CBD One Release Patches review

CBD One Transdermal Patches Review

Referring to themselves as the ‘UK’s finest and most trusted producer of CBD oils’, CBD one have immediately set the bar high; I’m keen to see if their products can live up to their claims.

CBD One are based in the UK and stock several of the usual things, such as oils and balms, but they also offer a few less common items. These include a matcha style tea called Hatcha, water-soluble CBD and their ‘Release’ patches. For the last ten days I’ve been working my way through a packet of patches.

In one flat packet you get 30 patches, each capable of delivering 15mg of CBD over 12 -36 hours. The label states that they can transfer an effective portion of CBD into your bloodstream (bioavailability) and they contain 0% THC. In total, you get 450mg of CBD in one packet.

Having never used transdermal CBD patches before, I was impressed when they arrived. The packaging looks stylish in grey and green. It’s lightweight and the patches themselves are completely flat squares, with each side slightly less than 4cm.

To measure all CBD products fairly, I aim to take about 40mg per day, so I chose to apply three patches as soon as I woke up each morning. This gives me 45mg being slowly released over 24 hours. From what I’ve read on the product page, this should deliver most of the 15mg from each patch, although you can leave them on up to 36 hours if you prefer.

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Transdermal CBD

Because these are my first CBD patches, I decided to do a little research to find out what to expect. This type of patch is designed to steadily release CBD over a long period. The CBD passes through the upper layers of your skin and enters your bloodstream.

Some animal studies found that transdermal CBD can effectively raise the level of CBD in your blood and maintain it as long as the patch is present. This makes it very different from other products that deliver all the CBD at once. Although most of the studies I found indicated that transdermal application is an effective way to get active ingredients into your blood, I couldn’t find anything to indicate exactly how much of the amount on each patch would reach your blood for use in your cells.

Who are CBD One?

CBD One import products from the Netherlands from companies that can trace the production line from seed to bottle. Although their products aren’t individually certified as organic, the hemp is grown to organic standards. The company is run by a registered health professional and they are members of the Cannabis Trades Association.

While CBD One are clearly committed to standing out in the CBD industry, the information they provide on their website feels a little sparse. Ideally, I’d like to know more about the extraction of the hemp and more specific information about their expertise and what sets them apart from other brands.

3rd Party Lab Tests

CBD One states that their patches are lab tested and there is a link labelled ‘Lab Report’ on the product page. However, the document provides very little information and doesn’t appear to be from a third-party lab. It’s labelled with the CBD One logo and states: “We certify that the above-mentioned ingredients and amounts are present in the finished coated materials.”

There is no indication of who is providing this certification, what analysis has taken place and how the certifier is qualified to provide such verification. Consequently, I wasn’t able to verify if this product has been third-party lab tested.

Ease of UseCBD One Patches

The size and weight of the packet the patches came in makes it ideal for slipping into a pocket. However, I found the method that worked for me was to leave them in my bedroom and apply them just before I went downstairs. The patches are tricky to get off the sheet they come on, although I think that may have been my poor technique and short fingernails rather than anything else.

The instructions on the packet are helpful and very clear. They suggest that you place the patch on your upper arm and hold them for at least 5 seconds. They were straightforward to apply and I found they stuck firmly almost immediately. Once they were on, I could completely forget about them because they didn’t cause any discomfort. I found them exceptionally convenient and significantly easier to use than drops or even capsules.

CBD One Patches Potency/ Effectiveness

I had no idea what to expect when it came to working out how effective these were. With oil or capsules, I sometimes experience physical sensations and noticeable positive effects across a week or two. With these, I can honestly say I didn’t notice anything at all. Because the 45mg measure was spread out over 24 hours, it might be that the effects were milder and less intense.

I suffer from regular tension headaches, mild anxiety and occasional poor sleep. When I try a new CBD product, I monitor these symptoms and note any improvement. With the patches, all my symptoms continued as normal.

Value for Money

One pack costs £29.99 and contains 450mg. You get 30 patches, each with 15mg of CBD. That works out as about £1 per patch and approximately 7p per mg of CBD. The price of the CBD and the convenience of the patches makes them worth considering. However, disappointingly, they didn’t work for me.

If I were to try them again, I would try more patches at one time and maybe leave them on for the full 36 hours. This is a product that definitely has potential, but I think more research needs to be done. If there was more detailed bioavailability information, it would be easier to work out how many patches should be applied to get your desired results. Also I wouldn’t consider purchasing any CBD product without a complete set of third-party lab results.

Further Reading

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CBD One Release Patches Scores

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CBD One Patches
CBD One patches offer a convenient way to take 15mg of CBD. They’re lightweight, easy to apply and relatively affordable. They’re made with organically farmed hemp from the Netherlands. If you don’t like the taste of CBD oil, transdermal patches like these could provide a useful alternative. However, when using three per day, I didn’t notice any positive effects. Also, CBD One have not yet published a detailed third-party analysis. Based on those two reasons I cannot recommend them.
Third-party lab results
Ease of use
Potency/ effectiveness
Value for money
The patches are easy to apply
They last between 12-36 hours
The CBD passes through your skin into your blood stream.
I experienced no noticeable effects
There are no third-party certificates of analysis.
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