Best UK CBD Seeds

Best CBD Seeds UK

As CBD products have grown in popularity, so have CBD seeds. So much so that numerous different CBD-rich cannabis strains are now available. We’ve written this guide to help you go straight to the seeds that are worth your time and prevent you from wasting money on inferior genetics.

Since 2016 I’ve worked for and alongside a number of UK seed banks, so I can provide valuable insight into which seeds to choose. Here you’ll find a broad selection of the best UK CBD seeds from those with a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio to some that exceed 20:1.

Most of our choices here come from seed banks I’ve used personally and have featured on our best UK seeds banks compilation. They each offer a broad selection of varied genetics, stock the freshest seeds and have responsive customer service teams.

If you are interested in buying seeds that are rich in THC check out our piece on the best cannabis seeds available in the UK.

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Buying CBD Seeds: The Law

The law surrounding cannabis and CBD seeds in the UK is very clear: It is legal to buy and sell them, but they are illegal to germinate. Germination is the process of introducing a seed to warmth, light and moisture to begin the growing process.

Seeds may be purchased as memorabilia, souvenirs, bird food or even fish bait. However, if you make a purchase and indicate that you intend to germinate them, then the seller is obligated to report it to the police. Equally, a seller must not indicate that seeds are being sold for the purpose of germination.

If you do intend to purchase seeds for germination, you must be aware that you may be caught and risk fines or time in prison. As you’re buying them for storage and preservation purposes, this won’t be an issue for you.

Disclaimer – To help you choose which genetic lines to preserve, our descriptions of seeds include details about necessary growing conditions and the plants they produce. This is included to inform your decision and refers only to seeds being grown in countries where germination is legal; it is not a suggestion of how they should be used.

What Should I Consider When Purchasing?

CBD Hemp Plant


Regular seeds have a 50/50 chance of growing into male or female plants. Some become flower-bearing female plants, and some become pollen-producing males. They’re useful for breeders because they need both male and female plants to produce the next generation of seeds.


Feminised seeds are those that breeders have engineered to produce female plants 100% of the time. This means every plant is likely to grow crops of resinous flowers and growers won’t need to weed out the males.


Most CBD-rich cannabis plants start to flower when the amount of direct light on them drops from around 18 hours a day to about 15 hours. They can be grown inside or outside, but they either need the correct light set-up or the right time of year to produce a crop. Photoperiod seeds often produce larger plants and can reach higher THC levels.


Autoflowering seeds produce flowers after a fixed period of growth, usually 3 to 4 weeks after germination. These seeds are commonly chosen by beginners or those who don’t have enough space for the lighting necessary for indoor photoperiod grows.

CBD: THC Ratios

The CBD: THC ratio of a seed relates to the cannabinoid content in the buds of any female plants it produces. Whether you choose 1:1 with equal amounts of CBD and THC, or something with more CBD and less THC, like 20:1, depends on what characteristics you’re looking for.

High CBD strains are often marketed as having medicinal benefits. Those that are also high in THC still provide a high sensation, whereas those with less than 1% THC are often referred to as purely medicinal strains because they’re less likely to be intoxicating.

Breeders Packaging

When you’ve chosen your seeds and go to place your order, it’s a good idea to request that everything comes in its original breeder’s packaging. Then you can be sure you’ve received exactly what you’ve paid for, not all retailers will do this. If they say no, then do not purchase as you cannot be sure you are buying genuine CBD seeds.

Best CBD Seeds Available in the UK

To make your selection easier I have divided this into CBD to THC ratios and highlighted regular, feminized and autoflower options where possible.

