The Mighty Vaporizer Review

The Mighty from Storz & Bickel

Behold the magnificent Mighty from Storz & Bickel. A truly epic dry herb vaporizer that is almost unrivalled in its durability, exquisite vapour production and ability to vape evenly and consistently. This isn’t a device built for its form like the PAX 3, it won’t fit neatly in your pocket like the Grasshopper, if you pull the Mighty out at a party you will get laughed at (trust me I have many times). This is a device built for efficient vaporizing of the herb. Those who laugh at its form marvel at its function. A few hits from The Mighty can convert even the most ardent of smokers to the world of vaporizers.

I have been using the Mighty since early 2017, not long previously I was a heavy smoker. At the back end of 2016, I had tried a couple of vapes and whilst they were OK, they didn’t give me the satisfaction that a heavy smokey pull on a doob did. Once the Mighty entered my life this all changed. I have now been a reformed smoker for over two years. For that, some thanks has to go to the folk over at Storz & Bickel. Don’t concern yourself, I am not the type of ex-smoker who is about to preach to you why you should give up too. I will however tell you about why I like the Mighty and if you have a spare couple of hundred to drop on a vape this is the one you should have on your shortlist.

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Ease of Use

The Mighty is simple to pack, simple to empty and intuitive to use. The top of the device (cooling unit) twists on and off to load your herb into the chamber. The cooling unit takes no effort to remove and is the first time you feel how precise the engineering from Storz & Bickel is.

Once the unit is off, the chamber can be packed using the accompanying filling aid and grinder which both attach and the device itself (see above video). The chamber is 1.4 cm³ and can hold up to 0.2g of finely ground herb. This doesn’t seem like a massive amount but vaporizing is very efficient so unless you have a particularly high tolerance this will be fine.

The last step, filling the chamber, is the most fiddly part. If you have medical issues that limit your dexterity this will be difficult. What makes it more difficult is the Mighty has a rounded bottom so you cannot stand it up without using the filling chamber tool found at the bottom of the device. Even with this inserted, I prefer to hold the device in one hand and fill it with the other. There is also some gap around the chamber and I am forever losing scarps of herb in the sides which then need to be removed.

Once finished, turn the vape on with the orange button and adjust your temperature. It will then take up to around 90 seconds to heat, once ready the Mighty will vibrate to let you know the session can begin.

The Mighty Heat Control

Portable vaporizers can be pretty limited when it comes to temperature control. A few portable electric devices have 4 or 5 preset options and require an app to make accurate changes (if it is possible to do so). Those with accurate controls are usually quite fiddly to sort and require you to press a button in the right sequence and then select the temperature. More akin to trying to win the Krypton Factor (if you were born in the 90s the Krypton Factor is a high-level Crystal Maze without the whimsy) than changing the temperature by a couple of degrees.

There is no such problem with the Mighty which has a simple OLED display that shows either °C or °F. It also has a plus and minus button on either side of the display so you can adjust your temperature one degree at a time. Perfect if like me you like to fiddle and find what works for you.

The Mighty temperature range is 40°C – 210°C or 104°F – 410°F. This is a massive range and means you can adjust your session to suit different terpenes or cannabinoids. The chart below from Leafly shows at which temperatures the boiling point occurs.

Boiling Points of Terpenes and Cannabinoids

Build Quality

As already mentioned the bottom is rounded so it won’t stand up independently. The device feels a little cheap too as it is made of plastic. However, it is surprisingly durable. I have dropped it several times and all the fins that make up the outside of the Mighty remain intact. A couple of years of usage and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between this and a new device, other than a slight fading to the colour.

I have never had a single problem with how the device functions. Looking at forums it is rare that anyone does. The Mighty does come with a 2-year warranty, the few threads on Reddit I found show when people do have issues, Storz & Bickel are pretty good at handling repairs.

Mighty Vapour Quality

This has both good and not-so-good elements. First the not-so-good. The Mighty vapour pathway is entirely made from plastic, it is medical grade plastic, but this does mean there is a slight background taste when you inhale. It isn’t unpleasant but I have a Grasshopper vape pen and the Grasshopper tastes so much cleaner when I draw.

The good; is the amount of vapour it produces. The Mighty “uses a patented combination of full hot air convection heating and additional conduction, which ensures an efficient vaporization from the very first draw.” according to the Storz & Bickel website. I can confirm this claim, as soon as it is up to temperature the vapour production is consistent until the herb is done. It produces clouds that are a step short of taking a pull on a joint but way more flavoursome. Some vape users prefer massive clouds and for that, I would recommend a volcano desktop vape which is also a Storz & Bickel device. I hear that the Dynavap produces massive hits for a portable device but I have yet to try it myself as I prefer electric vapes to butane.

Cleaning and Maintaining The Mighty

The cooling unit is made up of several components and the filling chamber has a removable ring and gauze. Keeping these clean is a must, leave it too long and the smell is rank and it does affect the flavour of the vapour. This process is a little fiddly and can take up to an hour in total, however, it is worth doing. To clean The Mighty you will need Isopropyl Alcohol (99%), cotton buds, a glass or a bowl to soak the parts in and some tissue.

To take the Mighty apart you will need the filling tool, which not only doubles up as a stand but is also used to remove the rubber rings that make the cooling unit and filling chamber fit together. This video below from Storz & Bickel shows how to take it apart and some basic cleaning. Once cleaned lay it out on the tissue to dry off and reassemble.

Value for Money

This is a premium product and the price does reflect this. Expect to pay around £230 for the privilege of owning the Mighty. Whilst the cost is a little high I have never regretted making the purchase. It is still working perfectly after over two years of almost daily use.

If your budget cannot stretch to this there are other good devices available but they do not meet the all-around quality. Alternatively, use a Storz & Bickel discount code and you can reduce the cost of the Mighty by up to 20%.

Essential Accessories

  • A glass stem mouthpiece. Whilst it won’t fit as well as the standard plastic mouthpiece this little mod will improve the taste dramatically. The plastic taste is something I do not like about this device and this goes some way to remedying it.
  • Dosing capsules. These can be purchased from Storz & Bickel and can be pre-filled so you can swap them in and out. They make the process of cleaning a little easier and are great for when out and about.

The Mighty Final Scores

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The Mighty Vaporizer
I am a little in love with the Mighty. It produces good quality vapour at a very consistent level. The price is a bit high but it will last for years and represents good value. If you are used to smoking and want to make the change this is a good vape for that purpose as not many portable vaporizers produce to this level.
Ease of Use
Temperature Control
Build Quality
Vapour Quality
Cleaning and Maintenance
Value for Money
Consistent vapour production
Pretty good tasting vapour
Reliable and well engineered device
2 year warranty
Takes around 90 seconds to heat
Price is at the high end of the market
Not very stealthy
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