Endoca 10mg CBD Capsules Review

Endoca CBD Capsules Review

Endoca aims to carry on the traditional use of hemp extracts by providing their customers with quality CBD.

These 10mg capsules come from their broad range of full-spectrum CBD products. The packaging is simple and gives the impression of cleanliness and professionalism.

In a bottle you get thirty soft gel capsules, each containing 10mg of organically certified CBD. Each serving delivers hemp extract combined with omega 3, omega 6 and vitamin E. They are easy to swallow, flavourless and suitable for vegans. 

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Who is Endoca?

Named for the human endocannabinoid system, Endoca is a Danish CBD brand founded by Henry Vincenty. From humble beginnings, they now supply their products to customers all over the world. 

When Henry went travelling around Africa, he spent some time supporting a mobile AIDs clinic. During this time, he became aware of the benefit of natural remedies and heard about CBD. He was intrigued by its potential, so when he found a producer and started his own company.

Now, Endoca grows over 2,000 acres of hemp and creates CBD products of the highest safety and quality standards. They’ve spent time and money developing their analysis and quality assurance procedures. 

Now, their third-party lab tests include a detailed screening of over 200 pesticides, heavy metals and mycotoxins. Consequently, they have an excellent reputation with their customers and are known globally as a leading CBD brand.

Third-Party Lab Tests

At first, I found it hard to find the lab results for Endoca’s products. They are present on the website, but they are hidden in the ‘support’ drop-down menu under the label ‘Quality Report’. 

Once you find them, you will see that Endoca take third-party analysis very seriously. Certificates for every batch produced are available for you to search through. It’s easy to locate your batch number on the packaging, but you can also use the category tabs to find certificates for any product.

The certificates themselves are incredibly detailed and are probably the best I’ve seen. They include a full cannabinoid and terpene profile alongside the results of screening for toxins. The only drawback is that, particularly for these capsules, it is hard to tell if the results verify the amount of CBD advertised on the packet. The certificates show:

  • CBD = 2.41% 
  • CBDA = 0.12%
  • CBDV = ND (Not detected)
  • CBG = ND
  • CBGA = ND
  • THCV = ND
  • CBN = 0.06%
  • CBC = ND
  • D9THC = ND
  • THCA = ND

The 2.41% converts to 24.1mg per gram of oil, but because we don’t know how much oil is in each capsule, it is impossible to tell if it verifies the stated amounts.

The terpene profile showed that several terpenes are present:

  • β-Caryophyllene = 0.10%
  • Myrcene = 0.28%
  • α-Pinene = 0.74%
  • Limonene = 0.81%
  • Linalool = 0.14%

The results of the toxin screening showed that there were no residues of heavy metals, flammable compounds or chemicals.

The most useful feature of a lab report is to verify that the active ingredients are present in the amounts on the product label. They also provide a good way to verify that the UK legal limit of 1mg per container has been adhered to. These, while incredibly detailed, need further explanation to do this satisfactorily. 

Something I found slightly odd was that there are no ingredients listed for the capsule itself. They must be made from plant or algae-based gel because it is suitable for vegans. For any food supplement like this, every component should be listed, not just the capsule contents.

Organic Certification 

Endoca mentions that their hemp is farmed on organically certified land and manufactured in organic facilities. However, they don’t provide any evidence of the certification or say which organic authority awarded it. 

Organic certification should be assessed by a local official body. Instead of identifying the authority by showing the official logo, Endoca says they have created their own logo’ 100% organic’. This is a strange claim and doesn’t offer the necessary proof of certification.

Ease of Use

Endoca CBD Capsules Review

Capsules are possibly the most straightforward way to take CBD, and these were no exception. The soft gel meant that they were easy to swallow whole, but also simple to bite open to let the oil absorb under your tongue. 

Because the process is self-explanatory, there was no direction for use on the bottle or packet. However, it would be useful to see a brief description explaining that you can choose between swallowing them or biting them and holding the oil under your tongue.


Endoca’s capsules have a slightly sweet flavour, which is quite pleasant. Washing them down with water is the best way to take them if you don’t like the taste of hemp.

If you choose to bite them open the oil is mild and musty with a hint of bitterness at the end. The flavour was very similar to that of the other capsules I’ve tried. 

Endoca CBD Capsules Potency/ Effectiveness

Because I wanted to get the best effect from these capsules, I took two a day, bit them open and let the oil sit under my tongue for 90 seconds. The results were impressive; within ten minutes, I felt a gentle sense of relaxation and relief from headaches and neck pain. Throughout the two weeks I took them, they continued to give me pain relief, and I also felt a mild boost in daytime focus and attention.

Value for Money

At £26 for a bottle of thirty 10mg capsules, each one costs about 87p, and 1mg of CBD costs 9p. In total, you get 300mg which makes these the most expensive I’ve tried so far. Jacob Hooy provides 60 servings of 10mg capsules for £34.99 and Fog’s Clarity capsules each contain 25mg of CBD, and a bottle of 30 costs £40.

Despite the competition, these are relatively well priced and very effective. The quality of the extract, the terpene content and the detailed lab results make me happy to pay the price.

Would I Buy Again?

Yes, I would buy Endoca CBD capsules again. They were quite effective and even though the price is slightly higher than I would hope they represented good value. If you want to know which capsules we recommend, check out our best CBD capsules review article and see which have performed best in our testing.

10mg Endoca CBD Capsules Final Scores

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Endoca 10mg CBD Capsules
Endoca's 10mg capsules provide a convenient and discreet way to take their terpene-rich, full-spectrum oil. The capsules are nearly flavourless, and the oil is mild, with only a hint of bitterness. The third-party lab results are incredibly detailed and available for every batch but could do with a brief explanation to make them more useful. They are a great all-round product and well worth paying a little more for.
Third-party lab tests
Ease of use
Potency/ effectiveness
Value for money
Detailed lab results
Flavourless capsules
Organic hemp oil
Suitable for vegans
Easy to use on the go or in a hurry
10mg of CBD per capsule
No ingredients listed for the capsule outer shell
Cannot compare labs to the product due to the measurements
No organic certification
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