1:1 CBD to THC Ratio

Cannatonic, Regular & Feminised Seeds

Resin Seeds Logo
Cannatonic by Resin Seeds
Why Buy Cannatonic CBD Seeds?
Cannatonic was bred by Resin Seeds from a cross between Reina Madre (queen mother) and New York City Diesel. It features a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio reaching between 6 and 7% for both cannabinoids. Not only does its name come from a promise of its benefits ‘cannabis tonic’, but it’s also capable of delivering impressive yields of up to 500g per square metre.
6-7% CBD
6-7% THC
7 to 8 weeks flowering time
Available in small pack sizes
3rd Prize Sativa Cup HTCC 2008
2013 HTCC - CBD Flowers Prize
Not available as an auto
Not available in bulk
Both CBD and THC levels are moderate
Buy Cannatonic Seeds

CBD Auto Compassion Lime Seeds

Dutch Passion Logo
CBD Auto Compassion Lime by Dutch Passion
Why Buy Compassion Lime CBD Seeds?
These award-winning seeds get close to a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio, with both at approximately 9%. They were created from a cross between Daiquiri Lime and CBD Compassion. This is a stable phenotype and in the right hands, the plants can produce large harvests of up to 500g per square metre. The name is a reference to the plant’s medical qualities and its impressive zesty aroma.
Up to 13.5% CBD & 8-9% THC
350g – 500g per square metre when grown indoors
1st prize in CBD Weed
Highlife Cup Netherlands 2017
Not available as a photoperiod fem or reg
Only available in small pack sizes
10 to 11 weeks flowering time
Buy CBD Auto Lime Compassion Seeds

Harlequin BX4 Regular Seeds

BC Bud Depot Logo
Harlequin BX4 CBD Seeds by BC Bud Depot
Why Buy Harlequin BX4 CBD Seeds?
These 1:1 seeds can reach an impressive 12% CBD and 12% THC. They produce fast flowering plants that have a stable phenotype and produce medium-sized plants that are ideal for any environment. As they flower, the plants give off a sweet fruity scent and the buds have a taste similar to hash and berries.
7-12% CBD & 7-12% THC
8 to 9 weeks flowering time
Available as reg
Mostly Sativa
Hard to get as demand outstrips production
Not available as fem or in an auto version
Only available in limited pack sizes
Buy Harlequin CBD Seeds

CBD God Bud Regular Seeds

BC Bud Depot Logo
CBD God Bud - BC Bud Depot
Why Buy God Bud CBD Seeds?
God Bud CBD seeds deliver a variety of different cannabidiol rich phenotypes. The THC levels generally remain at about 4% but can be much higher depending on the pheno and the CBD content can range between 4% and 16% giving anything from a 1:1 ratio to 4:1. The plants are short but can provide stunning crops of large buds covered in delicate pink pistils.
4-16% CBD
High yield
Mostly indica genetics
8 to 9 weeks flowering time
No autos or fems available
Cannot be purchased in small pack sizes
Different THC levels depending on the pheno
Buy God Bud CBD Seeds

2:1 CBD to THC Ratio

With double the amount of CBD to THC, these seeds produce plants that some consider to have stronger medicinal effects. However, they still contain at least 4% THC and are likely to create some intoxicating effects.

Cookies Chill CBD Feminised Seeds

Seedsman Seeds Logo
Cookies Chill CBD by Seedsman
Why Buy Cookies Chill CBD Seeds?
Cookies Chill CBD seeds produce high yielding plants that excel outdoors. The buds can reach CBD levels of up to 17%, which is significantly higher than the THC of between 7% and 9%. This is a strain that may need some careful handling but does well with the right treatment. When flowering, the buds emit delicate scents of earth and lemon.
15-17% CBD & 7-9% THC
Yields 400 – 500g per square metre indoors
Up to 1000g per plant outdoors
Available in packs from single seeds to 100
Affordable price
Not available in a reg or auto version
10 to 11 weeks flowering time
Buy Cookies Chill CBD Seeds

Peyote WiFi CBD Feminised Seeds

Seedsman Seeds Logo
Peyote WiFi CBD by Seedsman
Why Buy Peyote WiFi CBD Seeds?
Created by crossing Peyote Purple and WiFi OG, Peyote WiFi seeds become plants that produce twice as much CBD as THC. The buds contain between 6 to 8% THC and still deliver intoxicating effects, but it’s tempered by up to 14% CBD. The plants are hardy and well-suited to most environments. They’re an indica/sativa hybrid and are only available as a feminised variety.
12-14% CBD & 6-8% THC
8 to 9 weeks flowering time
Available in packs from single seeds to 100.
Affordable price
Not available in a reg or auto version
Buy Peyote WiFi CBD Seeds

20:1 CBD to THC Ratio

These seeds produce plants with high levels of CBD and very little THC. Most of the strains included here have less than 1% THC, so any high will likely be mild.

