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Access CBD Oil Review

Access CBD is a budget brand from Canabidol. They created it to be the cheapest CBD in the UK, and currently, it is. As the name suggests, they aim to give everyone access to cannabidiol by making it significantly more affordable. To find out if the oil is as promising as the price, I’ve spent the last two weeks using their natural 1200mg CBD oil.

The 30ml bottle features a handy spray cap and holds a blend of broad-spectrum hemp extract, MCT coconut oil and natural terpene-based flavourings. Access CBD refers to the oil as ‘broad plant spectrum’ (THC removed) and mentions that it “contains hundreds of unique cannabis compounds”. They also call it ‘medium strength’ because it’s close to the middle of their available concentrations, ranging from 1% to 16%. But, when you consider that you can get oils up to 50% in the UK, 4% is best described as low strength.

I was pleased to see that their claim of ‘THC Content: Zero’ was accompanied by ‘<0.01%’ to show that some minute traces might remain. Currently, cannabinoid analysis is not sensitive enough to guarantee that no THC is present. Although it would be better to entirely drop the ‘zero’ and ‘certified THC free’, I understand why it’s there.

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Who is Access CBD?

Along with the sister company Canabidol, Access CBD was created by British Cannabis. Founded in 2015, British Cannabis refers to itself as ‘the largest producer, manufacturer and distributor of legal cannabis-derived products in the UK’. They have a cannabis extraction and purification facility and offer several services including lab testing, white-label products and contract growing of cannabis.

Because of their strong ties with British Cannabis, Access CBD controls every step of the farming and production of all their oils. This allows them to keep costs down and make high-quality products for significantly less than most other brands. Currently, they offer a small range of oils in three flavours; natural, citrus and berry. This narrow focus also helps them to keep the quality up and the price down.

Access CBD removes cannabinoids from hemp using alcohol-based extraction. They then blend several different extracts to create a broad mix of beneficial plant substances. The final product is assembled on their Good Manufacturing Practice-certified production line.

3rd Party Lab Tests Access CBD Oil Lab Report

Third-party lab results are available for every batch of Access CBD oils. You can follow the link on the product page or scan the bottle’s QR code. My batch number is 8844153; at the time I looked for the corresponding certificate it wasn’t available via the on-page links. However, the QR code took me straight there.

The landing page for each batch is impressive. It features the certificate, a video of your batch coming off the production line, quick access to all relevant UK regulatory documents and useful notes to guide you to interpret the results.

While all this is excellent, the certificate itself is relatively basic and only shows a profile of cannabinoids. The best I’ve seen, like those by CBDistillery, features a list of cannabinoids, a terpene profile and an in-depth screening for contaminants.

The analysis found 4.392% (1238mg) of CBD and traces of CBDV and CBGa. A broad-spectrum product like this should contain a range of all cannabinoids except THC. The other cannabinoids are possibly (I can’t confirm this from the lab results) present but in minute undetectable amounts.

Ease of Use

For oil that’s been made with ‘budget’ in mind, the bottle is particularly impressive. The spray cap makes it easy to use and prevents any leaks. It’s also one of the few CBD oils that I was happy to put in a pocket and take with me for use on the go. Squirting a couple of jets under your tongue is discreet and straightforward.

The only slight issue I had was that it was tricky to deliver the exact amount I wanted. I usually take 40mg per day; 20mg in the morning and 20mg in the evening. However, because each spray delivers 17.1mg, a daily measure of 34.4mg was the closest I could get. It wasn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it’s something to bear in mind when choosing which strength oil to go for.

The instructions are useful and detailed; they suggest holding the oil under your tongue for two minutes and making sure as much as possible is absorbed before you swallow it.

Access CBD Oil Taste 

This is a pleasant-tasting oil with a mild pine flavour and no hempy bitterness. Even if you spray it directly onto your tongue, it remains inoffensive and palatable. I haven’t yet tried the flavoured options for comparison.

Potency/ Effectiveness 

I took 17.2mg twice a day, making a daily total of 34.4mg. With this serving, one bottle will last up to 34 days. I noticed some mild effects throughout the time I used it, including reduced anxiety, increased focus, and occasionally a sensation of calm. This built up over a few days and then lasted throughout the time I took the oil. I suffer from regular tension headaches that appear to some extent on most days. Unfortunately, this oil didn’t do anything to ease them.

Value for Money 

For £16.99 you get 30ml of 4% oil with 1200mg of CBD. That’s only slightly more than 1p per mg, which is genuinely impressive. This isn’t the most potent, highest quality oil I’ve ever tried, but it’s easily on par with many mid-range oils that are priced a lot higher. It’s also got a lot going for it including a mild flavour, a handy spray cap and a gentle calming effect.

Would I Buy it Again?

Yes, I would buy this oil again. The price is excellent and despite only a few cannabinoids showing on the lab reports, I found it to be somewhat effective.

This is one of the better cheap CBD oils we have reviewed which is why it appears as a budget option in our best UK CBD oils article where the bar is set very high. As Access CBD oil only uses organic hemp, it cannot be included in our best organic CBD oil reviews.

If what you seek is a high-strength oil, at 4% it is a long way off the threshold of 25% to be included in our list of the strongest CBD oils available in the UK.

Access CBD Oil Scores

Access CBD Logo
Access CBD 1200mg Oil Review
Access CBD have achieved what they set out to, giving people access to a well-made oil at a lower price than you can get anywhere else. It’s made with MCT oil and a blend of hemp extracts to create an end product rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. The flavour is pine-like with no hint of bitterness. I didn’t experience any relief from tension headaches, but it helped my anxiety and promoted a state of relaxation and focus.
Third-party lab results
Ease of use
Value for money
MCT carrier oil
It has a natural pine-like taste
The third-party lab results are accessible from the product page or via QR code
There is lots of useful accompanying information on the lab results landing page
Handy spray cap
Incredibly low price
It's not a particularly potent oil
At 4% it doesn't deserve the title "mid strength"
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