CBD Asylum CBD Gummies Review

CBD Asylum Gummies Review

CBD Asylum has made it their mission to stop people thinking of CBD products as drab, bitter and boring. To do this, they’ve produced a range of colourful, tasty sweets, including hemp versions of classics and these rainbow gummy domes.

In one jar of gummies, you get 30 domes, each with 10mg of CBD making a total of 300mg. The domes come in four different flavours, are sugar-coated and measure about 1.5cm wide. If you follow the suggested daily serving of 1 – 3 gummies, if you can resist cramming more into your mouth, they will last between 10 to 30 days.

I decided to take three per day. I wanted to spread them out over the day, but as soon as I’d eaten one it was just too tempting, so I always ate all three together.

I’ve had several different CBD gummies before and they can be really hit and miss. Some are potent, yet delicious, while others have a strange texture and bitter flavour. As soon as these arrived, I was keen to get started and see which category they fell into.

CBD Asylum uses 99.99% pure isolate in all their products, so you don’t get the benefits of additional cannabinoids or other hemp substances. To give the gummies their taste and texture, there are several other ingredients, including alcohol, gelatin and artificial flavourings. Consequently, they aren’t suitable for vegans or vegetarians and may not be ideal if you prefer to stick to all-natural products.

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New vegan-friendly recipe

Since I tried these gummies, CBD Asylum has updated them. They now come in packs of 20, each with 25mg of CBD. They’ve also updated the recipe to make them suitable for vegans. The latest ingredient list includes glucose syrup, sugar, malic acid, citric acid, invert sugar syrup, gelling agent, pectin, sorbitol, fruit juice concentrate, trisodium citrate, flavourings and colours (brilliant blue, Allura red, sunset yellow, titanium dioxide, paprika extract). We will of course be getting hold of some shortly and will update this review to reflect that.

Who is CBD Asylum?

Friends Alex and Liam got to know each other through a shared passion for drag racing. When they were both looking for a new project, they heard about the benefits of CBD and began to investigate the industry. They believed that together they could create a brand that would stand out in the industry, so in 2016 CBD Asylum was founded.

CBD Asylum produces a broad range of products including CBD oil, e-liquid, water-soluble drops, CBD tablets, sweets, skincare and haircare. Each item is infused with a high-quality, organically grown isolate, imported from US hemp farms. They chose to use isolate instead of a full-spectrum extract because it’s an effective way to guarantee the low levels of THC required in the UK.

Everything made by CBD Asylum is manufactured in an ISO level 7 cleanroom and combines science and nature to enhance potency and flavour. The finished items are tested by well-known third-party UK lab PhytoVista.

They offer a broad range of products including CBD Asylum CBD oil, CBD Asylum tablets, CBD Asylum e-liquids and these CBD gummies, most of which we have reviewed if you would like to find out more.

3rd Party Lab Tests 

A single third-party lab certificate is accessible from the product page on the CBD Asylum website. However, it’s dated March 2019 and the expiry date of the batch tested is listed as 25th, February 2020. This means that it refers to an old batch so may not relate to the current product.

The example certificate only shows a profile of cannabinoids. It verifies the presence of CBD and nothing else has been detected, including THC, which confirms that it’s an isolate product. Unfortunately, the amount of CBD is recorded in a way that makes it challenging to see if it relates to the amount stated on the packaging.

Because the recipe has been updated, a new up to date certificate will hopefully be added soon.

Ease of UseCBD Asylum 10mg Gummies in the tub

Gummies provide possibly the easiest way to take CBD. They’re tasty, discreet and you don’t even need water to wash them down as you would with capsules. What was particularly useful about these was that the plastic jar was lightweight and small enough to put in a coat pocket or rucksack. I even took a pot of them camping with me and found them to be ideal for use on the go.

There are no directions of use, but most of us can probably list ‘eating gummies’ as one of those skills that we don’t need any help with. The only problem I had was that I struggled to eat only the recommended amount each day. I usually tackle this by having some non-CBD gummies with me as well, but that’s no good if you’re trying to keep your sugar intake to a minimum.

CBD Asylum Gummies TasteCBD Asylum 10mg CBD Gummies

I thoroughly enjoyed these gummies; the flavour was intense and fruity. Once you’ve chewed them a couple of times, you do get a hint of a slightly bitter aftertaste, but it didn’t put me off at all. They didn’t quite match the incredible taste of ZenBears, but they came a close second. I was also impressed with the texture; however, that’s likely to change as the latest version is gelatin-free.

Potency/ Effectiveness

I took three gummies a day which gave me a total of 30mg of CBD. I didn’t notice any effects on the ten days I took them, but I wasn’t surprised because I’m used to a larger daily amount.

With a packet of the new CBD Asylum gummies, you could take two a day over ten days which would give you a more potent serving of 50mg. That’s a welcome improvement and I would expect that the enhanced potency of the new version would likely be more effective.

Value for Money

The standard price for a tub of gummies is £39.99; however, CBD Asylum has regular offers and is currently selling them for £19.99. For the new recipe gummies, at the reduced price, they work out at about £1 per gummy and 4p per mg of CBD. That’s significantly cheaper than Zen Bears which contain 600mg of CBD per jar and cost £39.95 for 30 bears.

Not only are you getting 500mg of CBD with a tub of these gummies, but you’re also getting some great flavour. For me, that represents excellent value and is well worth the money.

Would I Buy Them Again?

Yes, I would recommend CBD Asylum gummies however, if you visit our best CBD gummies list, here you will find a selection of CBD Gummies I think are better.

CBD Asylum CBD Gummies Final Scores

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CBD Asylum Gummies Review
CBD Asylum gummies are a tasty way to take a precisely measured amount of CBD. They come in four fruity flavours with minimal hempy bitterness. The recipe has just been updated, so they now contain 25mg of CBD each and are suitable for vegans. The third-party lab results need updating to reflect the recent changes, but they should be ready soon. They do include some artificial flavours, but if you can see past that, the sale price offers exceptional value.
Third-party lab results
Ease of use
Potency/ effectiveness
Value for money
Great fruit flavours with only a hint of bitterness
The sale price makes them 4p for 1mg CBD
The updated recipe is suitable for vegans.
Small, portable plastic tub
The lab results need updating
They’re made with CBD isolate
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