CBD Auto 20:1

Fast Buds Logo
CBD Auto 20:1 by Fast Buds
Why Buy CBD Auto 20:1 Seeds?
Bred by Fast Buds, CBD Auto 20:1 seeds produce plants that have up to 20% CBD and only 0.3-0.85% THC. They’re often chosen by those who want to minimise and any intoxication but get a range of benefits from the CBD. These seeds are available only as an autoflowering variety, so if they were grown in an area where germination is legal, there would be no need for complicated light setups. As well as an impressive CBD level, CBD Auto 20:1 also produces large yields of up to 500g per square metre.
10-20% CBD & 0.3-0.85% THC
350g-500 g per square metre when grown indoors.
9 to 11 weeks flowering time
Slightly higher price than some others on this list.
Not available as a photoperiod or regular version
Buy CBD Auto 20:1 Seeds

Candida Feminised Seeds

Candida Seeds by Medical Marijuana Genetics
Why Buy Candida CBD Seeds?
With similar levels of CBD and THC as CBD Auto 20:1, these seeds offer a useful alternative if you’re looking for a feminised photoperiod variety. While the CBD levels can range between 10.6% and 20.6%, lab tests have shown that the THC levels never rise above 1%. The plants are vigorous and come in two phenotypes, one indica dominant and the other sativa dominant.
0.3-0.9% THC & 10.6-20.6% CBD
400g per square metre when grown indoors.
9 weeks flowering time
2nd place CBD category. Spannabis Champions Cup Madrid 2017
Not available as reg or in auto version
Buy Candida Seeds

Charlotte’s Angel Feminised and Auto Seeds

Dutch Passion Logo
Charlotte's Angel CBD Seeds by Dutch Passion
Why Buy Charlotte's Angel CBD Seeds?
These seeds produce plants with large resinous buds that are ideal for making concentrates. They’re the result of a cross between Dutch Charlotte and Red Angel and they’re particularly well-suited to indoor setups. The CBD levels range between 10 to 16% and the THC stays below 1% and keeps any intoxication to a minimum. This impressive strain is often selected because it provides similar flavours and smells to high THC varieties without the high.
10-16% CBD & <1% THC
Available as both a fem and auto version
You can get these in a range of packet sizes from 1 to 100.
Most expensive single seeds on this list
9 to 12 weeks flowering time
Buy Charlotte's Angel Seeds

CBD Therapy Feminised Seeds

CBD Crew Logo
CBD Therapy by CBD Crew
Why Buy CBD Therapy Seeds?
Therapy CBD seeds from CBD Crew produce an indica/sativa hybrid with 10% CBD and 0.5% THC. This is a strain that’s resulted from several years of careful breeding of standard THC-rich plants. The plants have a flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks and can produce impressively high yields of dense buds. The seeds are feminised and are available in a limited number of pack sizes.
10% CBD & 0.5% THC
8 to 9 weeks flowering time
Not available in a reg or auto version
Offered in a limited number of pack sizes
Buy CBD Therapy Seeds

Ratios Higher than 20:1 CBD to THC

These seeds produce plants that are rich in CBD and have less than 0.5% THC. The effects produced by buds from these plants are predominantly from the CBD and high sensations are less common.

Master Hemp #2 Feminised Seeds

Master Hemp #2 by Medical Marijuana Genetics
Why Buy Master Hemp #2 Seeds?
Master Hemp #2 is the second version of Master Hemp created by crossing the original with a hemp strain called Kompolti. The result is a hardy strain that grows with vigour and is ideal for the variable climate here in the UK. It’s capable of producing impressive yields, particularly outside where it can reach 800g per plant. The THC levels are unlikely to rise above 0.3%, but its CBD content varies between 9% and 12%.
9-12% THC & 0.2-0.3% CBD
500g per square metre indoors
800g per plant outdoors
9 week flowering time
Offered in small packs and as a single seed.
Affordably priced
Not available in a reg or auto version
Buy Master Hemp #2 Seeds