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Hempura promises pain-free, fast delivery of ‘authentic’ CBD. They aim their products at the UK CBD market and plan to develop them to be a shining light amongst their competition. This 500mg oil is made with a full-spectrum extract which is rich in traces of cannabinoids and terpenes. The 10ml bottle delivers 200 drops, each with 2.5mg of CBD.

The Hempura range is decked out in a luxurious gold and green pattern which would be equally well suited to the walls of the Queen’s drawing-room. Despite being slightly gaudy, it gives the impression that they have spared no expense and that this is a premium product.

The large box the bottle comes in provides you with all the information you need as well as addresses to websites to find CBD guides and lab certificates. It also proclaims that the carrier oil is made from hemp seeds and the extract contains less than the lowest detectable amount of THC at 0.05%.

Who Are Hempura?Hempura 500mg Oil Review

Founded in 2017, Hempura are a CBD brand who manufacture their products in the UK. On their website, you can find an impressive range, including oils, creams and teas. Since they started, they have gained a prominent position in the industry and an excellent reputation with their customers.

Their winning formula is to make every part of their process transparent. Instead of making claims about their methods and products, they produce the evidence and let you see for yourself. You can find a comprehensive database of lab certificates and detailed information about the hemp they use, including where they import it from and how they process it.

Hempura is a member of several UK industry organisations including the Cannabis Trades Association and the Vegan Society. By focusing on delivering high-quality products to UK customers, they have already made a significant contribution to the quality and reputation of the industry. The hemp they use is grown on EU regulation-compliant European farms, carefully tested then imported to the UK.

3rd Party Lab Tests

Hempura’s approach to lab tests is exemplary, and other CBD brands would benefit from doing the same. They provide a comprehensive database where you can access the certificate that directly relates to your batch. Every product comes with an easy to spot white sticker displaying a batch number and use-by date.

If you are browsing and haven’t yet bought something, they give you an example batch number that accesses one of their certificates. This is a great system, but they would benefit from making the database searchable by product as well as the batch number. Endoca have a similar system, but they make it easy to browse other certificates without making a purchase. This lets customers look at a range of certificates for each product and gives a detailed view of the standard they can expect.

When I entered the batch number for my oil, I found a simple certificate showing a cannabinoid profile. It showed that the lab could only detect CBD and CBDA in the sample.

  • CBD = 5.520%
  • CBDA = 0.35%
  • CBDV < 0.03% (Not detected)
  • CBG < 0.03% (Not detected)
  • CBGA < 0.03% (Not detected)
  • CBN < 0.03% (Not detected)
  • THCA < 0.03% (Not detected)
  • Δ9-THC < 0.03% (Not detected)
  • Δ8-THC < 0.03% (Not detected)
  • CBC < 0.03% (Not detected)

The amount of CBD in this batch is fractionally higher than 500mg, which is good to know. The fact that the analysis only detected CBD and CBDA just means that the other cannabinoids from the full-spectrum extract are in tiny amounts. Although it does beg the question; if the lab can’t detect a range of cannabinoids, how can Hempura be sure that it’s a full-spectrum extract?

While it is excellent that you can find the specific certificate for your batch, I would like to see a better standard of lab results. The cannabinoid profile is the minimum amount, and the addition of a terpene profile and a screening for contaminants would be useful. Eir Health’s lab analysis reports are a great example of how detailed analysis can be.

Ease of Use

Hempura’s 500mg oil comes in a sturdy 10ml glass bottle with a tapered dropper. The broad base of the bottle helps it to stay upright, and despite the lack of a child-safe cap, it closes firmly and securely.

When I’ve previously used tapered droppers, I’ve found that they drip continuously even when you’re not putting any pressure on the bulb. However, this one worked well, and I was able to place drops under my tongue without wasting any.

As with any dropper, it would be more manageable with a mark or measurement to show you how high to fill it for a specific amount. Without a mirror, it’s hard to tell how many drops have landed under your tongue.

The directions for use described on the box were some of the best I’ve seen. They recommend a starting daily amount of 10 to 15mg (4-6 drops) per day and advise you to hold it under your tongue for 90 seconds.

Hempura 500mg TasteHempura 500mg CBD Oil and Dropper

The initial taste of this oil is mildly nutty and pleasant. Unfortunately, the aftertaste is sharp and bitter, almost to the point of hurting your tongue and throat. This happens with many of the full-spectrum or whole plant extract oils I’ve tried, and I consider it to be an indication of the strength of the cannabinoids and other plant substances.

If you hold the oil under your tongue, you avoid most of the intensity and just get a grassy flavour with hints of walnuts and cannabis. When you swallow it after 90 seconds, it isn’t quite as bitter and washing it down with a mouthful of water will help you avoid the intensity of the bitterness.


Like BioBloom’s 4% oil, I felt an almost immediate effect from holding it under my tongue. Over a more extended period, this was one of the most useful oils I’ve tried and was particularly good for anxiety and general muscular aches and pains.

I started with the recommended amount, but after a week, I increased my daily amount to enhance the effect.

Value for Money

For £36.99 you get 10mls of 500mg oil which places at the premium end of the market. It’s slightly more expensive than BioBloom’s 4% oil at £29.90 and Biopurus’ 500mg at £34.90 but is a good deal cheaper than the great tasting 500mg oil from Bud & Tender which they sell for £45.

For your money, you get a well presented, potent oil containing a full-spectrum extract made from organically grown European hemp. Hempura provides enough information and evidence, in the form of third-party lab results, for me to trust that this is a genuine, high-quality product. Even at this premium price, I consider this to be an excellent value oil that I would be happy to use again.

Hempura CBD Oil Final Scores

Hempura Logo
Hempura 500mg CBD Oil
Hempura's 500mg oil is well-presented, potent and worth every penny. The third-party lab certificates are available for every batch and verify the presence of CBD and CBDA. The oil is nutty and bitter, but palatable if held under your tongue then washed down with water. The bottle is sturdy and secure with a simple dropper that delivers 2.5mg per drop.
Ease of use
Potency/ effectiveness
Value for money
Less than 0.05% THC
The bottle is leakproof
Lab certificates are easily accessible
Lab certificates are available for every batch
There is lots of information on the packaging and website
Only CBD and CBDA are detected by lab analysis
Intense bitter aftertaste
5% Hempura Coupon: HERBREVIEWS5