Love Hemp CBD Capsules Review

Love Hemp CBD Capsules Review

Love Hemp has been a key player in the UK CBD industry since it was founded in 2015. They refer to themselves as “the UK’s most trusted premium CBD company” and have built up an impressive reputation for quality, premium supplements.

Over the years, Love Hemp have perfected their range of over forty products which includes CBD oil, a balm and CBD jelly domes. In 2020, they made a significant change and relaunched their entire range with new branding. I’ve just finished a bottle of their 10mg CBD capsules; the new packaging is lightweight and straightforward.

In one bottle you get 600mg of CBD divided into 60 vegan capsules containing 10mg of cannabidiol each. The capsules are made from hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) which is a form of cellulose that’s been altered to create a hard, digestible shell. Inside there is a mixture of hemp extract and microcrystalline cellulose (refined wood pulp) which is used as a filler.

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Who is Love Hemp?

School friends Tony Calamita and Tom Rowland became aware of the benefits of CBD when Tom’s dad was battling cancer. What they learned inspired them to investigate further and in 2015, they founded Love Hemp.

They quickly gained a reputation for quality oils because they set high standards and stuck to them. At the time, there were only a few other companies making products with the same attention to detail. Now their products are sent worldwide and they’re known as UK CBD pioneers.

Love Hemp uses CBD in the form of a broad-spectrum (THC free) extract that’s been grown and extracted by organically certified US grower Folium Biosciences. When they’ve completed the final product, it’s analysed for quality and safety in-house and then again by a third-party lab.

They offer a broad range of products including Love Hemp CBD oil, Love Hemp jelly domes, Love Hemp Balm and these CBD capsules, most of which we have reviewed if you would like to find out more.

3rd Party Lab Tests  

Currently, there are no third-party lab results for these capsules on the website. I spoke to Love Hemp about it and they sent me a copy via email. They also said that they would be publishing them on their website soon.

There was only one certificate available for each product line, but it was dated recently and related to the latest batch. On the certificate, you only get a cannabinoid profile, which is useful but isn’t as comprehensive as those that include details on contaminants like those shown by Endoca.

The amount of CBD shown is tricky to convert into mg per capsule or bottle, but it verifies the 600mg on the label. The analysis didn’t detect any THC, although it still could be present as an undetectable trace.

Love Hemp Capsules Ease of UseLove Hemp 10mg CBD Capsules

The plastic bottle that the capsules come in is lightweight and ideal for carrying in a pocket or bag. The lid tightens securely but doesn’t have a child-safe cap.

The capsules are small and about 1.5cm long, which makes them particularly easy to swallow with a sip of water. They’re quite tough and contain powder, so it’s not possible to bite them open for improved absorption under your tongue.

The label is informative and gives lots of useful safety advice. It suggests that you start with one capsule and don’t exceed 70mg per day.


I’ve found that most capsules have an underlying flavour and some I’ve tried have even been quite unpleasant. These ones; however, were about as close to tasteless as you’re likely to get. So if you don’t like the taste of hemp or the texture of CBD oil, then these are ideal.

Potency/ Effectiveness

I started with the recommended serving of one capsule per day, but because I use larger amounts of CBD regularly, after three days I increased the amount. I created my own schedule of one in the morning, one in the early afternoon and two at about half an hour before bed. This gave me a daily amount of 40mg, which is less than the upper limit of 70mg. I stayed at this stronger amount for two weeks until I finished the bottle.

I didn’t notice any effects until I’d been taking the increased amount for about four days. At that point, I noticed an improvement in my sleep. It didn’t seem to be much at first, but I soon realised that I was sleeping deeper and feeling much more refreshed in the morning. As time went on, I felt better in general and more alert during the day.

In the past, CBD has helped reduce my mild anxiety and frequent tension headaches. But this time, I didn’t notice much of an improvement in those specific symptoms. CBD affects people differently, but for me, these capsules mainly improved my sleep, focus and gave me a feeling of general wellbeing.

Value for Money

For £29.99 you get 60 capsules, each holding 10mg of CBD which gives you a total of 600mg. This works out at about 50p per capsule and 5p per mg of CBD. For me, one bottle lasted just over two weeks, but if you stick to the one per day recommended serving it could last up to two months.

The capsules are reasonably priced, particularly for a premium brand, but recently Love hemp always seems to have a sale. I’ve seen them get down to £19.99, which makes them a real bargain.

I genuinely liked this product and found that it helped with my sleep. They contain a high-quality extract and the third-party labs will soon be easily accessible according to their customer service team.

Would I Buy Again?

Yes, I would buy Love Hemp CBD capsules again. They offer good value for money and are one of the best THC-free options available. If you want to know which capsules we recommend, check out our best CBD capsules review article and see which have performed best in our testing.

Love Hemp CBD Capsules Final Scores

Love Hemp Logo
Love Hemp 10mg CBD Capsules Review
These are effective capsules that have no flavour and are small enough to swallow easily. They’re suitable for vegans and the HPMC shell holds powdered hemp extract with 10mg of CBD. The third-party lab results verify the amount of CBD and show no THC. Overall, they offer good value, particularly when they’re on sale.
Third-party lab results
Ease of use
Value for money
Contains a broad-spectrum THC free extract
The plastic bottle is lightweight and secures firmly
The capsules have no flavour
Each capsule is about 15mm long
Suitable for vegans
They contain powder so can't be bitten open to dissolve under your tongue.
Third-party lab results not yet available on site
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