an aromatic green beverage or mixed into your morning smoothie. The flavour is incredibly close to matcha, but it’s not quite as intense. So far, CBD One hasn’t published any lab results, although they refer to it as ‘lab verified’ and say that each 50g jar contains 750mg CBD/CBDa.
Third-party lab results
Ease of use
Potency/ effectiveness
Value for money
The wide jar makes it easy to scoop out each serving
It has a fresh matcha-like flavour
It’s an ideal caffeine-free alternative to matcha
Hatcha can be made into a hot beverage or added to smoothies, drinks or food.
There are no third-party lab results available publicly.
Some people may not like the intense flavour
If the brew isn't vigorously whisked it can be powdery.
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