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Love CBD are one of the most experienced and renowned UK based CBD brands. They’ve had a presence in the market since 2014. In such a young industry this has given them more time to develop their oils than most and it shows. They have made simple choices which allow their products to stand out, for the right reasons.

In an industry that still lacks regulation and suffers from mislabelled and misleading products, it is important to be able to trust the suppliers and retailers. While the Love CBD Dutch spray is not the tastiest, most potent or even well-advertised oil I’ve trialled, it is probably the most straightforward. Love CBD don’t mess about!

In today’s world of flashy packaging, free gifts and misleading slogans you want a product that delivers exactly what it claims to.

To see exactly how this 300mg Dutch oil measures up let’s look at the specifics and put it through its paces.

Love CBD Dutch Spray Taste

While it isn’t a pleasant tasting oil, the Dutch oil has less of the grassy bitterness of the Love CBD 800mg entourage oil. The stronger entourage oil had an excruciatingly intense flavour that I didn’t enjoy.

This one, however, is milder and has a nutty flavour, instead of anything grassy. Think walnuts with a bitter after taste and you’re pretty much there. It’s still intense but much more bearable when held under your tongue.


Priced at £18.99, I am blown away by what good value this is. It feels like this product has been designed to be the entry level oil for those new to CBD.

As such, it is perfect. A good price and mild flavour are exactly the kind of things you would look for if you wanted to introduce friends and family to cannabidiol.

If I’m honest it almost feels like you’ve been given a massive discount you cannot tell anyone about. Compared to other 300mg oils it is a steal. You may find yourself expecting Love CBD to call you and ask for the rest of the payment.

This is a bargain price for a top-quality oil. At less than £20 it is perfectly placed to be a gift for someone you think would benefit from a regular CBD supplement.

300mg Dutch Oil Potency

With 300mg of CBD and CBDa this isn’t a strong oil. It has trace amounts of CBN, CBG and THC so it doesn’t pack the same punch as Love CBD’s full spectrum entourage oil.

However, I would still describe it as quite potent. I took the maximum recommended amount for two weeks and felt more relaxed and grounded than I had previously.

It’s definitely a starter product, but it still has a kick to it. An ideal place to start for the determined beginner. If you want to give CBD a try but are worried you will spend lots of money and not feel any effect, try this one. It won’t disappoint.

Ease of Use

When I first used a CBD spray bottle, they didn’t live up to my expectations. From the descriptions I’d read I was expecting a perfectly measured jet each time. This isn’t the case; the spray can be jerky and sometimes you get less oil on the first spray.

However, I am now a full convert and look for sprays over drops every time. Regardless of some of the small inconsistencies and issues, they are much easier to use than droppers. The Love CBD style of spray bottle is particularly good. Each pump feels strong and the oil is smooth enough to create a light spray effect.

Because you never need to open the bottle there is very little wastage apart from a small amount left on the spray after use.

Final Thoughts

This is a great product for a first timer, it’s easy to use, good value and doesn’t taste like a fermented haystack. It’s on the milder side of potent but that makes it ideal to start on and then find a stronger oil next time.

Love CBD’s industry experience mean that not only do you get a 20 ml bottle rather than just 10 ml, but you also know exactly what you get in the bottle. They provide you with full lab results for every batch they’ve produced of the oil. While many companies give you a sample certificate and allow you to request a more specific one, they go above and beyond and make every detail easy to find without having to ask.

Being honest and open combined with a good product make Love CBD a fierce competitor in this market. Don’t be put off by the simple packaging or relatively low concentration the Dutch oil is still a contender.

300mg Dutch Spray Ratings 

Love CBD 300mg Dutch Oil
Love CBD Dutch Oil - 300mg
Love CBD have created the ideal oil for a beginner. It has a bitter, yet nutty flavour. The spray pump isn’t perfect, but it still makes it one of the easiest oils to use. At less than £20 for 20mls of oil it is excellent value for money.
Value for money
Potency/ effectiveness
Ease of use
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Easy to use spray cap
Great value
Olive oil base
Great for first timers
Concentration would be too low for regular users
15% Love CBD Coupon Code: Herb15