Love Hemp Jelly Domes Review

Love Hemp CBD Jelly Domes Review

Love Hemp offers an impressive range of CBD products, including sweets, oils and capsules. I’ve just finished a bag of their 5mg CBD Jelly Domes. They came in a small pack of ten and had a total of 50mg of CBD. If you want something a bit stronger, you can choose the larger jar of thirty 20mg domes.

They’re suitable for vegans and contain a broad-spectrum hemp extract. I like the idea of these smaller bags of gummies; they’re useful if you want to try the product or if you want a small amount of CBD to take with you on a car journey.

The domes are about 1.2cm across and come in three different flavours; strawberry, orange and blackcurrant. The hemp extract is blended with MCT oil which is included as a carrier for the cannabinoids and to speed up their absorption into your blood. The jellies are all-natural and are coloured with beetroot, paprika and anthocyanins.

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Who is Love Hemp?

Since opening for business in 2015, Love Hemp has been seen as a pioneer in the UK CBD industry. School friends Tony Calamita and Tom Rowland started the company together after becoming aware of the benefits of CBD when Tom’s dad was battling cancer. They were determined to give the UK access to the same high-quality CBD products that were available in other countries.

Their exceptional products and attention to detail quickly made them stand out and they soon had a dedicated following of loyal customers.  Now they manufacture over forty different product lines and ship them all over the world.

All of the hemp used in their products is grown organically by US suppliers Folium Biosciences. Love Hemp buys and imports the extract and then use it in all of their products. To ensure that everything they make is finished to a high standard, they have rigorous in-house quality-control tests and they employ a third-party lab to produce a detailed analysis of the cannabinoids.

They offer a broad range of products including Love Hemp CBD oil, Love Hemp CBD capsules, Love Hemp Balm and these CBD jelly domes, most of which we have reviewed if you would like to find out more.

3rd Party Lab Tests

Currently, there are no third-party lab results available on the Love Hemp website because they’ve just introduced new branding and packaging and they’ve had each product retested. At present, they’re only available on-demand, but will soon be published on the website. If you’d like to see a copy, you can make a request via their contact page.

There was only one certificate available for each product, but it was dated recently and related to the latest batch. They only include a profile of cannabinoids which is useful, but it’s preferable to have the results of a screening of contaminants as well, like that shown by Endoca.

Love Hemp test for 15 cannabinoids but only detected CBD and CBG. I contacted them and asked them to confirm that it was a broad-spectrum extract and they told me:

The extract is broad-spectrum. The analysis only looks for around 15 of the majorly detected cannabinoids, as many of the other cannabinoids found in hemp have an extremely small concentration, 0.000002% for example, and the machines used for testing all have a limit of detection. […] That being said, when the extract is sent to us, it comes with its own lab analysis (attached), which shows all the cannabinoids present in it’s pure extracted form.

The full results showed:

  • CBDV <0.002mg/g
  • CBDVa = ND (None detected)
  • CBG = 0.02mg/g
  • CBD =1.32mg/g
  • THCV = ND
  • CBDa = ND
  • CBGa = ND
  • CBN = ND
  • Δ9-THC = ND
  • Δ8-THC = ND
  • THCVa = ND
  • CBC = ND
  • THCa = ND
  • CBCa = ND

No THC was detected and the 1.32mg/g CBD corresponds to about 59mg for the weight of the whole pack.

Ease of Use

Jelly domes like these are likely the easiest and tastiest, way to take CBD. You can eat them wherever you are without drawing any attention to yourself and there’s no need to swallow them with water as you would with capsules. I opened the packet by cutting off the corner with a pair of scissors, which was relatively simple, but at this price, I’d prefer to have a resealable strip at the top.

The directions suggest that you can either eat all the gummies in one go or split the packet to eat some later. This was just what I wanted to hear as I always struggle to stop myself from eating more CBD gummies than I should. However, in the interest of this review, I did find some self-control and ate two a day over five days.

Love Hemp Jelly Domes TasteLove Hemp CBD Jelly Domes Review

These were enjoyable fruity gummies with a hint of hemp at the end. When I first put them in my mouth, I just noticed the fruit flavour, but after a couple of seconds, there was a grassy hemp taste. Strangely this wasn’t unpleasant and had no bitterness or intensity to it. Although you could tell that they contained hemp, I still found them genuinely enjoyable.

CBD Jelly Domes Potency/ Effectiveness

I decided to make one packet last and ate two every morning for five days. That gave me a total of 10mg per day. It’s a relatively small amount and I didn’t notice any beneficial effects. However, taking them all in one day or choosing the 20mg option is likely to yield better results.

Value for Money

A packet of 10 jellies, each with 5mg of CBD costs £4.99. Consequently, one jelly dome is about 50p and 1mg of CBD works out as 10p. That’s not the best price I’ve seen for gummies, but that’s to be expected with a smaller taster packet.

If you choose the pot of more potent gummies, you get 30, each with 20mg of CBD for £29.99. One of those domes costs £1 and 1mg of CBD is 5p. Both options are often reduced in price so if you can find them when they’re on sale you’ll get an even better deal.

These weren’t as tasty as ZenBears, but they’re cheaper and I found the mild hemp flavour strangely pleasant. They’re all-natural and contain a high-quality hemp extract from one of the best-known suppliers in the US.

Would I Buy Them Again?

Whilst the Love Hemp Jelly Domes were pretty good and appear at number 4 in our best CBD gummies list, I have found other products to be more effective and would choose one of those first.

Love Hemp Jelly Domes Final Scores

Love Hemp Logo
Love Hemp CBD Jelly Domes Review
These vegan gummies are made with natural colours and flavours. They’ve got a great fruit taste with a pleasant hempy finish. The third-party lab results verify the CBD content and no THC was detected. I enjoyed the smaller packet, but it’s worth paying the extra to get the pot of 20mg domes.
Third-party lab results
Ease of use
Potency/ effectiveness
Value for money
THC free
Natural colours and flavours
Suitable for vegans
Pleasant taste
Third-party lab results available on request
The hemp aftertaste may put some people off
Buy Love Hemp Jelly Domes