Dragonfly CBD Oil Review

Dragonfly CBD Oil Review

Dragonfly CBD is one of the few CBD brands with complete control of their entire production line from seed to shelf. This means they can keep prices down and finetune the process to ensure everything they create is of exceptional quality. I’ve just finished a bottle of their 500mg CBD oil.

It comes in a well-presented 10ml bottle holding hemp extract and stevia in a hemp seed carrier. You get to choose from a range of flavours, including anise, cinnamon, orange, peppermint and natural; mine is peppermint.

Dragonfly CBD offers several different CBD oil ranges, including ‘broad-spectrum’ and ‘narrow-spectrum’. This oil is narrow-spectrum which is a new term that I’ve not seen before. It likely refers to an extract that contains two or more cannabinoids, but not enough to be called broad-spectrum or full-spectrum.

The only distinction that Dragonfly CBD makes between the two types is that narrow-spectrum is ‘perfect for all users’ and broad-spectrum is ‘ideal for an experienced CBD Oil user’. As I could not find an explanation on their website I cannot say why they think this is the case.

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Who is Dragonfly CBD?

Dragonfly CBD was founded in 2016 to supply hemp-based oils and skincare to customers throughout the UK and Europe. Their crops are grown in Bulgaria, within sight of the Balkan Mountains and their farms are Global GAP certified. Three years ago they built their own extraction facility where a team of craftspeople and distillers use a precise ethanol extraction technique to remove cannabinoids from hemp.

Currently, many UK CBD companies purchase hemp from external suppliers; this means that they don’t control the farming methods used. Also, charges can be added as the raw materials are passed on from company to company. By avoiding this, Dragonfly CBD can pass their own savings on to their customers and keep tight control of every production process element.

Dragonfly CBD has recently set up their own charitable organisation called ‘Dragonfly Community’. This is based on their core principle of ‘helping and empowering people’. It was founded to direct funding to charities and organisations that provide everyday mental health support.

3rd Party Lab TestsDragonfly CBD Oil Lab Reports

All of Dragonfly CBD’s oils come with a batch number that lets you find the third-party lab certificate that refers to them; my number is 0301. On the Dragonfly CBD website’s product page, under the lab reports tab, you’ll find a search bar to enter the number.

For me, this brought up two certificates, one with a cannabinoid profile and another displaying the results of contaminant screening. If you get this oil from a different retailer such as CBD Shopy as I did, the certificates from various batches can be found via links from the product page.

The cannabinoid profile shows that the third-party lab tested for twelve cannabinoids, including THC. 5.76% (approx. 576mg) of CBD was found along with a tiny amount of CBDV. All types of THC come up as less than the amount that the analysis can detect.

The screening for contaminants checked for four types of microbe or mould. All are shown to be within safe levels as required by European regulations. They screened for:

Ease of UseDragonfly CBD Oil Colour

The oil comes in a sturdy brown glass bottle with a taper-tipped dropper and a child-safe lid. During the two weeks I used it, I didn’t have any problem with leaks. The dropper works well, but you have to be quick as occasionally it started dripping without any pressure on the bulb.

It was relatively easy to use and as I have young children, the secure cap gave me some peace of mind. However, I still find droppers tricky because I don’t feel the drops as they hit the bottom of my mouth, which means it’s hard to take an accurate amount. I usually use a mirror, but this means I only feel comfortable taking the oil when I’m at home. Some other brands, like Bud & Tender, have solved this problem by adding measuring marks on the dropper. Others like Four Five CBD use a precise spray cap that delivers a precise jet of oil every time.

Dragonfly CBD Oil Taste 

The flavour of this oil really works. The combination of peppermint and stevia gives something that’s just like Murray Mints. It’s not quite as sweet, but it’s very close and extremely enjoyable.

To get the full flavour, you’ll need to put the oil on your tongue, but even if you hold it under your tongue, you still get a pleasant sweet minty sensation. Because it’s also been filtered, there’s no underlying hempy bitterness. If you don’t like bitter, grassy flavoured oils, then this is ideal.

Potency/ Effectiveness

I always aim to take 40mg per day of every CBD product I test, to make it easier to compare the effects and potency. With this oil, each drop contains 2.5mg of CBD, so I took eight drops in the morning and another eight in the evening, which gave me the daily 40mg. At this rate, my bottle lasted me twelve days.

This isn’t an oil that provides quickly noticeable effects, but I experienced some useful results after a couple of days. My tension headaches weren’t as intense and my sleep was better. Before I started this oil, I’d had a few days where my head was so full of thoughts I struggled to sleep. After a while of taking 40mg per day, I found I was falling asleep quicker and felt more rested in the morning.

Value for Money

For £29.50 you get 10mls of 5.6% oil which places it at the lower end of the mid-range oils. Because the flavour is so good and it produced some beneficial results, it’s well worth the price. In fact, products with such rigorous lab results, and features like the child-safe cap, often come at a premium price, so you could almost call it a bargain. It wasn’t the most potent oil I’ve tried, but if you’re new to CBD and want something that takes great and has a slow-building effect, it’s just what you need.

Would I Buy Again?

Yes, I would buy this oil again. The price is excellent and despite only a few cannabinoids showing on the lab reports, I found it to be somewhat effective.

Whilst this oil was certainly good, it didn’t quite score high enough to be included in our best UK CBD oils article where the bar is set very high. As Dragonfly oil only uses organic hemp, it cannot be included in our best organic CBD oil reviews either.

If what you seek is a high-strength oil, at 5.6% it is a long way off the threshold of 25% to be included in our list of the strongest CBD oils available in the UK.

Dragonfly CBD Oil Final Scores

Dragonfly CBD Logo
Dragonfly CBD Oil Review
Dragonfly CBD’s 500mg peppermint flavoured oil is tasty and has a hemp seed carrier. It comes with a detailed set of lab results available for every batch. Not only do they feature a cannabinoid profile but you get extra security with a contaminant screening. The bottle is leakproof and has a child-safe lid which makes it ideal if you’ve little ones roaming around. I found it to be a steady yet effective oil that gradually builds up to provide useful results.
Third-party lab results
Ease of use
Value for money
Made with a hemp seed carrier oil
The hemp is grown on organically certified farms in Bulgaria.
Dragonfly CBD control every part of the process from seed to shelf.
There’s no hint of hempy bitterness
It comes with a child-safe cap
The third-party lab results for every batch are accessible from the product page.
Some people consider ethanol extraction to be less effective than CO2 methods.
Only contains a few cannabinoids
Labelling could be clearer
Dragonfly CBD 15% Coupon: HERB15