Mistatera 5% CBD Oil Review

Mistatera 5% CBD Oil Review

Mistatera is no longer available. Check our best of list for more options.

Balance is the key! This is the tag line of Mistatera, a Slovenian CBD brand who believe in prevention rather than cure. The name Mistatera comes from combination of Spanish and Latin words meaning ‘My balance’.

Currently this full-spectrum 500mg oil is their only product. They see it as something to be taken regularly. To add to life’s balance, rather than just as a response to specific symptoms. I like this ethos, but ever the cynic, it’s a great way to ensure use of their products. Having said that, in our busy lives a bit of balance is probably just what we need.

Some of the claims on their website promise quite a lot more than balance. Big claims from CBD retailers always make me a little wary because they are so hard to prove. In an industry when there are so many misleading and incorrect claims, I look for proven statements that demonstrate honesty and transparency.

Back to the Mistatera 5% CBD oil. The packaging is attractively trimmed with gold and coloured in plush shades of green. Inside, the oil is a surprising shade of yellow and contains 500mg of cannabidiol. At first glance it looks like a cloudy straw colour, but when you look closer, it’s actually more like gold.

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Third-Party Lab Tests

Mistatera has made one third-party certificate clearly available on the product page. It’s dated 29/8/2019, but there is no analysis available for more recent batches, including the one I have. Included in the analysis are a cannabinoid profile and a screening for microbiological contaminants.

The example analysis shows that the sample holds 5.13% CBD, which is higher than the 5% expected. It also shows that the oil has a THC level of 0.2%, which is equivalent to 2mg and greater than the UK legal limit of 1mg per container. CBD, CBG, CBC, and THC are the only cannabinoids in large enough amounts to be measured. While this isn’t an extensive range, it could still indicate that it’s a full-spectrum product and that the other substances are present in undetectable amounts.

Ease of Use

Mistatera say that they will send you both a dropper and a spray cap for you to select the one that works best for you. I only received a bulb-tipped dropper but this is a great idea. The dropper worked well although the cap didn’t have a child-safe seal and needed to be closed very tightly to prevent leaks.

When looking at the instructions and recommended intake suggestions, I found that the bottle, the box and the website each had different bits of information. There was nothing contradictory but some of the important details were only present on the website and not on the bottle.

There were some good suggestions on site. Like when to take different amounts which would be much more useful in the box. For me it’s crucial to have all the information you need in the same place. I don’t want to go back to the website to work out how much I should take.

Mistatera 5% – Taste

It has a pleasant flavour, it’s mild but full bodied and has very little bitterness. The hemp extract is suspended in an organic coconut oil which adds a smooth, rich texture. It also prevents the natural cannabis flavour from being too intense, leaving a taste of walnut and a hint of grass.

The coconut carrier oil wasn’t mentioned in the ingredients on the bottle or the box. I found it listed on the website, under an enthusiastic header which made a rather bold claim about the product. That it is the ‘Best CBD oil in the UK’. It’s great to see such confidence but I think that’s for us to judge!

Mistatera CBD Oil Effectiveness/ Potency

The strength felt like it was about right for a 5% oil. It’s hard to tell with the weaker oils, but having taken it for nearly two weeks I felt a positive effect on my mood and general well-being. There was no physical grounding sensation, which I have sometimes felt with stronger oils, but the longer-term effect was noticeable.

Value for Money

The price of a 500mg, 10ml bottle of 5% Mistatera is normally £49.99. At the time of writing it is listed as being on sale for £39.27. Even at the reduced price this is too expensive. It’s a good oil but I haven’t yet seen anything that makes me think that it should be sold at a premium price. £35 is more than enough to get you a high-quality 5% CBD oil in many online stores. I have already tested the BioBloom 4% that comes in at under £30 and Cibdol 4% which is around the £30 mark. Similar with the 800mg Love CBD Entourage Spray which is also available as a 10ml 400mg spray for £26.

I really like the flavour, branding and company ethos but to earn that higher price I would want to see more information on the extraction and farming processes. Ideally I would expect to see evidence that the hemp is organically farmed and has certification listed on an official third party website.

Final Thoughts

My experience of taking this oil was positive. However, when looking carefully at the accompanying information, I have some concerns. Many of the claims made on the site aren’t supported by clear evidence.

Mistatera claim ‘Best CBD oil in the UK’ is backed up because of their own statement:

‘In conclusion, the wide range of cannabinoids, lab analyses, multiple certifications and controlled natural origin contribute to the highest quality product.’

Wide range of cannabinoids and lab analysis – The lab analysis only conclusively shows CBD, THC, CBC and CBG.

Multiple certifications – The only certificate I could find was the lab report. There was a small graphic saying ‘premium certified’ but no information from the authority that issued it. Official authorities issue certificates to show that the required standards have been met. I’m not aware of an authority that tests for premium qualities.

Controlled natural origin – The information on this was very vague. The website says that the product is made from resin but there were no details about how the resin is extracted or made. These are things that customers would like to know. The industry is moving towards embracing the need for transparency and brands must provide more of this info.

I don’t agree with the description of this as a premium product, but it is a good oil. In order for me to want to get a second bottle, I’d need to see a reduction in price. Further to this, a revision of the claims made on the website and the addition of a child safe, leak-proof cap would improve their offering.

Further Reading

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Mistatera Final Scores

Mistatera Logo
Mistatera 5% CBD Oil
A beautifully golden 5% oil with a mild yet luxurious flavour. It is made from CBD resin which is suspended in a coconut carrier oil. Unfortunately, the high-quality of the oil is let down by unproven claims such as ‘best in the UK’, ‘multiple certifications’ and ‘premium certified’.
Third-party lab tests
Ease of use
Potency/ effectiveness
Value for money
Unique colour
Lab Certificate available
Complete usage guidance not on the bottle
All ingredients not listed on the bottle
Misleading claims on the website
Mistatera is no longer available. Check our best of list for more options.