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Bud & Tender are a new name in the CBD oil market and they are a welcome arrival. Their stated aims are to produce a clean tasting, clear oil that preserves terpenes and cannabinoids so you can benefit from the “entourage effect”. With this in mind I spent two weeks using the 1000mg (10%) CBD oil to find out for myself.

They produce premium filtered oils that they claim have a “Fresh fruity floral taste”.  Even so, I began with low expectations of the taste but with a curiosity to see if they could live up to this bold claim. I enjoy the flavour that the hemp plant adds to most CBD oils even though the majority wouldn’t agree. However, I still reach for the water to wash down the bitter taste as quickly as possible.

There is only so much you can do to turn the intensity of flavour into something pleasant. I was eager to find out if Bud & Tender were successful but first, a little background information.

Who Is Bud & Tender?

Bud & Tender have brought CBD products to the market for a few years, but this is their first oil. Previously they produced CBD flower and related edible products. All this experience getting the best raw materials has given them a strong base to start manufacturing a premium oil.

Bud & Tender Comparison Table

They have used their contacts and extensive knowledge to create an oil that compares favourably to generic brands in a number of areas (see the chart above from their site). The oil is made in England and customers have already begun to leave a flurry of reviews.

There is some buzz about the great taste and potency of Bud & Tender’s CBD oil. If you visit Trustpilot there are a number of reviews giving them 5 stars. This impressive start seems to be down to ‘attention to detail, quality of the oil and taste’.

Third Party Lab Tests

Filtration and purity form a large part of the appeal and sales pitch, for this oil. It is clear from their website that they see their product as a market leader, trading on its cleanliness and potency. My first stop was to find if this was reflected in the lab reports.

The lab reports are quite hard to find on the website and lurk in the footer, but not only do they provide the relevant documents there is also an excellent outline of exactly what is covered in each one. With such excellent information it’s a shame they are not more prominent.

The tests are conducted by independent laboratories and ensure the correct levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. Bud & Tender also send their oil to be tested for contamination of pesticides and heavy metals. The report for the 1000mg oil confirmed that it was contaminant free, had more than 10% CBD and less than 0.01% THC and CBN.

Ease of UseBud & Tender CBD Dropper

Now on to the personal testing. First up, how easy is it to administer the oil. It is hard to create an easy to use CBD oil bottle. The oil usually finds a way of escaping and making the bottle greasy or gunking up the dropper making it unusable. The bottle in this case is truly impressive. There are improvements that could be made but it is one of the best that I’ve used so far.

From the very start my experience was user friendly. The child safe top is one of best mechanisms available. It requires a very firm press and then opens smoothly. Once the bottle is open you can reseal it again with a quick twist. I even carried it around with me for a few days after the first open and no residue leaked out.

The dropper itself works well but it shared a problem with many other oils. It is very hard to accurately measure out the recommended number of drops. Without awkwardly glancing at a mirror as you hold your head back there isn’t really a simpler way to ensure an accurate dose.

A small line on the dropper to show the optimal amounts would be a great feature. Then you could fill it to the line and deposit the correct amount in one squeeze. If any manufacturers are reading you can have that one for free!

Another small issue I had, occurred when I had nearly finished the bottle. Because of the length of the dropper and the bottle shape it is impossible, at any angle, to get the last three of four doses out without decanting to another container.

Despite these minimal issues I found this an easy product to use and a significant improvement on many of the CBD oil bottles available already.

Bud & Tender CBD Oil Taste

With such impressive claims this is the part that I was particularly interested in. To cut to the chase, this is a great tasting oil. In fact, it is definitely the best tasting natural oil I have ever tried and I found myself looking forward to each dose. That said, you probably need to modify your expectations following Bud & Tender’s claims that it is, ‘gorgeous, fresh, fruity and floral tasting’.

Compared to the intensely bitter flavor of many of its contemporaries this oil is surprisingly light given its potency. The removal of non-essential lipids and plant matter has left it with a lighter taste.  It is still very definitely a hemp product and carries a characteristic grassy flavour that you would expect.

With regular use you will notice its fruitier side and the MCT oil base adds a very pleasant nutty bass note. Overall this is the first non flavoured oil I have been able to use without swilling my mouth with water afterwards.

Potency/ Effectiveness

It is a product that claims to provide the ‘full entourage effect’ but only mentions its blend of cannabinoids and terpenes. As a bit of a full spectrum fan I wondered if ‘full’ entourage effect could be claimed in this case.

For me the most potent of oils usually are thick and brown with hemp particles. This oil could not be further from this, so upon trying it I was pleasantly surprised.

I found it very effective at immediately removing the tension headaches that I have been suffering with recently. It left me clear headed during the day and worked well as an aid to sleep in the evening.

It is also worth mentioning that the labelling recommends that you only use it when you feel that your endocannabinoid system needs boosting. This was a refreshingly honest suggestion. Using it in this way enhanced its effects for me rather than taking it two or three times a day regardless of how I felt.

Value for Money

This is one of the more expensive oils available, however, everything about it backs up its premium status. Not only does it look like it’s worth the money, but the 1000mg of CBD really delivers. If this is a little out of your budget check out Eir Health No 30, Synerva 10% and Cibdol 4% which all offer excellent value.

CBD is an expensive product to produce due to the time required to create and monitor the raw materials and then to extract and purify them. In this case you can see where that money has gone. The extraction and purification has produced an oil that is clear, nutty and oddly tasty. If you can bear to put something so expensive into a cooking pot it would also work really well in a mild flavoured meal or salad dressing.

Bud & Tender 1000mg Scores

Bud & Tender 1000mg CBD Oil Review
Bud & Tender 1000mg CBD Oil
Bud & Tender have created an oil that has plenty of style, but it’s backed up with plenty of substance. For a CBD oil, it tastes great with a nutty flavour that would work well with salads or buddha bowls. It’s not full spectrum but its blend of cannabinoids and terpenes deliver an unexpectedly potent punch.
Ease of Use
Potency/ Effectiveness
Value for Money
Entourage effect from cannabinoids and terpenes
Pleasant flavour
Child safe bottle
Leak proof bottle
Tricky to use without a mirror
Difficult to get the last few doses from the bottle
Not full spectrum
10% Bud & Tender coupon: herbreviews10