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BioBloom have created their range of oils on basic principles. Top quality hemp, manufactured using simple research driven methods, to produce an organic and full-spectrum product. Does such simplicity deserve its top of range price tag?

Customers and retailers seem to think that it does. It often features highly on ‘Best CBD Oils’ lists and regularly receives 5 out of 5 and 10 out of 10 reviews. Its high placing and loyal following seemed come from a combination of great customer service from BioBloom and its organic certification. While these are worthy reasons to give praise, I was still expecting an average product.

In the past I have been reluctant to buy oils from brands that could be described as ‘premium’. Too often it feels like a higher price does not guarantee a top-quality oil. However, as soon I began using it, I realised that my money had been well spent.

I can say without doubt that this is an exceptionally high-quality CBD oil. Let’s dig deeper and discover if the BioBloom 4% drops are right for you.

Who Are BioBloom?

All BioBloom products are made with raw, cold-pressed, whole-plant, hemp extract. Supercritical CO2 extraction is used to separate the cannabinoids from the plant matter. They appear to believe that with this extract at the heart of their oil range no additives or clever marketing is required. Once I had tried the oil I had to agree. This is definitely a product where the quality speaks for itself!

BioBloom produce all their products to strict organic standards. They have received a full organic certification from their local organic authority. The Austrian hemp is hand harvested and processed using sustainable chemical free methods. The whole process is pesticide and GM free. Does being an organic oil guarantee you a good product though?

Organic Credentials

Organic processes on their own aren’t enough to produce a great tasting oil that will support your health and well-being. They will give you the security of knowing that the product is safe and free from chemical nasties but that’s it.

What Biobloom have done though, is create an organic oil from a crop that won the Austrian and Hungary BIO certificate, has met the standards to receive the UK’s Biodynamic Association Certificate and the Arge-Canna seal of quality. They’ve valued that natural product and presented in a pure manner that respects and showcases its natural origins.

That, in my opinion, has resulted in a particularly potent and effective oil.

Unfortunately, the flip side of this is that a natural substance does not always lend itself to being easily packaged. It also doesn’t guarantee you a flavour that you want to savour or even hold under your tongue for the 60 seconds advised on the label!

Because of its simple ingredient list. BioBloom CBD oil contains 45% whole plant hemp extract suspended in 55% hemp oil, it is at best ‘natural’ and at worst like burying your face in fermenting hay. However, as always, I embraced it as a 100% natural and vegan product should be embraced, held my nose and swallowed.

Third Party Lab Tests

As with many brands of CBD oil, BioBloom make some strong claims about the purity and provenance of their products. When selecting this oil, I went through their site carefully to see if the claims could be verified.

All batch certificates were easily accessible and showed me that the specific oil I was about to buy was as toxin free as they claimed. I was also please to discover that the concentration on the label matched what was in the bottle. In fact, it also showed a range of 14 cannabinoids including CBD, CBDA and 0.0710% of Delta-9-THC. Because these certificates are provided by third party labs, I felt that BioBloom had backed up their reputation as a transparent and honest supplier.

Ease of Use

While this is a good oil its natural ingredients have given it a thick viscous quality that makes use and storage difficult. An oil like this is really only ever going to be suitable for home use. Once you’ve opened it, whatever you do, don’t move the bottle! Don’t tip it, don’t wiggle it and never put it in a bag or pocket.

As long as I treated the bottle with respect it was fine but even carrying it casually to the next room resulted in it leaking oil all over the bottle and my hand. The special pipette lock stops any leakage when you’re using it but it doesn’t help when moving a closed bottle.

The pipette is built into the lid to make it easier to use. However, it is hard to know exactly how much you have used when dropping the oil into your own mouth. A mirror or the help of a friend makes it a lot easier. Who knew that CBD dosing was a team sport?


You can probably guess my feelings on this one already. The combination of the whole plant extract and the hemp seed oil have created an earthy and intense flavor. It isn’t too bad under your tongue but as you swallow it there is a strong bitter aftertaste.

It’s a good idea to have drink ready to wash it down.  If combining oils into strong-tasting, savoury edibles is your thing, this one is a good choice. Once combined with other strong flavours, to dilute the intensity, it adds a pleasant bass note which goes well with sharp and salty foods. If you prefer a milder flavour check out our reviews for the Cibdol 4% and Bud & Tender 1000mg.

BioBloom Potency/ Effectiveness

Even though this is a 4% oil its potency had more in common with stronger oils from other brands. Letting it rest under my tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing resulted in a calm and grounded feeling about ten minutes later.

When swallowing the recommended dose, I felt a relaxing effect at just over 30 minutes and could feel it lasting for a decent four hours. I found that it worked best for me if I used it to relax or calm down when I felt a bit tense.

Value for Money

The price of this oil is at the top end for something of this strength and volume. However, despite the flavour it is definitely a premium product. I found it to be one of the most potent and effective oils that I have tried so far.

Because this is an oil that is made entirely from hemp products and contains a large amount of whole plant extract, you get a lot of hemp for your money. This does affect the taste but that taste tells you, you are getting what you’ve paid for.

BioBloom 4% Oil Scores

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This is a no-nonsense oil that gets the job done. It is made to the highest standard from award winning raw materials. Any doubts that I had about the price or flavour were soon put to rest as it quickly calmed and relaxed me. If you can disguise the strong taste this the one to choose. Great for those new to CBD and veterans.
Ease of Use
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Value for Money
Whole plant extract
Certified Organic
Award winning Hemp
Bitter taste
Tricky to use without a mirror
Leaky bottle
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