Nordic Oil CBD Capsules

Nordic Oil CBD Capsules Review

Nordic Oil supply an extensive range of CBD products to customers across Europe and the US. I’ve just finished a pack of their 6.4mg soft gels with black cumin seed oil. I was keen to try these as they have a couple of features I’ve not seen in capsules before.

The first is the black cumin seed oil; this comes from the seeds of the Nigella Sativa plant and is a powerful antioxidant. The second is that they contain liposomes which are microscopic bubbles that speed up the absorption of the CBD molecules. They do this by encapsulating them as they pass through your digestive system. Nordic Oil says that its formula should enhance the CBD effects and improve its bioavailability by up to three times.

In one pack you get 60 capsules which give you 384mg of CBD. The recommended use is one per day, but I chose to take 3 in the morning and three in the evening to give me a daily total of 38.4mg of CBD. With all CBD products, I aim to get as close as possible to a daily measure of 40mg, so it’s easier to compare their effects.

These capsules contain full-spectrum hemp extract and are made with a soft gelatin shell. Unfortunately, the gelatin means that they’re not suitable for vegans or vegetarians. The packaging is relatively simple and you get three blister packs of 20 capsules. I found this useful on the few occasions that I wanted to take some with me because I didn’t need to carry the whole box, just one blister pack.

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Who is Nordic Oil?

Nordic Oil was founded in Denmark in 2018 by brothers Dannie and Christian. In the last few years, it’s grown to become a multinational company with offices in Germany, the Netherlands and New York. They started because of their shared interest in wellness products but soon it became their passion.

Although the name ‘Nordic Oil’ reflects where the company was initially created, it actually represents the mindset that drives its approach to CBD and the aims of the company. This is best described as ‘taking the best of nature and perfecting it with industry-leading technology”.

All Nordic Oil hemp is fair-trade and comes from European farms. To extract the cannabinoids, they use CO2 to separate the active ingredients. They don’t just choose high-quality hemp; they try to pair it with other substances and techniques that may enhance its effects. This is particularly evident with these capsules where black cumin seeds and soy-sourced liposomes are used to improve potency.

3rd Party Lab Tests 

I completely missed the third-party lab results the first time I looked, but they are on the product page if you look hard enough. Keep scrolling down and you’ll find them under the ‘certified excellence’ section. When you find it, you’ll see that there’s one example certificate available.

It’s relatively simple and only shows an analysis of eight cannabinoids. More detailed certificates, such as those provided by Endoca, also offer a terpene profile and a contaminant screening which I would also like to see.

The analysis found 6.9mg of CBD per capsule, which is slightly more than the advertised 6.4mg. No THC was detected, but there was a trace of CBN.

Usually, I would expect to see traces of at least three or four cannabinoids in a full-spectrum product like this, but sometimes the amount of the other cannabinoids is so small that they’re not picked up in the analysis.

The full results were:

  • CBD = 9mg (per unit)
  • CBDa = Not detected (ND)
  • THC = ND
  • THCa = ND
  • CBDV = ND
  • CBG = ND
  • CBN = 0.265mg
  • CBC = ND

Ease of Use

These soft gels are exceptionally easy to use. You can take them with a sip of water, or bite them open and let the oil sit under your tongue. I like the blister packs because they’re great for travelling or carrying in your pocket. However, they don’t give you the same security like a bottle with a child-safe cap.

There are no instructions of use on the packet, but if you can work out how to order a product on the internet, you can probably figure out how to take a CBD capsule.


If you swallow these capsules straight away, you’ll notice little flavour, but if you hold them on your tongue, they taste sweet and slightly musty. When I first took them, I tried biting one open to see what the oil tasted like. It’s a burst of spicy and savoury with an unpleasantly bitter aftertaste. I wasn’t sure if I enjoyed the flavour or really disliked it; but, if you prefer to swallow the capsules whole, you’ll never notice it.

Nordic Oil Capsules Potency/ Effectiveness

I took three capsules twice a day, making a daily total of 38.4mg. With this serving, one box lasted ten days. I was surprised at how potent they were. They’ve made me into a fan of liposomal CBD because I noticed an effect within 15 minutes. Usually, capsules can take between 30 minutes and 2 hours to have an impact, but these were significantly faster.

After taking them, I felt a bit spaced out, but I could still focus. After taking them for several days, they improved my sleep and reduced my anxiety. Despite overall potent results, they didn’t affect my tension headaches which were particularly bad during the ten days.

Value for Money

One packet of 60 capsules holds a total of 384mg CBD and costs £37. That works out as 62p per capsule and about 10p per mg of CBD. This puts them in a higher price range costing a little more than Endoca 10mg capsules which are some of the most expensive capsules we’ve reviewed.

However, the difference is that these are liposomal and have enhanced bioavailability. They also contain black cumin seed oil, but I didn’t notice any additional effects that I could attribute to that. For me, it’s vital that a product can reduce my tension headaches, so I wouldn’t use them again. Still, they offer OK value because of the fast effect and potency.

Would I Buy Again?

No, I wouldn’t buy Nordic Oil CBD capsules again. The capsules are at the higher end of the pricing spectrum and didn’t really perform as advertised. If you want to know which capsules we recommend, check out our best CBD capsules review article and see which have performed best in our testing.

Nordic Oil CBD Capsules Scores

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Nordic Oil 6.4mg CBD Capsules Review
These softgel capsules from Nordic Oil are an innovative and exceptionally potent product. The black cumin seed carrier oil adds an interesting flavour if you bite the softgel open, but I wasn’t convinced that I experienced any additional benefits from its inclusion. The full-spectrum hemp extract contained is microscopic liposomes that enhance the bioavailability. The results were quick and effective at improving sleep quality and reducing anxiety.
Third-party lab results
Ease of use
Potency/ effectiveness
Value for money
Made with a full-spectrum extract
The capsules have a mild sweet flavour
The third-party lab results are accessible from the product page.
Liposomal CBD has enhanced absorption
They’re fast-acting and potent
They didn’t improve my tension headaches
Not sure what the benefit of a black cumin seed carrier oil is
High cost per mg of CBD
Lab reports do not make it clear that the product is full-spectrum
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