Provacan CBD Oil Review

Provacan CBD Oil Review

Provacan manufactures a range of CBD products that result from years of science and innovation. In an industry with little regulation, they have built a reputation on quality, truth and expertise.

An incredible amount of useful information accompanied this bottle of Provacan 600mg CBD oil. Not only does the label carry details about amounts, storage, ingredients and warnings, I also received an email with further suggestions on how much I might need and what variables affect its impact.

It is a full-spectrum oil with added terpenes, designed to enhance the entourage effect as well as provide its own unique benefits. The packaging is simple, its white and turquoise design wouldn’t look out of place on a pharmacy shelf. The 600mg of hemp extract is suspended in an olive oil carrier. There are approximately 200 drops per bottle and each one contains 3mg of CBD.

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Who are Provacan?

Provacan is the name given to the range of CBD products created by cannabis research firm CiiTECH. CiiTECH is registered in the UK and works in close collaboration with Israel’s Hebrew University of Jerusalem which is known globally for its research into cannabinoids.

The Provacan brand name was first used in 2016, since then CiiTECH has used the latest scientific innovation to create products with high levels of quality, safety and purity.

The hemp used in their products is grown in small, organically certified, European farms. It’s then harvested in small batches and extracted using the latest technology and techniques.

They say that this process allows them to maintain high levels of other cannabinoids and enhance the quality of the final product. To ensure that they consistently meet their own standards, they state that they test each batch in-house before it’s analysed again by a third-party lab.

Provacan also offers several other products, including e-liquids, oils, gummies, capsules and balms. They have a broad base of happy customers and over 80% excellent ratings on Trustpilot. There are lots of mentions of the great customer service and high-quality products. Among the not-so-positive reviews are a few people saying they’ve not received their orders.

They can be contacted via:

  • Phone: 08006 446665
  • Email:

Third-Party Lab Tests

Provacan includes their lab results in a tab at the point of sale for each item on their website. There is only one example for each product available, so it’s not possible to view the certificate that relates directly to your batch. CBD brand Endoca provides a good example of how detailed lab tests can be.

The analysis only has a cannabinoid profile, so there is no verified information available about the levels of terpenes and any contaminant screening. There are some useful explanations of the certificates which are helpful to help understand them.

The results showed:

  • CBD = 600.27mg
  • CBDA = ND (Not detected)
  • CBG = 35mg
  • CBN = ND
  • CBC = 0.77mg
  • THC = 2.09mg
  • THCA = ND

The profile backs up the amount of 600mg on the label but also shows that it contains slightly more than the 1mg per container legal limit for THC.

I’ve converted the results shown here to be relevant to the 10ml bottle, but they are shown on the certificate as mg/kg. I’ve never seen that used as a unit on certificates like this before and it can make it tricky to understand at first glance.

Organic Certification 

Provacan says that their hemp comes from organically certified farms, but their packaging doesn’t carry the officially certified EU leaf logo. This can only be shown on products where at least 95% of the contents are organic. It may just be the hemp content that is certified organic, but either way, a claim of organic certification should be accompanied by information about the awarding authority for verification.

If you are looking for a certified organic oil we have created this guide: Certified organic CBD oil

Ease of Use

Provacan 600mg CBD Oil Review

The bottle is sturdy and equipped with an excellent child-safe lid. Inside is a bulb-tipped dropper with clear markings showing 0.5ml and 0.25ml. This is a useful detail that makes it a lot easier to deliver the correct amount each time. Instead of counting drops, which can be tricky, you can fill the dropper to the required measure and deliver the entire dropper under your tongue.

On the bottle, there are concise instructions on how to use the oil and how much to take. More detailed explanations of this are available in the email that accompanies your purchase and on the Provacan website.

Provacan CBD Taste

This is a sparkling, straw-coloured oil with a strangely enjoyable flavour. The added terpenes must add to the taste because when you first place it in your mouth, you get a slight, fruity citrus flavour. A mild bitterness follows it, but overall, it’s relatively pleasant.

If you put the oil directly under your tongue, you’ll get very little bitterness, so using it this way may be suitable if you don’t like intensely bitter oils like those from BioBloom and Hempura CBD oils.

Provacan 600mg Potency/ Effectiveness

I chose to take five drops, twice a day which gave me a daily dose of 30mg of CBD. They weren’t particularly strong, and I didn’t feel any of the relaxation I sometimes experience. CBD works differently for everyone, but for me, I found it helped to reduce my tension headaches slightly. In the future, I would choose a stronger oil or increase my daily amount.

Value for Money

For £39.99, you get a 10 ml bottle of 600mg of CBD, which places it at the premium end of the market. There is a lot of value-added here with the methods used to produce the oil. Still, I would also like to see more detail in the analysis, easy to access verification of the organic status of the hemp and a more potent effect.

Would I Buy Again?

Overall, this is an excellent oil, which I’d happily use again but I would go for a higher concentration and would request some further information from Provacan.

There are oils available that are more effective and reasonably priced, these can be found in our best UK CBD oils article. As the product only uses hemp grown without fertilisers and pesticides it cannot be included in our best organic CBD oil reviews either.

If what you seek is a high-strength oil, at 6% it is a long way off the threshold of 25% to be included in our list of the strongest CBD oils available in the UK.

Provacan 600mg CBD Oil Final Scores

Provacan CBD Review
Provacan 600mg CBD Oil
Provocan's 600mg full-spectrum oil has a few other cannabinoids and an enhanced terpene profile. The flavour has a hint of orange and a mild bitterness which is reasonably pleasant. It has been made with the latest innovative techniques and has achieved high levels of quality, safety and purity. Some clarification is required about the amount of THC, but this well-made product.
Third-party lab tests
Ease of use
Potency/ effectiveness
Value for Money
Accessible lab results (one example per product)
Detailed information in the bottle, website and accompanying email
Made with full-spectrum hemp extract
Enhanced with extra terpenes
3mg per drop
Produced with scientific techniques
There is measure on the dropper for easy use
Child-safe lid
The amount of THC needs clarifying
Lab reports are only available for one batch at a time
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