CBD Asylum CBD Oil Review

CBD Asylum produces a range of CBD products that aims to bring CBD out from behind the counter and into the everyday. They believe that in 2020, CBD doesn’t need to be foul-tasting and discreet; it should be drenched in flavour and displayed proudly. To do this, they provide CBD oils in seven different flavours, numerous tasty e-liquids and masses of edibles and hemp-infused sweets.

I’ve been taking their natural 5% CBD oil; In the 10ml bottle, you get 500mg of CBD, a full spectrum of terpenes and natural flavourings suspended in MCT oil. I was surprised to see ‘natural flavourings’ listed in the ingredients on the product page because hemp extract has a strong natural taste of its own.

As I familiarised myself with the brand and the oil, I couldn’t see where they source their hemp. To find out, I contacted CBD Asylum via the useful chat app on the website and they told me that all their products contain high-quality isolate from the US. They also explained that they get the carrier oil and the isolate from an organically certified supplier, but the finished item itself isn’t certified.

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Who is CBD Asylum?

CBD Asylum refers to itself as “purveyors of the world’s finest Cannabidiol products”. By combining science and nature, they aim to create products that are tastier and more effective than other brands. Four years ago, drag racing enthusiasts Alex and Liam were looking for a new venture when they witnessed the benefits of CBD, they dropped everything else and focused on building their brand.

Everything they make is manufactured in an ISO level 7 cleanroom. Then it’s tested by well-known third-party UK lab PhytoVista. CBD Asylum has chosen to use CBD isolate because it’s an effective way to guarantee extremely low levels of THC. To add a further range of benefits to their products, they infuse them with terpenes.

They offer a broad range of products including CBD Asylum gummies, CBD Asylum tablets, CBD Asylum e-liquids and this CBD oil, most of which we have reviewed if you would like to find out more.

Third-Party Lab TestsCBD Asylum 5% CBD Oil Lab Report

The third-party lab results are easily accessible from each product page and there is one available for each item. Although there is only one per product now, they have batch numbers written at the top which indicates that they may add new ones in the future. It’s always useful to be able to look at multiple certificates for each product.

The certificate itself is basic and only includes a cannabinoid profile. Because CBD Asylum has added terpenes to the formula, it would be helpful to include a terpene profile as well. The amount of each cannabinoid is recorded as both percentages per weight and as mg/g, making it relatively easy to interpret. Approximately 508.9mg of CBD was detected, which is more than the 500mg on the label; a little extra is always a bonus. The analysis (per total product weight) also showed:

  • CBDa = not detected
  • CBDV = 1.4mg
  • CBDVa = not detected
  • CBG = not detected
  • CBGa = not detected
  • CBC = not detected
  • CBCa = not detected
  • CBN = not detected
  • THC = not detected

These results are what I expect to see from products made with isolate. The only cannabinoids detected were CBD and a trace of CBDV. This backs up the THC-free claim made on the website.

Ease of UseCBD Asylum 500mg CBD Oil Review

The oil comes in a small green glass bottle with a bulb-tipped dropper. The dropper is thicker than others I’ve used which made it much easier to deliver several drops at a time accurately. It was fairly straightforward to use, but it would be useful to have a mark on the side to indicate how much is in the dropper; Counting out drops under your tongue can be tricky unless you’re standing in front of a mirror.

The directions on the box are simple. They don’t advise how long you should hold the oil under your tongue, but this is easy to find out and there’s more information available on the website. Overall, this was an easy to use oil and the dropper design was particularly effective.

CBD Asylum Oil Taste

This oil has a unique taste that I’ve not experienced before. It’s similar to some of the more floral tasting ones like Bud and Tender, but it had a strong note of pine followed up by the sharp bitterness of hemp. Once I’d tried it a few times, I got to enjoy it and found it a pleasant change from some of the heavier flavoured options.

Potency/ Effectiveness

5% oils are among the lowest strength, so I wasn’t expecting to notice much of an effect. Also, in the past, I’ve found the most potent to be those with a range of other cannabinoids and plant substances. 

I took five drops three times a day and didn’t notice any effects to start with. After the first week, I found that my tension headaches weren’t as bad, but it’s always challenging to identify the exact cause of the improvement.

This isn’t a potent oil, but it would still be a useful purchase for someone new to CBD or if you want to take it alongside other CBD products such as e-liquids.

CBD Asylum 5% Oil Value for Money

The standard price for 10mls of this 5% oil is £37.99, which makes it close to the cost of some of the premium oils I’ve tried. However, CBD Asylum has regular offers and currently, it’s selling at £19.99. For comparison, Simply CBD’s 500mg oil is available for £18 and the 500mg Blue Edition from The Original Alternative costs £21.60. 

It’s much more enticing at the lower price and while I found this one useful, I’d be reluctant to pay the full price unless it was full or broad-spectrum.

Would I Buy Again?

No, I would not buy CBD Asylum CBD oil again. The price is way higher than average and I did not get the effects I have from other similar priced oils.

There are much better and more cost-effective oils available and these can be found in our best UK CBD oils article. As the product only uses hemp grown without fertilisers and pesticides it cannot be included in our best organic CBD oil reviews either.

If what you seek is a high-strength oil, they do offer a 35% CBD oil but the product itself isn’t good enough to be included in our list of the strongest CBD oils available in the UK.

CBD Asylum Oil Final Scores

CBD Asylum logo
CBD Asylum 5% CBD Oil
This is a straightforward 500mg CBD oil made with isolate, terpenes and MCT oil. It has an oddly pleasant pine-like flavour and CBD Asylum report that the oil and isolate are organic. The lab results verify that no THC can be detected. It's not particularly potent, but if you can get it at its reduced price, it offers great value.
Third-party lab results
Ease of use
Potency/ effectiveness
Value for money
500mg of CBD in 10mls
Easy to use dropper
Pleasant pine flavour
Contains additional terpenes
Third-party lab tested
The third-party lab results could be more detailed
It's made with CBD isolate
There's very little information about where the CBD is sourced
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