Synerva 1000mg CBD Oil Review

Synerva 10% CBD Oil Review


Synerva are a UK company who want the nation to have access to high quality CBD products. They are confident that they have found the highest-grade hemp extract in the world and use it in all their products. It is grown in Colorado and then shipped to the UK to be used in their range of oils, capsules and gummies.

I have been testing out a 10ml bottle of their 10%, 1000mg CBD oil. When it arrived, I was immediately impressed by the style of the bottle and its label. It has a clean uncluttered appearance like many other brands, but the difference is the metallic silver label and lid. The combination of the simple design and eye catching colour makes it stand out.

Upon reading the label and taking a closer look at the oil, I had some misgivings. The label proclaims both ‘full-spectrum’ and zero THC. A full-spectrum extract must contain THC otherwise it is regarded as broad-spectrum. My feeling is that this is inaccurate by mistake rather than intentionally misleading.

Everything else, from the packaging to the look and smell of the oil itself give the impression of a premium product.

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Third-Party Lab Tests

Synerva displays their lab certificates as images on the sales page for each of their products. For the 10% oil, there is only one example dated 5/12/2019 and customers can’t access any from previous or more recent batches. The results include a cannabinoid profile, but there is no terpene profile or screening for contaminants.

The cannabinoid analysis on the example certificate shows that for that batch you get 1185mg of CBD, which is a lot more than expected. It also backs up Synerva’s claims of ‘zero THC’, although most extraction methods struggle to remove all traces of THC from hemp.

It would be useful to see what the lower limit of the detection was because in most methods it’s likely that at least some tiny trace of THC remains. The only other cannabinoid detected by the lab was CBD. With most full-spectrum extracts, it’s more common to see four or five other cannabinoids present in the analysis.

Ease of Use

When using the oil, the first thing I noticed was the lack of childproof cap. It does have a note on the bottle saying, ‘keep out of the reach of children’ but many brands now include childproof features as standard. I find them useful because I have a very dexterous two-year-old, so a secure lid gives me extra peace of mind.

As I began to look at the suggested amount, I found that there were no clear suggested measures. It says, ‘Recommended daily dosage 10 – 20mg’ but doesn’t tell you how many mgs are in one drop, or one dropperful.

For those looking for this information I did some Maths and figured that each drop contains 5mg. To take the recommended daily amount would mean taking 1-2 drops in the morning and evening.

The dropper has a bulb tip which is much better at preventing waste from spillages. The tapering tips often squeeze out a few extra drops as you hold it in your hands.

Synerva 10% Oil Taste

These CBD drops taste good; the carrier oil is a hemp seed oil which is like coconut oil but without the rich butter aftertaste. This gives it an initially mild flavour quickly followed by a nutty and slightly bitter aftertaste.

There was also no hint of grass flavour, many CBD oils can be bitter and grassy but Synerva is an exception. Their extraction technique removes all traces of chlorophyll and other plant matter which removes the bad after taste that goes with many of the top brands. There is a very faint cannabis aroma but that doesn’t appear in the flavour.

Synerva 1000mg Effectiveness

This has enough power for a 10% oil and reached the potency I expected. Small amounts kept me alert during the day and a larger amounts helped me to relax in the evening. 1000mg in 10ml means it’s a step up on many weaker oils. It’s still fairly gentle but perfect for an intermediate user.

Value for Money

The price of a 10ml bottle containing 1000mg of CBD is £49.95. This is great value, particularly as the appearance and quality so far put me in mind of other premium priced oils like those available at Love CBD and Eir Health.

As a mid-strength oil with a good flavour it would be great for someone looking for something stronger rather than a 4 or 5% bottle. It undercuts the price of several other 10% oils and appears to match a them for quality too.

This is a good oil, it’s well priced, fairly strong and has a pleasant flavour. Unfortunately, it has some work to do to improve on some on site admin. At its heart this is a good, possibly great oil, made from quality hemp and manufactured to high standards.

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Synerva CBD Oil Scores

Synerva CBD Logo
Synerva 10% CBD Oil
An affordable 10% oil with a mild flavour and gentle cannabis aroma. It’s light coloured and has no grassiness. It has no detectable levels of THC and should be labelled as a broad-spectrum oil. It’s premium quality at an excellent price.
Third-party lab tests
Ease of use
Potency/ Effectiveness
Value for money
Mild flavour
Broad range of cannabinoids
Lab certificate available
Incorrectly labelled as full-spectrum
Unclear instructions
No childproof cap