CannabiGold CBD Capsules

CannabiGold CBD Capsules Review

In 2019 CannabiGold released their Terpenes+ product range. It includes oils, capsules and balms, all made with CBD isolate and a carefully selected blend of terpenes. For the last two weeks, I’ve been using their 10mg capsules.

In one box you get thirty capsules, which when you follow the recommended intake of one capsule twice daily, will last for 15 days. The CBD and terpenes are suspended in a hemp seed carrier oil and contained in a softgel shell. The softgel is made from tapioca starch and glycerol instead of gelatine which makes them suitable for vegans.

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Who is CannabiGold?

CannabiGold products are manufactured in Poland, but they’ve designed their new Terpenes+ range specifically to meet the legal restrictions of the UK market. By using CBD isolate, it’s easier to guarantee that their products will meet the 1mg of THC per container limit.

Hempoland is the Polish company behind CannabiGold. They were the first private company in Poland to obtain a state license to grow hemp. To ensure that they can have total control and can make adjustments when necessary, they own every part of the CBD production process from seed to shelf.

They also work closely with scientists and farmers to ensure that they’re using cutting-edge techniques and that their products meet rigorous safety and quality standards. Although they don’t currently have an organic certification, they believe in natural, sustainable methods and don’t use pesticides or artificial fertilisers.

3rd Party Lab Tests 

Unfortunately, the latest third-party lab results aren’t accessible on the CannabiGold website. However, some older ones are available from retailers who stock their product. Currently, there is only one certificate, but it matches the batch number on my box, which is 119001. If later they’re added to the main website they might follow Endoca’s example and keep a database of certificates for each product batch. This means that you can be confident that the results are relevant to the product you’re using.

The analysis has a cannabinoid profile, but the lab only tested for CBD and THC. This must be because, with an isolate product, those are the most relevant values. There’s also detailed screening for heavy metals, PAHs and microbes, which confirms that everything is well within safe levels. Disappointingly, the percentage amount of ‘below 0.01%’ for THC and ‘2.0%’ for CBD don’t translate easily into relevant amounts. This means that it’s hard to tell if the results verify the amount on the packet or the claims of THC free.

Ease of UseCannabiGold CBD Capsules

Capsules are an exceptionally simple way to take CBD, but because these are made with a softgel, they’re also versatile. You can either put them in your mouth and swallow them with a sip of water or you can bite them open and let the oil absorb under your tongue.

Each one is about 10mm long and I found them easy to swallow even with a small amount of water. The box they come in is slightly too large to carry in a pocket, but you can always take a blister pack out if you want to use them on the go.

CannabiGold CBD Capsules Taste

The capsules have a mild, sweet flavour and if you choose to bite them open the oil is aromatic and grassy with no bitterness. If you swallow them straight away with water, you may not taste anything at all. It’s a great way to use CBD if you don’t like the strong flavour of some darker oils.

Potency/ Effectiveness

I followed the usage instructions and took one measure twice a day for two weeks. This meant that I got 20mg of CBD per day. That’s a little low for me and I find that daily amounts of between 40 and 50 produce the best results. To address this, I bit the capsules open each time to ensure I got the maximum absorption by holding them under my tongue. However, throughout the two weeks, I didn’t notice any changes or positive results. Were I to use them again I’d either consider taking more per day or using them alongside a CBD oil to increase the total amount of daily cannabinoids.

CannabiGold Capsules Value for Money

For £29.99 you get thirty 10mg capsules which is a total of 300mg CBD and should last you for just over two weeks. However, if you prefer, you can go for a pack of 60, which only costs £39.99. The smaller option works out at about £1 per capsule and about 10p per 1mg of CBD. With the larger option, a capsule costs about 66p and 1mg about 7p.

Even for an isolate product, this is great value. The capsules are easy to swallow or bite open, there’s no unpleasant flavour and they’re suitable for vegans. Although the third-party lab results need some clarification, the fact that I could find them indicates that CannabiGold is generally transparent about their products and processes.

Would I Buy Again?

Yes, I would buy CannabiGold CBD capsules again. They were quite effective for an isolate CBD product but we have tried similar products that score higher. If you want to know which capsules we recommend, check out our best CBD capsules review article and see which have performed best in our testing.

CannabiGold CBD Capsules Final Scores

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CannabiGold 10mg CBD Capsules Review
These are small softgel capsules with a mild sweet taste. They contain 10mg of CBD isolate blended with terpenes and suspended in hempseed oil. They’re suitable for vegans and I found them easy to swallow or bite open depending on how you prefer to take them. They weren’t particularly potent, so would work better alongside other products such as oils or pastes to boost your overall cannabinoid intake.
Third-party lab results
Ease of use
Potency/ effectiveness
Value for money
60 capsules option represents good value
Hemp seed carrier oil
Made with EU hemp
The capsules have a mild sweet flavour
Lab reports show they are screened for contaminants
It’s made with CBD isolate so doesn’t contain the range of cannabinoids you get in broad or full-spectrum products.
Lab reports are difficult to decipher
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