George Botanicals CBD Jellies Review

George Botanicals CBD Jellies Review

George Botanicals is a UK company that produces a broad range of full-spectrum hemp products, including oils, capsules, balms and these tasty jellies. Jellies are the most delicious way to take a precise amount of CBD and are particularly useful if you don’t like the taste of hemp. One jar comes with 14 tasty sweets in four different colours, each containing 10mg of CBD.

The dark green label is well designed with lots of key information, including a detailed section on ‘precautions’. They are made in the UK from CO2 extracted CBD, are suitable for vegans and claim to be THC-free.

The glass jar is small enough to slip into a pocket, but I chose to keep mine in a cupboard rather than taking it with me. I also chose to eat two per day for a week, one in the morning and one in the evening.

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Who are George Botanicals?

George Botanicals are a subsidiary of the Sativa Group, which includes Phytovista Laboratories, the well-known provider of third-party lab tests. Founded in 2017, they call themselves ‘the UK’s leading CBD manufacturer and supplier.’ This is a bold claim, but with their connections, they are in a unique position to learn from the rest of the industry.

They ship their products to customers in the UK and beyond as well as supplying wholesale items to other retailers. Through research and detailed scientific testing, George Botanicals has developed its products to an excellent standard.

All their products are made with hemp that’s been extracted with supercritical CO2. It’s then decarboxylated to convert the CBDa into its active CBD form. They have carefully designed each item they sell to be effective, suitable for vegans and gluten-free.

3rd Party Lab Tests

At George Botanicals, they test for 14 cannabinoids and screen for a range of potential contaminants. Currently, no certificates are available for any of their products. According to their customer service department, they have been conducted and will be uploaded to the website soon.

We ordered the products in mid-June 2020 and at the time of publication (August 5th 2020), these have not been uploaded.

There are no excuses not to make this public, particularly when you have lab access via your own group of businesses. Even more so when you proudly state “100% lab tested” on your header and your product pages state “we test all of our products” and then link to non-existent lab results.

Ease of Use

George Botanicals 10mg CBD Jellies Review

These dome-shaped jellies are a convenient way to take CBD. Still, it would be a lot easier with a slightly larger jar. It’s well-sized if you wanted to carry it with you in a pocket, but it’s too small to get the jellies out easily.

They are so well packed together that even shaking the jar won’t dislodge them. With some poking and pinching, I managed to get the first few out and after that, things became a little easier.

The directions on the packaging are as straightforward as you would expect for a jar of jellies, ‘Chew or suck 1 -2 jellies when required’. I tried both methods but preferred to chew them. They’re quite small and the texture is relatively soft so I did try to let them dissolve under my tongue to increase the absorption. The main problem was that I was so tempted by the flavour I kept forgetting what I was doing and chewed them anyway.

George Botanicals Jellies Taste

The flavour of CBD gummies or jellies is one of the most challenging things for manufacturers to get right. In the past, I’ve found some to have a slimy texture and an intense bitter aftertaste.

These weren’t the best I’ve ever tried, but I still thoroughly enjoyed them. There was a very faint, slightly bitter aftertaste, but I only noticed it because I was looking for it. The fruit flavours were genuinely delicious and it took all my willpower to only eat one at a time.

They have a smooth jelly-like texture which the name ‘CBD jellies’ suggests so they aren’t as chewy as some of the gummies out there.

Potency/ Effectiveness

At 10mg per jelly, these aren’t going to produce any potent effects unless you take them by the handful. I didn’t notice any particular result from them. Edible CBD products of this level of potency are best used alongside other things like oils, e-liquids or capsules. Because they’re pleasant to take they’re useful to carry with you as a beneficial snack or when you feel you may need a quick CBD top-up. If you want a potent regular CBD product, it’s best to use an oil or vape and then top up with teas or edibles if necessary.

George Botanicals Value for Money

One jar of jellies delivers 140mg of CBD, shared into 14 equal portions and costs £11.99. This is a great price if you’re intrigued and want to give CBD a go or just want to add something sweet to your supplement routine.

If you’ve never tried CBD edibles, these would be a great place to start. They’re tasty, almost melt in your mouth and offer great value. However, if you’re looking for something more potent you would be better off trying an oil or an e-liquid.

Would I Buy Them Again?

No, I wouldn’t recommend George Botanicals CBD gummies. I didn’t find them to be very effective and the lack of transparency is concerning. Head over to our best CBD gummies list, here you will find the gummies we are happy to recommend to our readers.

George Botanicals Final Scores

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George Botanicals 10mg Jellies Review
These sugar-encrusted, dome-shaped jellies contain 10mg of CBD each. They're made with natural colours and flavourings and are third-party lab tested. However, the lab results aren't yet available and do not look like they are coming anytime soon. They're affordable, delicious and are best used in a supplement routine alongside other products like oils or teas.
3rd-party lab tests
Ease of use
Value for money
They come in a portable glass jar
They deliver a precise measure of 10mg of CBD
The CBD was obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction
They have a soft texture
They're suitable for vegans and vegetarians
They contain natural flavours and colours
There is no intense hemp taste
They are ideal to be used alongside other more potent CBD products.
George Botanicals provide no details about where the hemp is sourced.
The third-party lab tests aren't currently available
They don't have an organic certification
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