CBD Asylum Vape Juice Review

CBD Asylum 500mg CBD E-liquid Review

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CBD Asylum produce a broad range of isolate products including CBD oil, tablets, gummies and e-liquids. Their approach is to upgrade the occasionally bitter taste of some hemp products with delectable natural flavours. This is particularly true of their e-liquids which include numerous bold flavour options in both the sub-ohm range and the standard vape oil range. 

I tend to prefer milder tastes when it comes to vaping, so I’ve gone for the 500mg menthol e-liquid. It’s a 70/30 PG/VG blend holding natural flavourings and 99.9% pure CBD isolate that CBD asylum say contains “absolutely zero THC”. The 10ml bottle was more than enough to last me for three weeks of regular use. 

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Who are CBD Asylum?

CBD Asylum was established in 2016; according to them, CBD should be drenched in flavour and displayed proudly. They also refer to themselves as “purveyors of the world’s finest Cannabidiol products”. 

Drag racing enthusiasts Alex and Liam were looking for a new venture when they witnessed the benefits of CBD, they dropped everything else and focused on building their brand. By combining science with natural flavours, they designed their products to be tastier and more effective than other brands. 

Everything in CBD Asylum’s product range is manufactured in an ISO level 7 cleanroom. Then it’s tested by well-known third-party UK lab PhytoVista. They’ve chosen to use CBD isolate because it’s an effective way to guarantee extremely low levels of THC. As I discovered when I was reviewing CBD Asylum’s oil, their isolate supplier uses organic methods, but the final products don’t have organic certification.

3rd Party Lab Tests 

The third-party lab results can be accessed directly from the product page and there is one example available for each strength of e-liquid. I prefer to be able to look at certificates for each batch of product, but this may be the first batch produced. The best example of a brand publishing the certificates from each brand can be seen in the lab result database on Endoca’s website.

The certificate itself is basic and only includes a cannabinoid profile. The amount of each cannabinoid is recorded as both percentages per weight and as mg/g, making it relatively easy to interpret. Approximately 540.6mg of CBD was detected, which is more than the 500mg on the label; a little extra is always a bonus. The analysis (per total product weight) also showed:

  • CBDa = not detected
  • CBDV = 1.2mg
  • CBDVa = not detected
  • CBG = not detected
  • CBGa = not detected
  • CBC = not detected
  • CBCa = not detected
  • CBN = not detected
  • THC = not detected

These results are what I expect to see from products made with isolate. The only cannabinoids detected were CBD and a trace of CBDV. This backs up the THC-free claim made on the website.

Ease of UseCBD Asylum CBD E-liquid Review

The e-liquid comes in a standard plastic vape oil bottle with a narrow-tube tip. The top of my vape tank is narrow, but I found it easy to place the tube at the top and fill it smoothly. Because how much you vape and how many puffs you take is such a personal choice, there was no information about recommended servings. For a beginner, some guidance on this would be useful, but it’s not standard for these products.

CBD Asylum E-Liquid Taste

The flavour of the vapour had everything that I love about menthol e-liquids. It was relatively mild, but you get a pleasant minty coolness throughout your mouth. Some flavoured e-liquids can be overpowering, but this one is at the ideal concentration for my tastes.

It was also easy to inhale with no catch or harshness in your throat. Using the same vape model, in the past, I’ve tried some liquids that have been rough on the inhale but this was impressively smooth.

Potency/ Effectiveness

Inhaling CBD with a vape is one of the most bioavailable ways to take it, so I was expecting some potent effects. However, for me, I’ve never found CBD e-liquid to be the most useful form. I decided to take approximately ten puffs three times a day, but after about a week I hadn’t noticed any benefit. In response to this, I upped it to 20 puffs five times a day.

Once I increased the amount, I began to see some of the effects I’ve previously experienced from potent CBD oil’s. It effectively reduced my anxiety for short periods and even reduced my regular tension headaches. This is an effective e-liquid, but you may need to take some time to find a routine that creates the effect you are looking for.

Value for Money

The standard price for 10mls of this 500mg e-liquid is £39.99; however, CBD Asylum has regular offers and are currently selling it for £20. The reduced price makes it great value and comparable to the price of mid-range to budget vape oils. The full price is too high for a product made with isolate and reduces its value , but it looks likely that the reduction may be available for a while.

This is a well-made product with a mild, natural flavour but you don’t get any additional cannabinoids or additional plant-substances. The value would also be enhanced if the third-party lab results included details of a screening for contaminants. However, as long as you can get it for £20, its an excellent option to top up your vape tank.

Further Reading

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CBD Asylum Vape Juice Final Scores

CBD Asylum logo
CBD Asylum Vape Juice Review
CBD Asylum’s e-liquids are straightforward and tasty with mild natural flavours, 99.99% pure CBD isolate and a 70/30 PG/VG blend. The lab results are easy to find on the product page and verify that the hemp extract is isolate and no THC was detected. This wasn’t the most potent vape juice I’ve tried but by increasing the amount I used it still worked for me.
Third-party lab results
Ease of use
Potency/ effectiveness
Value for money
Easy to use tube tip
Mild menthol flavour
70/30 PG/VG blend
Third-party lab tested
No THC detected
The third-party lab results could be more detailed.
It's made with CBD isolate
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