Fog Clarity 25mg Capsules

Fog Clarity 25mg CBD Capsules Review

Please note Fog Everywhere no longer offer these capsules.

Fog Everywhere believe in clearing the ‘fog’. Their products aim to remove it from our lives. I was sent a pack of their 25mg Fog Clarity CBD capsules to test and see if they really do remove the fog.

The simply packaged soft gels come in a bottle with a cleanly designed white label. Each capsule has a soft gelatine shell which holds 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD extract (THC free) combined with coconut oil.

They are named ‘Clarity’. The Fog Everywhere design and packaging reflect this with minimal colour and no unnecessary frills.

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Who are Fog Everywhere?

Fog Everywhere is an online CBD brand who are releasing their new range, one product at a time. Currently, these capsules are their only product on the market, but a tincture and a topical will be released soon. They aim to stand out through their ‘radical transparency’ and ‘premium quality’.

Fog Everywhere source their hemp from US farms, mainly in Colorado and the CBD is extracted using supercritical CO2 methods. No GMOs are used and it is grown organically, although no certifications are present on their site. For those unsure about CBD or with any questions about their products, the Fog Everywhere website has lots of easily accessible information and a useful FAQs section.

By commissioning the production of detailed third-party lab certificates, they hope to build up a sense of trust with their customers. In this way, they want to simplify the process of buying CBD by removing the ‘fog’ of misleading statements and false claims.

To improve their customer relations and to show confidence in their products, they offer a 30-day risk-free trial. If you don’t like their hemp CBD you can contact them within the 30 days and get your money back; you even get to keep the product. However, if you do like it, you might choose to join their subscription service. It gives you a 20% discount on a bottle of capsules delivered to your door every month.

Third-Party Lab Tests

The lab results for one batch are available on the Fog website and can be reached from the product page. Although they are easy to find, they could be a little more obvious. Presently they can be found via the ‘Trust’ tab or the ‘Do your capsules contain THC?’ section in the FAQs. It would also be helpful to be able to access certificates from previous batches.

These certificates are among the clearest I’ve seen (almost up there with Eir Health) and provide a detailed profile of cannabinoids and terpenes. They would be further improved by the addition of some tests for contaminants, but I felt that overall, they were useful.

The lab results showed that each capsule contains 26.56mg of CBD and no other cannabinoids were present in measurable amounts. However, they did indicate that trace amounts of Δ9-THC and Δ8-THC were detected but were below the quantifiable level of 0.03mg. Because the analysis refers to one capsule, in the whole bottle the highest total amount of THC could be 0.9mg which is within the UK legal limit of 1mg per container.

However, while these amounts could be minuscule, ‘less than 0.03mg’ isn’t the same as the 0% THC claim made on the product description FAQs. It is unlikely that any CBD product will contain 0% because it is nearly impossible to remove all THC.

Additionally, the phrase ‘broad-spectrum’ implies that the extract contains a full range of cannabinoids, except for THC. None were detected but they may still be present in minute amounts and still produce the entourage effect.

There is an impressive range of terpenes detected in trace amounts including beta-caryophyllene, alpha-pinene and alpha-terpinene. All are known as anti-inflammatory compounds with many other health-promoting benefits.

Ease of Use

Fog Everywhere 25mg CBD Capsules

Capsules are always incredibly easy to use, and these are no exception. Each one provides a precisely measured amount in a small, gel shell and can be discreetly taken with water. The only drawback to this convenience is that ingesting CBD in this way may result in a weaker effect than other methods.

Ingesting CBD can result in 4-20% of it reaching your bloodstream, but holding it under your tongue provides you with as much as 35% for use in your body. To see if I could increase its bioavailability, I bit open the capsule and let it rest under my tongue.

The bottle itself is sturdy yet compact and perfect for journeys or going to work. It doesn’t have a childproof cap but closes securely if you tighten it carefully. As with most capsules, I wasn’t concerned about leaks, making them a better option for when you’re on the go than most oils

Fog Everywhere Capsules Taste

When swallowing them with water, these soft gels have little or no taste and are one of the most pleasant ways to take CBD. When I broke the gel open in my mouth, I was amazed at the lack of flavour. I was expecting a hemp kick but got a delightful coconut oil taste with no hint of bitterness. The capsule itself had a slightly sharp taste to it as it dissolved, but the overall flavour was mild and pleasant. With broad-spectrum oil that tastes as good as this, I look forward to trying Fog Everywhere tinctures.

Potency/ Effectiveness

I took two capsules a day for two weeks, which was a daily amount of 50mg. I decided not to bite them open regularly because I wanted to see what the effect was like when following the instructions on the packaging.

When ingesting CBD, I often find it hard to know if it has taken effect, but in this case, I was pleasantly surprised. While I didn’t feel any noticeable physical effects, I felt calm, relaxed and well-rested throughout the two weeks.

Value for Money

A bottle of 30 capsules each containing 25mg holds a total of 750mg of CBD and costs £40. That’s £1.33 per serving and about 5p per mg. That is significantly cheaper than the 25mg capsules from Love Hemp which are priced at £69.99 for 750mg. Compared to the Jacob Hooy 10mg capsules from Holland & Barrett, which are £26.24 for 600mg, they are slightly more expensive.

Not only are these among the best value capsules available, but they also deliver a hefty dose of 25mg each. The oil contains a good range of terpenes, and I would happily pay more for an oil that tastes like this one. For a premium product, this is great value, and when compared to other similar products, this one is priced to be a bargain.

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Fog Clarity Capsules Final Scores

Fog Everywhere Logo
Fog Clarity 25mg Capsules
A beautifully presented bottle of capsules that are easy and discreet to take due to their size and flavour. The lab tests verify the amount of CBD in each serving but raised questions about the claims of '0% THC' and 'broad-spectrum'. With a vast number of terpenes, this is an effective product at a reasonable price.
Third-party lab tests
Ease of use
Potency/ effectiveness
Value for money
25mg per capsule
Mild flavour
Coconut carrier oil
Organically farmed
Supercritical C02 Extraction
No other cannabinoids detected
'0% THC' claim slightly misleading
Please note Fog Everywhere no longer offer these capsules.